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Inside Sales 2017 - Boston September 7th, 2017

All Sessions:
KEYNOTE: Strategic Sales Development Trends for 2018 & Beyond - Laurie Page Details Download
The B2B market is shifting, and your approach to growing pipeline with sales development needs to shift along with it. Industry experts agree that playbooks from the late 2000s and early 2010s won't cut it today. In this engaging keynote session, Laurie Page, Managing Partner for the Bridge Group, will cover the top four strategic sales development trends happening today and how to leverage them for success:

1. The Return of ROI – how to balance headcount and speak Finance's language
2. A Candidates' Market - techniques for becoming a magnet for top talent
3. Hiring is Hard, Retaining is Harder - strategies to bridge the advancement gap between rep and leader, extend average tenure, and retain your best people
4. Rise of “Account-Based” - details on moving from sales and marketing alignment to strategic account orchestration

Join us for this session to gain higher growth in 2017 and beyond!
No Secrets Here: Pushing Revenue Through the Pipeline - Mark Kosoglow Details Download
Much of the focus and interest of modernizing sales teams is on top-of-funnel, or early stage in the pipeline -- where the SDR lives. Unfortunately, this has led many sales leaders to neglect the second half of the revenue generation equation, the part of the pipeline managed by AEs. Mark will share seven musts to ensure your top-of-funnel problem is solved, then dive deep into how you can push revenue through your pipeline faster and more effectively.
Climbing the Steps - Advancing from Sales Development to Sales Leadership - Chris Flores Details Download
When Account Development Reps are just getting started in their careers, they have a single-minded focus: do whatever it takes to get meetings. But in the big picture, the humble ADR position can be a great springboard to managerial roles. LeanData Vice President of Sales, Brian Birkett, and Namely Inside Sales Manager, Chris Flores, both followed that path in their careers.

In a fireside chat, Birkett and Flores will discuss how:
• Becoming more process-driven can help ADRs reach their goals
• ADRs can identify opportunities to show leadership within a team
• Automating busywork will allow ADRs to interact more with customers

This is a great session for everyone, from those who are just starting their careers to managers of large teams, and we hope you can join us!
Setting Your Game Plan! Building Expert Sales Teams with Metrics, Tools, and Coaching Methodology - Bryan Summerhays Details Download
Whether you’re just starting out or leading an experienced sales team, join Bryan Summerhays of MarketStar to learn how to unlock team performance by leveraging sales science and human engagement. Discover how to create your sales Game Plan by combining the right Metrics and Tools with a powerful Coaching Methodology.

Empower your sales teams to consistently achieve excellence by:
• Leveraging existing data
• Using intuitive tools
• Focusing on the right objectives
• Driving results for their business

Leave the discussion with the three simple keys you need to unlock the potential of your sales leaders with insights, analytics, and accountability and achieve consistent, excellent results.

Who Should Attend and What Will You Learn?
Sales professionals who are leading sales teams and have responsibilities to improve performance through training, coaching and process improvements. You will learn about how utilizing activity metrics can unlock new and powerful ways to help your sales teams become better sales people. No more empty training sessions, Bryan will show you how to transform your sales force.
Workshop: How to Generate More Appointments and Sales Opportunities with your Customers - Robert Wonderlin Details Download
If you are an Inside Sales professional or leader then this session is for you. Participants will take a deep dive into the ingredients of a successful prospecting call as well as voicemail and email best practices. Plus how to generate more sales opportunities on those appointments that you set by sharing best practices for your discovery process. Workshop attendees will leave with actual prospecting and appointment scorecards which will help them to continually improve back at the office. This is an action-oriented, hands-on workshop which will help participants improve their appointment and sales generating skills.
Workshop: The Advancement of Women in Sales Leadership - Lori Richardson Details Download
More women get college degrees than men yet are poorly represented on sales teams and so many openings for great sales reps. In many industries, including technology, SaaS, manufacturing, and distribution, women represent just 12.8% of VP Sales positions and above. This session is first an idea exchange of women in various stages of their sales careers, and then we have a very organized small-group/large-group workshop to offer key strategic takeaways for women in sales roles to not just stay but rise.

