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AA-ISP Leadership Summit 2015 April 21st, 2015

The Future of Inside Sales - Judy Buchholz Details Download
Judy Buchholz, General Manager of IBM Digital Sales discusses the steps her organization is taking to address the major shifts that are happening in her industry today -- to what clients are buying, who is buying and how they want to buy. These market changes require us to re-think everything from hiring strategies to physical sales environment, education and training, and tools and techniques. Judy will speak to IBM's vision for the ongoing evolution of the inside seller.

General Sessions:
Powering Sales Growth with Predictive Analytics - Dave Elkington Details Download
Join Chairman, CEO & Founder of InsideSales.com, Dave Elkington to learn how top sales teams are applying data science and predictive analytics to increase productivity, improve conversion rates, and drive stronger sales growth.
How Salespeople are Becoming Mini-Marketers - Tawheed Kader (TK) Details Download
With the growth of social selling and content marketing, there's a growing trend of successful salespeople operating as 'mini-marketers.' Is this the future of selling? Have we finally reached sales and marketing alignment?
Mastering Inbound Sales - Nick Hedges Details Download
Working with some of the most progressive inside sales teams to hone and perfect their processes for working inbound leads, Velocify has identified the key drivers that enable world-class inside sales performance. In this session, Nick Hedges, President and CEO of Velocify, will guide you through four golden rules that you can immediately deploy to turn more inbound leads into revenue, and unleash a high-velocity sales engine in your organization.
How to Use Technology to Increase Salespeoples' Performance by 450% - Bridget Gleason Details Download
In one year, Yesware's salespeople improved their MRR by 450%. How did they do this? Pervasive use of technology. Join Yesware's VP of Sales, Bridget Gleason to learn how she used technology to debunk common email myths, coach millennials and implement a social selling strategy.
LB's Top 10 Report - Lauren Bailey Details Download
In a fun way to glean tips and strategies for your organization, listen while Factor 8 President Lauren Bailey works her way through the top 10 "oopsies" she and her team of experts see in the trenches of Inside Sales. LB will give real-life examples, discuss the impact of each challenge, and give ideas on how to avoid or undo these situations with your own teams.
Using Insights From Neuroscience to Improve Sales Coaching - Tom Snyder Details Download
Over the past 40 years, neuroscientists and behavioral psychologists have been studying how human beings form habits. Habits can be as simple as which shoe a person puts on first or as complicated as the routines they go through when planning or executing a sales call. As it turns out, there are specific actions and triggers by which people start, maintain and/or undo habits. To date, painfully little has been done to connect these insights to the function of sales coaching. In fact, many of the frustrations that sales managers, leaders or enablement face can be directly addressed by employing the principles that this research has revealed. For the seller themselves, these insights can be equally helpful because they form the foundation of successful self-improvement.

Tom Snyder, founder and managing partner of VorsightBP, will share some of the work his team has been doing in terms of connecting the discipline of sales management with the insights that science has generated. If you are like most people who have been exposed to this intellectual property, it will change the way you think about how to improve sales performance.
Is Talent Really Needed to Succeed in Sales…Or Can It Be Learned? - Chad Burmeister Details Download
In this session, Chad Burmeister, VP of Sales & Marketing at ConnectAndSell, will reveal the science of "Sales DNA" from Objective Management Group (OMG), including the most influential traits of what it takes to be a top 10% seller. Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, will share what sales coaching does for sales skills based on the findings from 17M dials and almost 1M conversations in 2014 including a few actual case studies of companies who leverage sales training to improve positive outcomes from sales conversations.

Some of the topics covered will include:
-What percentage of Sales Candidates are Worthy of Being Hired?
-What percentage of candidates are actually hired?
-What are the startling statistics of what makes up an A Player in 2015?
-What You Can do (or cannot) to become an A Player.
You Get What You Incentivize - Details Download
Exclusive Data Reveals How to Maximize the Impact of Sales and Incentive Performance on your Business.

Is your SPIF spending wasted?
Are you accelerators hurting, not helping?
Do you know if you’re measuring the right things?

Too many companies underpay their top performers and overpay their low tier performers. To pinpoint the impact of compensation on sales performance, Xactly leveraged its big data platform that includes aggregated and anonymous empirical data, to analyze the sales and incentive compensation patterns of companies. In this session, Xactly’s Senior Director, General Business Sales, Sean Murray will share this exclusive, empirical incentive compensation data to give you insights to optimize your incentives and drive company performance.

