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Most presentation materials for Emblaze conferences, including our frontline, leadership, and executive level events, are available for download approximately a week following the event.


AA-ISP Leadership Summit 2013 April 9th, 2013

General Sessions:
The Growth and Convergence of the Inside Sales Industry - Ken Krogue Details Download
A New Leadership Culture for Inside Sales - Jack Mitchell Details Download
AA-ISP Activities, News, and Announcements - Larry Reeves Details Download
High-Conversion and Low-Cost Selling for Inside Sales - Michael McCarroll Details Download
Best Practices of Analytical Sales Management - Zorian Rotenberg Details Download
Coaching Effectiveness Solutions for Sales Leaders - Tom Stanfill Details Download
Creating a High Performance Sales Culture through Game Mechanics - Details Download
Developing Effective Sales Leaders - Tom Snyder Details Download
Member Experience & Retreat 2013 - Larry Reeves Details Download
Raising Sales Force Effectiveness - Howard Stevens Details Download
Success Comes from Inside - Bob Perkins Details Download
The Power of Playbooks - Trish Bertuzzi Details Download
Trends Driving World Class Sales Management - Kraig Kleeman Details Download
Making Social Selling Real & How LinkedIn Is using LinkedIn - Ralf VonSosen Details Download
Passionate Leadership Starts on the Inside - Devon Harris Details Download
Good Values Attract Good People - Ralph Barsi Details Download
Closing the Sales Coaching Gap - Steve Richard (VorsightBP) Details Download
Sales Skills Gap - Justin Jackson Details Download
Breakout Sessions:
Channel & Distribution Best Practices Open Discussion - Anthony Pante Details Download
Social Selling- Organizational Implementation and Evolution - Jen McClure Details Download
The Real ABCs for Sales- Always Be Coaching - Gary Milwit Details Download
Using LinkedIn and Hootsuite to Track Competitive Intelligence - Jamie Shanks Details Download
Accountability in the Culture of Accountability - Greg Niesen Details Download
Analytics to Drive Contacts and Conversions - Tom Miller Details Download
CISP Accreditation Program In Depth View - Larry Reeves Details Download
Executive Retreat Findings Hiring, Training, & Motivating People - Lauren Bailey Details Download
Prospecting - The Calisthenics of Selling - Mike Scher Details Download
How ConnectandSell Broke all Conventaional Sales Rules & Crushed It - Mark Godley Details Download
Social Selling Success - Liz Gelb - O'Connor Details Download
Unlock Revenue From an Unexpected Source - Your Training Dept. - Lauren Bailey Details Download
How Role Playing Can Make You a Better Sales Manager - Details Download
Selling Naked - Dave Brown Details Download
Selling Naked...nowhere to hide, analytics and the transformation of Outside to Inside Web Sales.

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