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Inside Sales 2016 - Denver June 15th, 2016

Morning Speed Selling - Bob Perkins Details Download
Bob Perkins, Founder & Chairman of the AA-ISP will discuss 3 common misses during the prospecting and sales call process.

Despite most managers knowing of these challenges, and despite trying to coach and train on them, a gap still exists today. This session will include “live role plays” which will help identify these challenges while providing simple yet actionable, takeaways for both frontline reps and managers.

*** Attendees will be provided a sheet to work through during these role plays so that they have something to “take away” and put to good use back at their cubes!
General Sessions:
Sales in the Cloud - Ken Krogue Details Download
Ken Krogue, Founder, President, and Chief Strategy Officer of InsideSales.com, will discuss the advancements in technology and how analytics have changed the business landscape forever. Ken will share lessons learned and tips from his Inside Sales training, marketing, social selling, sales development, and sales operations which attendees can put to use right away.
Stop Being an A+ Organization - It’s the D Students Who Succeed - Pleasant Rich Details Download
Many people use the analogy that a salesperson is much like a doctor, diagnosing and solving problems. In this session, Pleasant Rich, Director of Enterprise Sales for Outreach, explores how a sales organization is much like a well-run classroom.

In the extremely dynamic atmosphere of a sales team, certain criteria must be met in order to ensure professional growth in the organization and success in generating revenue and new logo accounts. "A"s are for Average sellers; we’ll uncover the ways to becoming a D+ sales organization, focusing on Developing frontline sellers to accelerate the sales machine.
4 Sales Tips to Help Your Reps Stand Out from the Competition – and Crush their Quotas! - Michael Schultz Details Download
Having a better product or technology than your competitors isn’t enough. Sales Reps need to set themselves apart from the pack and all of the sales noise in this age of digital selling.

Michael Schultz, Sales Director of ClearSlide, will share four incredibly powerful tips that his Inside Sales team uses to help gain a prospect’s attention while increasing conversion rates and closed revenue. Attendees will walk away with actionable learnings which increases rep productivity while leveraging modern tools to help crush quotas!
The Uber-ization of Sales - Josh Pittman Details Download
The “sharing economy,” with perhaps the best known example being Uber, is fundamentally changing the way the world works. Uber’s transformative business model brings down the cost of transportation and creates a better overall experience for consumers through better utilization of drivers to match consumer demand. The Uber business model is similar to the shift we are seeing in Inside Sales. Buyers want control and convenience whether they are looking for a ride to the airport or purchasing a software product for their business. In this session, Josh Pittman, the Vice President of Inside Sales at Velocify, shares his own personal experience with the Uber brand and draws parallels to lessons that Inside Sales teams can leverage to better optimize their own sales processes to meet evolving buyer expectations.
The Art of the Sales Demo - Tom Snyder Details Download
Have you or your team ever delivered what you thought was a fantastic sales demo only to have the prospect go quiet afterward? It happens quite a lot these days because in our tech-driven times, the demo has become the center of the sales process—to the exclusion of other equally important selling fundamentals.

Here’s what too often happens...

You follow a series of steps to move an opportunity through the funnel—initial qualification, discovery, etc.—which lead up to the pivotal demo stage where you finally have the opportunity to highlight to the buyer all the amazing features your products or services have that can add value. You believe you really nailed the demo, highlighting all the ways you addressed the buyer’s needs and desires. You congratulate yourself on a job well-done, but then the deal gets “stuck” in the funnel.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. And the fix is not complex nor hard to master.

Join Tom Snyder, VorsightBP Founder and best-selling McGraw-Hill author of Escaping the Price-Driven Sale and Selling in a New Market Space, as he breaks down the sales demo and discusses how to:

• Avoid common seller-centric demo mistakes
• Identify the difference between early vs. late-stage demos
• Differentiate between an educational vs. competitive demo
• Recognize when members of the buying team are in different stages of the buying process
• Adapt to different buyer roles
• Define demo roles for the selling team
Coach by the Numbers: Using Call Outcomes to Drive Efficient and Effective Improvement (with Real Live Call Recordings!) - Chris Beall Details Download
We all want to coach more, and more effectively, but how can we efficiently focus on having the most effective coaching conversations with those reps who need the most help? And how can we measure improvement immediately and reliably without waiting for whole sales cycles to play out?

Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, will use real CRM call disposition data plus recordings of actual sales conversations to share a practical method of using dispositions to drive (and measure) coaching efficiency and effectiveness. Come prepared to “be the coach” as we get real about improving rep performance one step at a time.
Stop Managing and Start Coaching - Jim Eberlin Details Download
The problem with traditional sales management is that it tends to be myopic. Only a couple of metrics are looked at on a regular basis. Focusing only on whether you hit quota strangles performance. Jim Eberlin, Founder and CEO of TopOPPS, will discuss transitioning from sales manager to sales coach and what metrics, tools, and best practices are needed to help management coach their team into A-players.
Taking Advantage of Your Membership - Ashley Gagliano Details Download
In this session, Ashley Becker, Sr. Director of Member Services for AA-ISP, will discuss the wide variety of resources and services available through your AA-ISP membership. In addition, she will share recent updates on association activities and events.
Breakout Sessions:
Your Sales Presentation is a Joke: Everything You Need to Know to Add Humor to Your Sales Presentation - Marshall Chiles Details Download
Join presentation humor expert, Marshall Chilies in a unique presentation that will teach you proven methodologies that will give you a step-by-step process for adding humor (that works!) to your sales presentations.

Previous attendees to Marshall's sessions have said:

"Our presentations are data heavy. We use what Marshall has taught us and no longer have people looking at their phones when we are presenting."
- Ben Kirshner, CEO of Elite SEM & YPO Global One Member

"The template you offer for preparing a presentation was AWESOME! We are sharing it with all our registrants."
- Kelly Kelly, YPO/WPO New England

"Thanks for the great presentation you gave at GoBundance, I used your recommendations and absolutely crushed my sales presentation at the conference. Was told I was a stand out speaker and was really able to get the crowd engaged with some humor. You the man! "
- Ryan Hughes, 360 Rick Partners

Breaking the Delete Barrier – 10 Strategies to Get Through the Toughest Prospect’s Door - Kendra Lee Details Download
From gatekeepers to voicemail, email and gruff contacts themselves, you need a bag of techniques that will get you past the delete barrier to the first conversation. Join Kendra Lee, President and Founder of KLA Group, for new, unusual, tried and proven strategies you can use immediately, then share some of your own. You’ll leave with prospecting strategies even the toughest prospects can’t ignore.
How to Avoid SDR Burnout & Keep Your Team Motivated - Peter J. Weyman Details Download
Every SDR knows the feeling. The end of the month is quickly approaching and they haven’t come close to hitting their quota. This is when frustration and burnout start to kick in as the monotony of the day-to-day grind drags on. Join Peter Weyman, Chief Revenue Officer at ZoomInfo, to learn how to avoid SDR burnout and accelerate your revenue growth by:

• Hiring with the future in mind - how to build a bench of your future superstars
• Setting the stage for success: Empowering your SDRs with the right tools (data, sales automation, etc.)
• Acknowledging success and establishing the right career trajectory, goals and expectations, and following through with the promise
The Ultimate Strategy to Cold Sales Email - Backed by Data - Mark Ruthfield Details Download
Sales professionals already know the importance of using data when selling. More and more sales conversations are happening over email, and while email produces a large amount of data, it’s often undervalued. Looking at the aggregate email habits of more than 450,000 users, data-science experts have put together the best tips and advice to get your email opened, read, replied to, and most of all, valued. Join Yesware’s VP of Sales, Mark Ruthfield, as he shares the results of this research to help you use email data to close more deals, faster.
Sales Intelligence: Beyond Profiles - the information and insight that really drive sales - Tom Blue Details Download
At a recent conference, LinkedIn touted that "Sales professionals who use social selling are 51% more likely to exceed their quota". An amazing statistic that tells us that customer understanding, insight, and lead intelligence are A if not THE primary path to sales success.