Best Practices for Inside Sales Leaders - Chris Hodges Details Download
Leading your Inside Sales Team to success can be challenging – even more so in today’s demand-based, regulatory-heavy environment. Arming your sales people with automated tools and processes that maximize their efforts and allow them to execute your campaign strategies are critical to achieving and surpassing sales goals. Chris Hodges, Senior Vice President for Noble Systems, leads a discussion on best practices for inside sales program management that will help enable your organization to generate efficiencies, make more sales, drive revenue, manage compliance, and reduce costs.
Bluebirds & Dodos - Removing Surprises from Your Pipeline with Predictive Scoring - David Singh Details Download
Every one of your Inside Sales Reps has experienced the joy of an end of quarter Bluebird who pops up from nowhere for a quick win. And conversely, they have experienced many Dodos – apparent great fits who show tremendous interest but burn through multiple meetings for months before fizzling to a dead opportunity. Imagine the impact to your organization if your Inside Sales Reps can identify Bluebirds and Dodos before the first call and prioritize their focus accordingly. Join David Singh, Director of Sales at Lattice Engines, to understand how Predictive Scoring can tell your Inside Sales Reps upfront who will convert and who will not – and the tremendous impact this will have on your bottom line.
Social Selling: It's Not Just for Prospecting Anymore - Michael Idinopulos Details Download
As strategic functions migrate from field to inside sales, high-performing inside reps are starting to look more like top field reps. They're building personal brands, cultivating relationships, and delivering insights””all without meeting their buyers in person. The key to success? Using social networks to establish a compelling outside presence for inside sales. In this session, you'll learn:

• Why social selling touches every aspect of the selling gesture””not just prospecting and lead gen.
• What skills and behaviors your reps and teams need in order to be digitally compelling.
• How to integrate social into your sales process””and measure the results.
Drive Sales Performance & Lead Your Team To Victory: The Transformative Effect of Engagement Data - Jim Benton Details Download
How often have you had forecast surprises? Found that your team over-invested in the wrong deals? Discovered that a rep presented outdated materials or struggled to differentiate your offerings? Research from Forrester, CSO Insights and other leading organizations have shown that most Sales Leaders don’t have confidence in the data in the their dashboards and are missing the visibility that they need to avoid these missteps. In this session, Jim Benton, Chief Business Officer & Co-Founder of ClearSlide, discusses the advancements in engagement data and why understanding customer engagement, rather than activity data alone, provides Sales leaders better insight into the leading indicators they need to more effectively forecast, align with Marketing, coach and retain their team, drive performance, and ultimately win more.

How to Effectively Use Outsourced Resources to Augment Your Inside Sales - Drew Allen Details Download
Augmenting your inside sales team through outsourcing has numerous benefits. Additionally, it opens the door to possibilities that many inside sales teams cannot logistically explore. Various types of organizations utilize outsourced telemarketing as part of their overall plan to achieve their inside sales goals. Businesses also gain flexibility when it comes to the outsourcing strategy that they wish to employ. Quality Contact Solutions sponsors a discussion featuring award-winning sales professional, Drew Allen, where he will explore several approaches available to businesses seeking to outsource their B2B telemarketing inside sales teams, while sharing examples of potential sales campaigns to outsource.
Breakout Sessions:
Strengthen Your Sales Managers' Ability to Produce More Sales - Jeffrie Story Details Download
Your sales managers work to the max, yet sales rep behaviors haven’t changed – at least not enough to get the banner results you know are possible. In this eye-opening presentation, Jeffrie Story, President of Unleash Your Sales DNA®, provides valuable techniques for you to rapidly reap the potential of your market.

You'll learn:

- What sales managers focus on that hinders their results
- 4 easy-to-implement ways to shift your managers' results into high gear
- A powerful coaching technique that takes nanoseconds
- 5 coaching strategies for the most toxic behaviors in inside sales
- The most effective ways to hold sales managers accountable for their Coaching ROI
7 Strategies to Triple the Output of your Sales Development People - Kyle Porter Details Download
The best sales development teams are metrics-driven, and track both quantitative and qualitative performance - a critical component to any SaaS sales machine. In this breakout session, SalesLoft CEO, Kyle Porter will focus on seven strategies that will enable your sales development team to drive increased performance and achieve predictable results, a strategy that led to unprecedented growth for SalesLoft in 2014.
Leading Today's Inside Sales Force to New Levels of Success - Erik Therwanger Details Download
Erik Therwanger, founder of Think GREAT, guides a motivating session that teaches you to unlock your leadership potential and inspire your entire sales team to set and accomplish their goals; from Baby Boomers to Millennials.

