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AA-ISP Leadership Summit 2022 March 8th, 2022

All Sessions:
Pre-Event Workshop: Attract, Hire, and Retain New Talent in 2022 - Morgan J Ingram Details Download
Attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges scaling teams have in the modern business environment. However, it goes so much further than that. The trouble with hiring salespeople is that we don’t know if they can actually sell until after we’ve hired them. In addition to this long-standing issue, in many instances, the new hire is not a culture fit for the organization. So adjustments must be made to attract the right personality types into the fold, show them WE can deliver a future for them that’s both profitable and exciting, then execute on that plan to drive loyalty, and a longer tenure for our sales hires.

This workshop is designed to help leaders understand that hiring has changed, and the way we bring people on, train, and work with them long-term matters more than ever in 2022.
Keynote: Culture Driven Sales: Transforming Your Sales Organization Through Your People - Kelly Breslin Wright Details Download
By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce (Deloitte). When choosing their next role, sales talent from this generation prioritizes culture and work/life balance. This means culture is more important than ever for your sales organization, yet data suggests that as companies grow their culture suffers. Kelly Wright will unlock the reality of what matters most when building a best-in-class sales culture and the important role front line managers play in this process.
Keynote: Decision Science or Seller “Best Practices" - What Motivates People to Buy? - Tim Riesterer Details Download
Most sales advice is based on opinion, hunches, or someone else’s experience (so-called “best practices”). But buyer behavior doesn’t work that way. In fact, your buyers act according to their specific situation. And to persuade them to change, choose you, or continue doing business with you, you need to tailor your approach to match their psychology within each situation.

In this keynote, you’ll hear Tim Riesterer, Chief Visionary at B2B DecisionLabs, describe the Customer Deciding Journey and the motivations, biases, pressures, and demands that your buyers are dealing with in various moments in that journey. And, you’ll learn how to think beyond the industry’s so-called “best practices” and master the deeper undercurrent of behavioral motivators driving your most critical sales conversations.
Keynote: Why Your Contribution Matters - Eva Helén Details Download
If you are not sure why you should, or how you can contribute to a more diverse workplace and an inclusive culture, join this conversation and get practical tips on how you can make a difference. Let's not rely on consultants and HR for change. The future of job satisfaction, productivity, and team success, lies with you. Presented by Eva Helén, Founder and CEO, EQ Inspiration.
Breakout: Case Study - How We Hired and Trained 550+ SDRs Coast-to-Coast in 2021 - Nimit Bhatt Details Download
In 2021, memoryBlue hired, onboarded, and trained over 550 new SDRs across six offices and four time zones. Very few companies attempt something this bold in a single year.

Nimit Bhatt, Head of Sales at memoryBlue, will reveal the strategies necessary to accomplish such an aggressive achievement. He will show you how to implement the top SDR hiring and onboarding tactics that can help your organization win the war for high-performing sales talent.
Breakout: Major Sales Plays to Help You Hit Quota - Jessica Jacobs Details Download
Today only 60% of sales reps and 48% of sales development reps (SDRs) consistently meet their quota.

Something’s gotta change.

The quickest way to meet (and exceed!) that quota? Meeting your buyers where they are and personalizing content unique to them. We know, we know: easier said than done.

To meet buyers’ expectations, you need a multi-channel sales strategy that meets them where they are. One that, at the end of the month — when the stakes are high and the weight of the competition is crushing — stands out in a crowded inbox, busy website, or attention-hogging social feed.

Sales can’t do it alone. Selling is now a team sport. That’s why we’re bringing in the big guns — our very own Justin Keller, VP of Revenue Marketing, and Jessica Jacobs, Sales Development Manager.

During this session you’ll learn:
- Why modern selling isn’t just about your sales team
- Sales plays you can steal and adjust to best suit your buyers
- Marketing + SDR team collaboration best-practices for both inbound and outbound selling
Breakout: The Methodology of Motivation in a Hybrid Work Environment - David Leinweber Details Download
Motivation and team member engagement are key factors for success, especially now in a hybrid work environment. A recent study found that team members who are more engaged have a higher average quota attainment by 12 - 30 percentage points than those who are less engaged. Financial targets are not a motivator or driver of performance, they are simply an outcome of the work of your sales team. To really make a difference, you have to focus on what drives a change in behavior, such as motivation and engagement.

In this session, you will learn:
• Why motivation and engagement are critical to your organization's success
• The difference between leading and lagging KPIs
• Tips and tricks around how best to engage and motivate your sales team (remote or in-person)
Workshop: Fundamentals of Remote Selling: Three science-based techniques for improving virtual sales conversations - Doug Hutton Details Download
If you’re selling today, you’re selling virtually. Unfortunately, nearly 70 percent of salespeople don’t believe that virtual selling is as effective as in person. Sales reps say that participants tend to multi-task, there’s very little interaction, and it’s more difficult to build relationships when meetings aren’t face-to-face.

How can you overcome these challenges and continue to have conversations that win on virtual sales calls?

