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AA-ISP Inside Sales 2013 - Dallas November 12th, 2013

Marketing and Inside Sales - Bob Perkins Details Download
Enhancing the Client Experience by Leveraging Social - Bruce Church Details Download
In this session Bruce will discuss the digital eminence at IBM and how they are utilizing Social Media. In addition, he will share his unique perspective on how Social Media will impact our future and how we can use it today to positively enhance our customers experience.
General Sessions:
Flipping the Performance Equation - Tom Snyder Details Download
For the past 30 years, sales trainers, coaches and training companies have been preaching about the necessity for coaching and reinforcement as an integral part of driving higher sales performance. History has shown that this "top down" approach does not work. Tom will share some interesting insights from recent attempts to use a "bottom up", rep driven coaching and performance approach.
Trends Driving World Class Sales Teams - Kraig Kleeman Details Download
Kraig Kleeman and his analysts have observed thousands of sales managers over the past decade. Kraig has coached executive sales managers on how to professionally engage with CEOs, Boards of Directors and executive peers. Kraig will share a 5-point plan that is vital for optimal sales management that will not only ensure that revenue capture goals are attained, but also will optimize teams to drive high performance outcomes.

- Your Five Point Plan for Sales Management Effectiveness
- Tactics that Drive High Sales Performance
- Tools for Equipping Your Team with Excellence
- Personal Challenge for all Sales Managers whether Mid-Level or Executive Level
10 Reasons Why Inside Sales Will Displace Field Sales Teams by 2015 - Josiane Feigon Details Download
Today's "new normal" sales landscape has sales leaders wondering about the best way to structure their sales organizations: Should they keep their expensive sales duo, inside sales AND field sales? Or just go with inside sales?

Inside sales continues its warp-speed growth, powering a social-mobile-marketing-tools-driven Sales 2.0 ecosystem. Today's sales organizations are recruiting and hiring new talent like crazy. And for every 15 inside salespeople hired, there's only one field position filled. That's because the traditional sales organization structure is transforming to meet the needs of today's elusive and digitally connected customer: independent, engaged across channels, mobile, and wanting access anytime, anywhere.
How Baseball and Big Data Can Save Us All from Becoming Coal-Shoveling Robots - Darren Waddell Details Download
Join Darren Waddell, VP Marketing at Radius Intelligence, as he discusses such topics as:

* The history of scientific management as it relates to pig iron, coal shovels and inside sales
* Why marketers waste money acting like old baseball scouts and end up killing growth
* What consumer websites can teach us all about inside sales improvement -- no robots required

Darren will share real-world examples of companies that made big improvements by thinking different.
The Story of the Tomato - Craig Smilowitz Details Download
Most sales people think of themselves as hunters. For over a decade, the industry experts at FRONTLINE Selling have been raising great farmers. Farming is a more productive activity than hunting. Think about it. You dig a hole. You plant some seeds and water every couple of days. It's amazing -- you just can't keep those tomatoes from growing.

Join Sales Director Craig Smilowitz for this interactive session as he helps connect the dots between hunting and farming and the future of prospecting.
Breakout Sessions:
The Art of the Sales Playbook - Dionne Mejer Details Download
Co-presenting with Ralph Barsi, Senior Director, Sales Development Achievers

There has been plenty of information on the power of Sales Playbooks, this breakout session will gear you up on HOW to get Sales Playbooks created and used in your organization. Leave this session with a list of proven action items guaranteed to get your organization on the playbook train and wanting more.

Playbooks, when written and used effectively, provide the following:
- A roadmap for the Sales person
- A repeatable and scalable process
- Insight into the Sales process for the non-sales people in your organization
Managing and Coaching a Remote/Distributed Team - Roger Hodskins Details Download
Thanks to advances in technology and a trend toward more flexible schedules, sales teams are now more likely to be distributed across multiple offices or composed of a mix of inside, outside, and work-from-home employees. It's time to update our management style to meet this new team profile. Roger Hodskins, VP of Worldwide Sales at TeamVisibility, will tell us how an engagement strategy, a skills-based coaching regimen, and a tailored rewards and recognition program will help sales leaders manage teams effectively, no matter where they are.
Creating a High Performance Sales Culture - Eileen Wiens Details Download
Companies are spending billions of dollars each year to motivate their teams and boost employee engagement, yet studies show that 70 percent of salespeople are still not actively engaged in their work. In this session, Eileen Wiens, Director of Sales at Hoopla, will discuss the business impact this lack of engagement is having on sales organizations, and present case studies showing how companies like ConnectAndSell, Glassdoor, ON24, the Sacramento Kings, and Zillow are reinventing sales motivation to build winning, high-performance teams that consistently meet and exceed their goals.
Gamification - A Real Life Study - Douglas Hannan Details Download
Co-presenting with Jeannette Browning, Digital Strategist, Inside Sales Marketing, IBM

Douglas will be co-presenting with Jeannette Browning.

Learn how IBM is using gamification to help simplify metrics and motivate their Inside Sales teams. IBM will share how they use digital and Social Selling technologies to help Inside Sales reach clients more effectively - to drive leads, revenue and build relationships. This real life case study shows how game mechanics are used to help top Sellers adopt social selling faster and easier.
New Research: How Buyers Wish You Would Sell - Jorge Jeffery Details Download
If only you had a crystal ball to predict what moves would earn a buyer's loyalty and ultimately their business. We went to the source - the buyers themselves - to find out how they wish you would sell. In this session, we'll reveal new insights from a recent Zogby Analytics study about how to better align sales strategies with buyer expectations.
When Prospects Go Silent - Creating Follow Campaigns that Work - Details Download
To be successful in selling today, you have to master the art of follow up. Knowing how (and when) to stay in touch with suspects, prospects and customers sets you apart and pays dividends over your entire career. In today’s busy world, if you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind!

When Prospects Go Silent helps Inside Sales professionals learn how to:
• Win the battle for mind share with ten sure fire ways to stay in touch
• Develop campaigns that demonstrate persistence without becoming a pest
• Re-engage those prospects who have started to ignore you
• Make it easier for the prospect to tell you “no” early in the sales cycle
• Say “goodbye” in a professional way that brings them running back!
Keeping Prospects Engaged with the Right Content - Greg Hyer Details Download
Marketing is allocating more budget towards content creation. But how do they know what content to create that engages the prospect when they are in the middle or the bottom of the funnel? Most marketing organizations use content marketing metrics to inform sales as to what content they should be using but those metrics are obsolete and do not align to a real sales engagement. Learn how "Content Selling" is changing how Sales Teams are engaging prospects by using the right content at the right time.
Host Sessions:
AA-ISP Membership and You - Larry Reeves Details Download
Larry Reeve, Chief Executive Officer, discusses the company mission and explores the different membership opportunities at AA-ISP.

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