Attendees will discover the leadership strategies and techniques necessary to inspire, motivate, and influence their entire sales team. With an emphasis of creating an empowering culture, leaders will learn new ways to encourage their team members, achieve exponential growth, and experience unparalleled results. Today's sales leaders will unleash the leadership potential in their sales teams!

- Learn strategies to Enhance Perceptions
- Understand techniques to Elevate Priorities
- Discover new ways to Empower People
- Develop the ability to Exceed Possibilities
How Sales Operations Can Double Your Sales Team's Productivity - Matt Heinz Details Download
Sales operations may very well be THE most important and unsung hero for sales teams big and small, inside and field, direct and channel. When executing at their highest potential, then can have a significant impact on your sales team's efficiency and success. In this session, Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, will outline several specific, proven ways your sales operations team (whether it's a team of ten or one) can directly impact sales productivity and results.
Accelerating the Sales Cycle with the Three A's: Analytics, Actionable Intelligence, and Adaptability - Micheline Nijmeh Details Download
With power shifting from seller to buyer, organizations need new ways to ensure that they're delivering the right information to the buyer and to get real-time feedback on engagement. Join Micheline Nijmeh, CMO for LiveHive, in this session as she addresses how emerging sales analytics tools can improve customer engagement and manage interactions in a selling environment that has been transformed through more educated consumers.

Attendees will learn:

- how real-time insights can let organizations understand and engage with a less perceptible buyer
- how new technologies can help organizations better anticipate a customer’s needs and time outreach to the precise moment of interest through digital listening that helps sales: 1) recognize buying signals; 2) track the buying process; and 3) gather insight from social channels
- how integrated tools enable seamless sharing of information across marketing and sales teams for the benefit of the entire organization – giving sales increased visibility through more complete prospect profiles and enabling marketing to see how their content and messaging is being received by customers
- how these automated tools can increase sales productivity and shorten the sales cycle
Why Your Sales Contests Aren't Working and How to Fix Them Using Gamification - Adam Hollander Details Download
The concept of “gamification” is really picking up steam as managers look for better ways to engage their employees. Gamification at a high level: taking something that isn't traditionally a game and turning it into one for motivational purposes. Though ”¦ hasn't sales been “gamified” for a long time? Companies have been running sales contests and incentives for decades, far before this term was ever coined. So is gamification just a buzzword, a passing trend? Or can it drive meaningful results and improvement for sales managers?

Adam Hollander, CEO, FantasySalesTeam, has worked with hundreds of companies to improve sales results through gamification. He will speak to the top problems that most companies have with their sales contests: How do you motivate your entire team, not just the top performers who usually take home the prizes? How do you keep reps engaged instead of allowing them lose interest when they fall behind? How can you make results more visible while simultaneously increasing CRM adoption? Adam will share his Top 10 Tips for running world class sales contests and incentives. He'll also speak to case studies from HP and Wireless Zone around how they've successfully implemented gamification and the impressive results they've achieved.
The Death of Field Sales - Justin Roff-Marsh Details Download
Sales is essentially an inside endeavour – and has been for years. That doesn’t mean that field representatives shouldn’t exist. They should. It means that sales opportunities should be owned and managed inside and that field salespeople – to the extent that they’re genuinely required – should subordinate to your inside team (even in major-account sales environments!).

Justin Roff-Marsh, Founder of Ballistix, will present a new view of sales that tightly integrates inside and outside personnel – rather than viewing the two as separate channels. He’ll explain why this is critical in theory and share his 20 years’ experience making this work in reality.
Compliance and You - Sandy Lynskey Details Download
In this quick moving session, former Chief of the Consumer Protection for the Ohio Attorney General’s office, Sandy Lynskey, Esq., will be discussing key regulatory issues facing today’s Inside Sales organizations. In addition Sandy will help you understand why this should be important to you as a leader and what you can do to better understand and improve your current position.
Art of the Screen Share - Doug Devitre Details Download
Selling over the phone has its challenges. Conceptualizing complex problems, selling high priced products or services, or building a deeper connection with customers doesn't have to happen face to face either. Sales that require a high level trust can happen remotely when the salesperson develops new skill sets with more customer-friendly sales technology. When to share your screen is just as important as how you share it with customers. Join this session, led by Doug Devitre, Author of Screen to Screen Selling, and avoid making the common mistakes made when using web conference technology with customers to increase your sales productivity and team performance.
Selling Above AND Below the Line: 2 Value propositions are better than 1 - Tom Latourette Details Download
You know you need a strong value proposition. But if you want the approval of all of the decision makers within a company, you need to appeal to users on both sides of the line””the user-buyers and the C-suite.

