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Digital Sales World 2019 Dallas June 13th, 2019

All Sessions:
How High-Growth Companies Coach Their Sales Teams - AI Driven Insights From 50 Companies That Grew >100% Last Year - Roy Raanani Details Download
Do you wonder what your sales coaching culture should look like? How should your managers identify coaching needs and deliver value to reps? How should reps coach themselves and each other? When your entire sales cycle is dependent on conversations with customers and prospects, can you afford to not coach reps continuously on conversations?

Six Chorus data scientists (each a PHD) took apart billions of data sets from >4 million sales conversations. They analyzed cold calls, discovery meetings, product demos, late-stage calls, and identified what made some sales teams more successful than others.

In this session, Roy Raanani, CEO and co-founder of Chorus.ai will walk you through a data-driven story of what the team discovered. He will walk you through best practices in coaching and data-based decision making adopted by high-growth companies.
Case Study: How Customer Centric Focus Can Yield High Sales Performance: - Silke Koehnecke Details Download
Southwest Airlines employees are renowned for their Positively Outrageous Customer Service. However, can they build a top-performing sales team while maintaining this Customer-Centric Culture? In this session, Silke Koehnecke will talk about how she is using Southwest Airlines’ Values and Expectations as a “boarding pass” for sales careers, all while developing the critical selling skills necessary to redefine the industry and achieve sales goals.
Ready to Hire Entry-Level Rockstars? - Dr. Howard Dover Details Download
Dr. Dover will share how UT Dallas has shifted their sales curriculum to adapt to the learning style and motivation preferences of GenZ (I-Gen). Using design thinking, coaching and competency models, and sales technology, #utdsales student engagement moved from 50% to 90%+, quota attainment increased over 200% and revenue increased 300% year-over-year! It’s time to prepare your onboarding and early hire process for the next generation of sales rockstars. This is not your millennial’s sales curriculum! Are you ready?
Case Study: Developing an Industry’s Leading Sales Development Function - Katie Azuma Details Download
Tasked with transforming, growing and improving an existing SDR team, Katie Azuma was faced with many challenges. Her first question revolved around what to prioritize… do you put process first or people first? This case study will walk you through her step-by-step journey of transformation. Katie will share what she learned while giving attendees some specific and actionable take-aways which can be used within their own SDR/BDR teams. She will share a framework her team used to create a motivated team which delivers outstanding results to the business and superior employee experience to the team members.
Fighting The Gravity: An Open Conversation on Mental Health - Christopher Fago Details Download
During this session we will have an open-dialogue conversation around mental health and the importance of work life balance in our profession. Mental health is a serious topic that needs to be discussed freely in the workplace and we hope to provide ways to cope with stress, maintain a healthy balance, ask for help, and ways to help those around you.
Idea Exchange: Tactical Tips to Increase Your Sales Performance - Ashley Gagliano Details Download
During this interactive session, a panel comprised of top SDR's, AE's and Account Managers will share with the audience top tips and hacks that help them crush quota.

Attendees are encouraged to bring questions and their own tips to share in this lively roundtable discussion.
Idea Exchange: Best Practices for Leading People - Kameron Hobbs Details Download
As Inside Sales continues to grow in both size of teams and role diversification, leaders are faced with many challenges in creating and sustain a high-performing organization.

This consultative panel will share leadership best practices around a variety of areas which include the following:
- Managing a diverse talent set including new reps straight out of college all the way through experienced senior reps
- Creating and sustaining a “people-first” culture
- Performance management including metrics that matter today
- Open Q&A – as participants, you will have plenty of time to pose questions to the panelists as well as offering your own ideas

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