But social profiles will only get you so far (especially for complex B-to-B sales).

In this session, Tom Blue, CEO & Founder of Lead411, will explore the types of information that give you the context, and identify the catalysts that drive new sales and super-charge conversion rates.

Joining Tom, will be Bob Perkins, Founder & Chairman of the AA-ISP, Paul Plvan, Principal at Mercury Leads, and Brandi Johnson, ‎Digital Marketing, Strategy and Product Management Professional at Cloud Coach.
Objection Handling 3 Simple Steps to Improve Conversion Rates and Win More Business - Ken Jisser Details Download
The context, quality, and consistency of the conversations prospects have with your sales team is itself part of the evaluation process. In this next session, Ken Jisser, Co-Founder & VP Sales & Service with ReplyStream, will provide an overview of the three simple steps you can implement to immediately improve your sales team's conversations and objection handling capabilities to develop pipeline quickly, and win more business faster. This session is designed for both sales leaders and individual contributors. Sales leaders will learn how to prepare and coach your sales to have more effective conversations. Individual contributors will learn how to improve the structure of their conversations, and apply proven tactics and techniques to overcome objections.
How You Can Sell More (Faster) Using Business-Class Text Messaging - Ted Guggenheim Details Download
"SMS is the missing communication software category to the modern business communication stack." - Frost and Sullivan Report

New data shows that text messaging is not only the most effective way to get a lead to respond, but it has also become the preferred communication tool for Inside Sales teams at some of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. In this breakout, Ted Guggenheim, President & CEO of TextUs™, will explain exactly how you can use business-class text messaging to increase your sales velocity and improve customer satisfaction.

Here's what you'll learn:

1. How the fastest growing businesses sell differently
2. New sales strategies that improve productivity
3. What messaging increases lead response rates
4. How your Inside Sales team can close more deals, faster

Join this intriguing session, and gain perspective on how text messaging is disrupting traditional sales strategies - a presentation promised to be worth your time!
Mental Toughness Training for Inside Sales - Bruce Lewolt Details Download
The one thing that is consistent in top sales performers across all industries is that they are mentally tough. They purposefully execute strategies to keep themselves focused, productive and motivated. They know how to brush off the negative effects of a bad call and put their brain back into a peak performance zone at the start of the next call. They learn to focus their attention on the things they can control and to never waste energy by complaining about the things they can’t. Research from sport psychology and sales training proves that every one of these mental toughness skills can be mastered by anyone which means every one of your salespeople can dramatically improve their sales performance.

In this session with Bruce Lewolt, Founder & President of BrainX, you will learn how other companies have used Mental Toughness Training to produce an across the board increase in sales performance. You will also learn about a new AA-ISP Mental Toughness Coaching certification program for sales managers and the Mental Toughness Training Courses for Salespeople.
Best Frontline Tips, Trends, and Hacks Panel Discussion - Larry Reeves Details Download
Join this interactive panel discussion that will be focused on sharing the latest, proven “frontline” tips, trends, and hacks. Both Sales and Leadership roles will be “open game” as we examine our ever-changing sales world.

We'll address questions like:

"What are the 'rules' for texting?"
"How can you use social resources more effectively and efficiently?"
"How do I connect with more people?"
"How do I better train and motivate my team?"
"What are others doing to address these challenges?"

In addition to the thoughts from our expert panel, come prepared to share your personal “best” tip or hack!

Count on a fast-moving, highly informative (and entertaining!) session.

Host: Larry Reeves, CEO, AA-ISP

Bubba Page, Founder, Outro
Josh Berndt, Director of Brand Development, Monigle
Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell
Special Guest Sessions:
Crush It Cause You Can! - Sharon Frame Details Download
So, you've learned new ideas and best practices to "Crush Your Quota".

Now get ready to catapult your sales growth!

Sharon Frame will inspire and challenge you to Crush it Cause You Can! Learn her three D's to delivering daily, dynamic success in Inside Sales.

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