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AA-ISP Inside Sales 2013 - Washington DC June 12th, 2013

Trends, Techniques & Technologies - Bob Perkins Details Download
AA-ISP Founder and long-time inside sales leader, Bob Perkins, will share his thoughts on some of the latest trends and best practices around both selling techniques and technologies. He will challenge all attendees to adopt some of these ideas in order to raise their own level of professionalism and performance.
General Sessions:
The Digital Sales Future - Tom Scontras Details Download
Before the Internet, there were people. When people needed something, they went to places where other people had what they needed. Deals happened. It was face to face, human to human. It was all pretty simple. Then it got complicated.

The Internet. We communicate with more people from behind computers. Selling is now face to screen where we reach more prospects than with massive field organizations, but have created a virtual wall that neither rep nor customer knows how to clearly navigate.

Join Tom Scontras, Chief Marketing Officer at Glance Networks, as he looks into the future of inside sales. "The Digital Deal", a thought provoking discussion about today's rapidly shifting sales culture, where it's been, where it's headed, and how to best prepare as our world hits a massive tipping point.
The Best Tools You Can Have - Your Own People - Gary Milwit Details Download
- Get the most out of your sales team.
- The Management Process-Believe it or not you already know what it is
- One manager can change the entire culture of the business.
- The issues managers face but cannot put their finger on how to set expectations.
- Why trust is so much more important than you think.
- Setting your goals and helping set each team members goals.
- Why is babysitting bad? A new way to create a culture of engagement and motivation!
Objection Handling 201 - Steve Richard (VorsightBP) Details Download
Armed with all of your social media skills you will likely be swimming in leads. But with leads come objections. In this presentation you will learn how to:
1. Understand what objections actually mean
2. Prevent objections all together
3. Overcome objections at the top of the funnel
4. Utilize insight selling to remove objections at the bottom of the funnel
Inside Sales: Professional Sales Done Remotely - Ken Krogue Details Download
Ken Krogue, the Founder of InsideSales.com, will discuss the real definition of Inside Sales, the size of the market, how fast it is evolving, stories of what makes Inside Sales the fastest growing segment of all of sales and marketing, and the single skill-set that makes Inside Sales so powerful.
Becoming an Effective Sales Manager - Tom Snyder Details Download
The vast majority of sales managers were promoted into the manager position by virtue of their high performance in sales. Unfortunately, the skills that make a great manager are distinctly different from those associated with being a great seller. Despite this obvious disconnect, few companies offer specific manager training, most lack a formal sales management discipline and most are using a CRM system as a substitute for good sales management.

This talk will involve a review of the latest research into how high performance sales teams are managed. This research has revealed a wide difference between how high performing teams are managed as opposed to those that fail to meet their full potential. As this research reveals, no function in the corporate structure holds as much potential for near term performance improvement as that of the sales management role.

In this talk, Tom Snyder will discuss the four major components of the sales management role and will show how the Team Visibility tool greatly amplifies sales manager effectiveness in each one.
Creating a High Performance Sales Culture through Game Mechanics - Mike Smalls Details Download
Learn some of the latest trends and tools for keeping your sales center fresh and exciting. Gamefification is here. Join Mike to learn more.
AA-ISP Membership and You - Larry Reeves Details Download
Details coming soon...
Breakout Sessions:
Selling Best Practices of High Performing Reps - Ivan Gomez Details Download
Prospecting: The Calisthenics of Selling - Tom Ryder Details Download
Any personal fitness trainer will tell you -- form matters. In this breakout session, enterprise sales and business development veteran, Tom Ryder, will share how you can take your existing prospecting activities and drive remarkable results merely by doing them with perfect form. As Principle, Director of Sales and Training, Tom Ryder and his team have delivered results for hundreds of companies and over 20,000 sales people worldwide over the last decade. Please join Tom as he explores how you can improve your message and consistency while increasing your opportunities to tell your story to the right people.

If getting more first appointments with people genuinely interested in your products and services will help you sell more, then this is a breakout session you will not want to miss!
Metrics that Matter - Bob Perkins Details Download
How to Win the War for Top Inside Sales Talent - Chris Corcoran Details Download
Join Chris Corcoran, Cofounder + Managing Partner of memoryBlue to learn how to turn your inside sales team into a superstar magnet in a market where the most critical resource for success is also in the shortest supply. In this session learn what attracts an A-Player and what doesn't.

- Find out if your online body language and courting process is attracting or repelling top performers
- Discover where top inside sales performers congregate
- Learn how to get more out of your talent acquisition team and professional network
- Hear what superstars find irresistible
- How bidirectional reference checks can help you land five star recruits
Avoid Common Pitfalls for High Performing Sales Teams - Adam Becker Details Download
Communicating a formal offering to prospects is a pivotal stage in the sales process. Where most organizations get held up is in being able to create proposals efficiently, keeping track of contract versions, easily incorporating feedback, and knowing when the sales document has been read. Don't let the details and lack of visibility hold up the sale.

Successful sales teams leverage technologies that support their high performing sales reps. Having a central place for your reps to quickly create compelling proposals and knowing what metrics to track results in huge increases in sales process efficiency and effectiveness and, most importantly, lets reps do what they do best: SELL.
Coaching & Performance Management - Gary Milwit Details Download
CISP Accreditation Program - Larry Reeves Details Download
8 Simple and Free Sales Tools - Kyle Porter Details Download
Join Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, for a hands-on workshop of seven simple and free sales tools that will provide immediate value to inside sales representatives and sales teams. Some of the tools featured in his demonstration include:
- Newsle - Discover when your LinkedIn connections are associated with major news events
- Nutshell mail - Receive free social alerts on your VIP's and keyword terms
- Ghostery - Uncover the web apps your prospects already use.
Special Guest Sessions:
Passionate Leadership Starts on the Inside - Devon Harris Details Download
Olympic athlete and member of the original Jamaican bobsled team, Devon Harris, will bring a powerful message of how Inside Sales leaders can increase their passion for leading others while pushing and working for their dreams every day of their lives. He will share lessons learned around the power of persistence and how leaders can overcome obstacles while having a fulfilling career leading others.

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