That means you need two value propositions.

In this program, Tom Latourette, Managing Partner with M3 Learning will show you how to powerfully utilize the key concepts of the new book by bestselling author and M3 Learning founder, Skip Miller - Selling Above and Below the Line.

The line signifies that there are two value propositions within the customer organization.

• User-Buyer – (BTL – Below the Line) – They look at features, functions, feeds and speeds
• C-Suite – (ATL - Above the Line) – They’re looking at financial returns

Salespeople are very comfortable selling to the user-buyer. The person says they have a need, and the seller says, "We can do that!"

The problem with focusing only on that type of buyer is it creates a split. As the salesperson approaches what he thinks is the end of the sale, all of the sudden the above-the-line buyer says, "I don't see the benefits of the company."

Most of the time selling organizations stay below the line because that's where they look the best””their features and functions, it's competitive, it's fun. And they just blow right past the above-the-line value prop, which should be tackled as early as the below-the-line value proposition.
With this approach, not only do you improve your chances of winning the sale, but you speed up the sales process

The salesperson who can identify the value propositions below and above the line early picks up a ton of energy in a deal. And the deals go faster and they end up being bigger.

This engaging, interactive presentation will give powerful tips, strategies and tools to
• Understand and address the qualities of below-the-line buyers and their needs
• Engage and involve the above-the-line buyers early and often, not just to sign the proposal.
• Create value propositions for both types of buyers that speed up the sales process and contribute to larger sales
CRMs are for Losers - Uzi Shmilovici Details Download
Your sales team does not need a CRM because it was never really built for running high performance sales teams. In this session, hosted by Uzi Shmilovici, CEO and Founder of Base, come hear about the cutting-edge technologies used by companies like Google, LinkedIn, Groupon and others to triple the productivity of their sales teams.
The Power of the Queue: Driving Inside Sales Momentum & Performance! - David Hood Details Download
Join David Hood, CEO of VanillaSoft, to learn about a revolutionary new approach to inside sales software: The Power of the Queue.

Most sales managers are familiar with the traditional list-based approach for calling leads that was designed for account management. This approach is not well-suited for today's new inside salespeople who need tools to drive sales momentum, not slow them down looking through lists of leads.

David will share new research from a current University of Ottawa study about how queue-based systems outperform list-based systems. Come learn how inside sales software with a queue-based architecture drives key performance indicators such as speed-to-lead, lead prioritization and follow-up, data gathering and calling productivity. This is crucial for sales and marketing departments that want to maximize the results of their inside sales efforts.

Attendees will also hear, first-hand, how The Power of the Queue helped one organization grow from a start-up to becoming a member of The 2014 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list.
How to Create a Winning Sales Culture That Drives Results - Gavin Gamber Details Download
Create a culture where people love coming to work - and attain their quotes. In this session, Gavin Gamber, Director of Sales for Quosal, will share what he’s learned about creating a fun environment that drives results, encourages collaboration and fosters healthy competition. Learn the common culture pitfalls, and what you can do today to start building a stronger, healthier culture today.
Predictable Revenue with Cold Outreach - Manuel Medina Details Download
This is a practical session in which Manuel Medina, CEO of Outreach, will review an end-to-end process to increase and maintain sales volume via reaching out to prospects you don't yet know.

You will learn:
- The latest tools and technologies for prospecting and finding people's contact information online
- The number and types of touches to get 20% of them to talk to you
- Email templates that get you replies

Handouts with email templates you can put to use when you get back home will be provided.
Sales Conditioning for the 21st Century! - Mike Pierce - "Antarctic Mike" Details Download
The market and our buyers have changed thanks to advances in technology and understanding of human motivation. Join "Antarctic" Mike Pierce and Dionne Mischler as they discuss these very changes and what it means for you, your team, and your organization. And just as important, some best practices you can incorporate into your culture to spring board successfully into the future. This will be a very interactive and engaging discussion that will have practical take-aways!
Is CRM Measuring Up? Results from a Market-Wide Study - David Ackert Details Download
The Ackert Advisory recently conducted a survey of over 8,000 organizations on the state of CRM in inside sales. We learned which platforms are most popular, which deliver the most ROI, the primary cause of low utilization, and what to do about it. In this exclusive presentation, David Ackert, President of The Ackert Advisory and CEO of Practice Pipeline will share the findings from the market-wide study, as well as recommendations and best practices for a more successful integration of CRM into your sales team.
Decision By Consensus: How Do We Still Make the Sale? - Phil Garlick Details Download
We all know that buyers nowadays are more informed than ever before, so how do we change our approach to educate today’s decision makers? Are you and your sales reps properly armed to hold intelligent conversations with stakeholders before reaching out? Are you even able to reach all of the people you need to help close these deals faster? In this presentation, Phil Garlick, Vice President of Corporate Development at ZoomInfo, will take you through how to tackle these issues and consistently close sales
Host: Executive Panel - Emerging Trends, Tools, and Technologies - Chad Burmeister Details Download
Join this fast paced, interactive discussion as we explore some of the key factors impacting our sales environment. Hear from thought leaders in the technology field as they share their insight on what you need to do in order to be successful today and tomorrow. Also bring your toughest questions and see what ideas these experts can provide for you.