Leaders looking to retain more women on their team are encouraged to attend as are women in both sales and leadership roles. Come with questions, ideas, and successes to share. Everyone is welcome!
Account-Based Everything: Social Selling + ABSD = Increased Deal Velocity - Jamie Shanks Details Download
A cadence spectrum from offline to online is required for today's buyer.

In 2017, there is one question dominating the minds of Inside Sales leaders - how do we penetrate strategic accounts? There are also two sales methods dominating the airwaves - Social Selling & Account-Based Sales and Marketing. Don't be fooled into thinking these are mutually exclusive, as one requires the other!

In this hour workshop, Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales for Life, will show you the tactics that hundreds of the leading Inside Sales departments are leveraging with Social Selling + ABM. For these companies, it's "Account-Based Everything". This session is all tactics, no theory, as Sales for Life has trained 75,000 sales professionals, including AA-ISP member companies like Thomson Reuters, ServiceNow, Tibco, ADP, Oracle, Intel, and many more.

Jamie Shanks will also be providing the audience with copies of his best-selling book Social Selling Mastery (http://my.salesforlife.com/social-selling-mastery-book).
How to Write Emails That Will Make Buyers Excited to Talk to You - Heather R Morgan Details Download
Cold emailing is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to grow your sales pipeline. During this session, Heather R Morgan, CEO of SalesFolk, will share the exact outbound email strategies that have resulted in a 327% increase in meetings with qualified leads and has led to hundreds of closed enterprise deals.

In this session, you'll learn:

- Simple but highly effective tricks that can teach you to prospect your leads like a private investigator
- How to write the most effective, field-tested, subject-line formulas guaranteed to make your message stand out
- How to make your mass email templates feel like thoughtful one-on-one requests
- 3 common mistakes that sabotage otherwise great sales emails, and what to do instead

The Future of AI in Sales - Ricky Thakrar Details Download
There's a buzz around artificial intelligence and many folks are wondering if they'll eventually lose their jobs to AI. In the future, will sales teams survive with or without AI and what impact will it have on future sales generations? During this session, we'll take a look at where AI is headed and answer the question, "Can AI replace a salesperson?"
Use Video to Supercharge Your Sales Process - Terrance Kwok Details Download
For many companies, the constant chase of a more optimized sales process has led to selling with dry, generic sales strategies and uninspiring communications. But today's prospects can smell a generic, automated approach from a mile away and they just aren't interested.

Find out how modern sales teams are piquing interest, cultivating meaningful sales conversations, and closing bigger, better deals by using unique, personalized approaches based on a prospect use case. Video can, and should, play a key role in so many different types of sales and prospecting interactions.

Join Terrance as he shares how his team has changed up their prospecting game and sales process to cut through the noise of email.
The Missing Link: Measuring the Impact of Sales Enablement on Sales Performance - Steve Preston Details Download
For many organizations, there’s a persistent gap between sales enablement and selling – one that makes it difficult to connect the influence of training and technology investments to the business results sales leaders care about most.

During this session, we’ll discuss a new approach for correlating enablement efforts to pipeline in a way that brings sales leadership and sales enablement pros together, aligned to a set of shared metrics, including team capabilities and business outcomes.

Key topics to be addressed include:
- Aligning sales training & development to pipeline criteria
- Viewing pipeline risk through a lens of rep capabilities
- Measuring the impact of pipeline-oriented enablement
How to Build an Effective Sales Technology Stack in 2017 - Peter J. Weyman Details Download
Sales leaders constantly look for tools that empower reps to match the level of sophistication contemporary buyers possess. These investments are meant to maximize sales productivity and performance at every stage of the funnel. Additionally, they must consider internal stakeholders in marketing, customer success, and finance when deploying new technology. This presentation focuses on designing a technology stack that maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales efforts.