Host: Chad Burmeister, Vice President Sales & Marketing, ConnectAndSell

• Ken Krogue, Co-Founder & President, InsideSales.com
• Bubba Page, Founder, QuotaDeck
• Tawheed Kader (TK), Founder & CEO, ToutApp
• Chris Hodges, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Noble Systems
Best Practices Around Modernizing and Optimizing your CRM Strategy/Solution - Jason Hanley Details Download
Jason Hanley, VP Sales and Marketing with Wave6 is joined by John Long, CRM Practice Lead at Emetec/Wave6 to review the challenges of CRM management focusing on people, process, and technology. Specifically, adoption, growth, reporting, and user experience.

In this session, they will cover:

• Why it is important to have your business processes and executive goals align with your CRM implementation and strategy.
• The best practices for user adoption and user experience.
• Analytics/Reporting and what this means to you and how to assure you are getting accurate reporting.
• Ongoing governance and management of your CRM solution to obtain the highest ROI.
• Modernization through application consolidation, integration, and 3rd party options.
Buying Acceleration: 5 Steps to 2x your close rate in 1 sales cycle - Matt Behrend Details Download
In this breakout session, DemoChimp CSO, Matt Behrend will focus on the 5 steps to accelerate purchase decisions for every opportunity in your pipeline. Generating new prospects is critical, but how do you fight through the complexities that kill over 70% of B2B purchase decisions? We can't rely on one internal champion when there are multiple stakeholders with unique motivations and reasons for buying...or not buying.
Teach your team to get an appointment with anyone. Guaranteed. No hurdles. No roadblocks. No excuses. - Mike Scher Details Download
If each member of your sales team could convert more leads and target accounts into appointments, would it impact your bottom line? What if each one of those conversations was with a decision maker. Even better?

What’s their conversion rate today? Now double it. Triple it.

Join Mike Scher, CEO & Chief Demand Creation Architect, FRONTLINE Selling, and he’ll show you exactly how to make it happen in just three proven steps. It’s predictable, teachable and repeatable.

And...it’s measurable – you’ll see the results right on stage.
Revamping Your Sales Strategy to Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline - Mike Hayes Details Download
Join Mike Hayes, VP of Sales and Customer Success for PipelineDeals, to learn how the simple changes in your sales strategy in combination with the latest tools and technologies available can help accelerate the velocity within your pipeline.
Crush Sales Targets with the Right Technology Mix - Monica Girolami Details Download
Overwhelmed with what technology mix is essential to improve your Insides Sales team performance, culture and management visibility? Join Monica Girolami, Head of North America Marketing with NewVoiceMedia, as she reviews the top technology investments for inside sales teams and how these tools help power high performance sales teams. We will share the challenges these teams initially faced and the technology mix of solutions they used to transform their sales pipeline. We will highlight lessons learned and the benefits experienced with specific technology investments.

This session guarantees to provide you with great tips to complement your current Insides Sales strategy and provide insight on how to build a winning technology toolkit to crush your sales targets!
There's no "I" in sales! - How better collaboration drives better sales results - Christine Pavalon Details Download
You can't succeed in sales alone. Attend this session with Christine Pavalon, Vice President of Sales for PGi, and learn how better collaboration with marketing can drive better sales results.
Leading and Developing a SMB Inside Sales Team - Vincent Gatti Details Download
If your starting up a new inside sales group, or currently managing a small team, you won’t want to miss this session hosted by AA-ISP Chicago Chapter President and Vice President of Sales at ITsavvy, Vincent Gatti. Vincent will share lessons learned from his 20+ years leading others. Hear tips and best practices around building a highly engaged and productive group of motivated inside sales reps.

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