Join Peter Weyman, Chief Revenue Officer, as he takes you through:

• Considerations for selection of a tech stack
• Alignment with your short- and long-term sales and company objectives
• Alignment with your current technology landscape
• Deploying, Monitoring and Maintaining your sales technology stack
Day in the Life of a LinkedIn Social Seller - Craig Paris Details Download
Ever wonder how social selling fits into your daily sales activities? Join Craig Paris, Enterprise Sales Leader with LinkedIn Sales Solutions, to see what a day-in-the-life looks for a sales organization that fully embraces modern sales tactics.

You will learn what key behaviors to train your team on, as well as tactics for staying on top of your book of business by leveraging contextual insights from social networks into your workflow.

How to Increase Productivity (in Some Cases by Double or More). Get More Opportunities, More Closes, & More Revenue. - Dr. Scott Baird Details Download
Whether you lead a sales team or are an individual sales performer, you will benefit greatly from this presentation.

In this session, you will learn to:

1. Act with greater confidence, speed, and persistence.
2. Outperform competitors.
3. Create a lively sales culture.
4. Discover the magical power of systems to create a positive and optimistic culture that elevates individual and organizational results.
5. Master at least one skill that, when implemented, will immediately increase productivity.
Below Goal—Again? Common Issues that Hold Back Revenue Growth - Jay Davey Details Download
Consistent, high-performing sales programs require strategy, systems, and execution. Lacking a clear go-to-market plan, focusing on the wrong key performance indicators, or recruiting without a skills-based hiring profile, can have detrimental effects on revenue. In this session, Jay Davey will uncover common issues like these that prevent sales programs from reaching goal and will show how to build teams with the right skill sets for the campaign, select the right KPIs and use them to drive performance, and determine whether slipping sales is caused by performance or strategy.
How Emotional Engagement Drives Sales: Creating Connections with Personalized Video - Matt Singer Details Download
According to Gallup, only 29% of customers feel fully engaged in the sales process. Creating emotional impact and engagement through sales outreach efforts can yield actionable results that will help to forge relationships and drive sales. In addition to regular sales metrics, sales teams need to consider the emotional impact of their content and interactions with customers. By incorporating video into sales outreach, sales teams can deepen emotional impact with customers in a way traditional mediums like phone and email can’t match.

In this session, you will learn:
• Why Emotional Engagement Matters
• How To Measure Emotional Engagement
• How To Create Emotional Engagement with Video
Dialogue Before the Demo - Are Your Sales Demos Compelling or Monotonous? - Tom Snyder Details Download
Does this sound familiar? An SDR or Account Executive prospects for new business with a main goal of getting the prospect to schedule time for “the demo”? Or, they’re tasked with taking an inbound inquiry to the same goal…setting up time for “the demo”.

In demo-focused selling environments, three things make the difference between excellence and mediocrity:

• Being able to identify where a prospect is on their buying journey
• Understanding when a demo will have the greatest impact
• Knowing exactly what content to “demo” to create the most interest

In this session, Tom Synder, Founder of Funnel Clarity, will describe what a seller needs to uncover the signals buyers give when the demo is appropriate and the way to structure differentiating content.
SPECIAL GUEST: Sales Lessons Learned Playing Major League Baseball  - Paul Hartzell Details Download
Guest speaker, Paul Hartzell, will share the similarities between a career in Major League Baseball and one as a successful sales professional and leader. Hear how true stories and lessons learned from success and failure playing in the Major Leagues for four teams can give you a roadmap leading to Inside Sales success.

As one of the leading statistical pitchers in the California Angels history, his more than 500 innings pitched gave him the background to translate athletic success to a sales career as a top producer. Learn how he then built the world’s most successful SaaS company for Mergers & Acquisitions due diligence by using Inside Sales as the driving force for greater customer conversion.

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