To cut through the noise and win, your presentation and your delivery need to hook your audience, keep them engaged, and deliver a highly memorable message that inspires them to take action.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to:
- Control the most important message you want your audience to remember
- Grab and hold your audience’s attention with high-impact imagery
- Involve your audience in a way that will help them retell your story long after the presentation
Workshop: Deep Dive - Hiring Challenges - Morgan J Ingram Details Download
Leaders have made it clear, hiring is a top challenge of 2022 and this session is designed to help you take your hiring to the next level. Companies are no longer in the driver's seat when it comes to interviewing and oftentimes leaders are feeling more like the interviewee.

During this workshop, we will role-play interviews, crowdsource answers to your specific hiring challenges, discuss ways to make the most of 10-minutes with a candidate, and build a list of questions you should be asking (and be prepared to answer) in your interview process!

James and Morgan will be leading an Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Pre-Event Workshop on Tuesday morning - consider this session Part II in solving one of the biggest challenges out there - Hiring & Retaining Talent!
Workshop: A Balanced Approach to Effective Leadership! - Paula White Details Download
Are you prepared for the next generation of leadership? To be an Effective Leader it is important to lead from a “both/and” mindset. During this workshop, Paula explains, both metaphorically and literally, how the use of music can balance moods, create focus and creativity. Paula will discuss the importance of leaning into both Side A: dominant (resume-based skills) and Side B: supportive/hidden hits (emotion-based traits).
Keynote: Five Ways to Boost Top Line Revenue This Year - Lauren Bailey Details Download
Join industry veteran Lauren “LB” Bailey in this fast-paced and super tactical tip-rich session. She’ll share feedback from hundreds of reps, managers, and leaders about their top challenges driving scalable revenue, and offer easy-to-implement strategies and solutions you can use immediately. LB and Factor 8 are six-time AA-ISP award winners and main-stage favorites. Buckle up and be prepared to take notes!
Breakout: Transform Your Sales Managers into Effective Coaches - Doug Wyatt Details Download
We all seem to recognize that sales coaching can significantly improve the performance of our sales teams. However, coaching is more of an idea than a formal process for many organizations.

Most coaching initiatives fall short because sales managers don’t have the right processes in place to properly motivate and develop their reps.

In this session, you’ll learn proven frameworks for enabling your sales managers to:
• Identify the root causes of performance issues
• Use best-fit methods to motivate, train, and coach reps
• Establish a regular cadence for coaching activities
Breakout: Sales Credibility - How Buyers Qualify (and Disqualify) Sellers - C. Lee Smith Details Download
Do you know that only 1 in 4 North Americans views salespeople as credible in what they say and do? Almost every salesperson thinks about how to qualify their prospects, but you should be thinking about how buyers qualify (or even worse, disqualify) you.

SalesCred® author C. Lee Smith shares insights from his Amazon bestseller and fresh data from his firm's latest "Voice of the Buyer" study of 1,330 B2B decision-makers, including:

- Salespeople no longer make the first impression on buyers - and what you can do about it.
- Why credibility is a prerequisite for earning trust or being thought of as a "trusted advisor."
- How to build credibility with each prospect and account using The Hierarchy of Sales Credibility, a 5-layer framework that leads to getting more referrals and recommendations.
- How you could be inadvertently undermining your sales credibility through email, calls or meetings.

This session will enlighten both sales managers and salespeople on how improving sales credibility makes every sales methodology more effective.
Breakout: Empowering the Modern Seller - Ben Budde Details Download
The digital disruption of sales is accelerating, yet many organizations are still leveraging siloed systems and technologies leading to gaps in data, friction for sellers, and inconsistencies in the customer experience.
As enterprises look to adapt to managing large and distributed revenue teams, revenue leaders are seeking unified solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing seller workflows to unlock the productivity benefits of automation with the insights needed to solve customer problems in real-time.

Join Ben Budde with Groove to discuss and learn about the systems, processes, and technologies that modern sales organizations are implementing to empower their sellers in a hybrid selling environment.
Breakout: Overcoming Your 3 Pipeline Killers Hiding in Plain Sight - Abby Orlosky Details Download
We’ve been working the same sales process for the last 15+ years and have become so numb to its problems, we ignore them and now feel they are status quo.

Why do we accept that…
• Most leads never get followed up with, except demo/contact us requests!
• Annoying “lead chasing” is a best practice
• Scaling revenue = hiring reps + more marketing budget

There will never be a better way to drive more pipeline and revenue until we throw out today’s status quo. That is exactly what we’ll do in this interactive session.

You’ll walk away with new ideas and tactics that are so simple and effective—they’ll blow your mind!
Breakout: Step by Step: Improve Your Team’s Sales Videos To Improve Their Numbers - Luke Hale Details Download
Video is a critical part of any sales strategy in 2022 and has been proven to drive meetings, accelerate pipeline, and increase sales. The question is always "How do I get my teams to create content that helps them book more meetings, accelerate their sales cycle and ensure they stay on brand?" Join Luke Hale, Global Head of Production, and Cesar Cabrera, Director of Sales, from Shootsta as they walk you through both the why and the how of improving your team's sales videos. This session will be interactive, educational, and may even have you creating a video with our experts on hand to help out.
Research Breakout: Avoiding the Parity Trap - Doug Hutton Details Download
If your prospects can’t distinguish you from your competition, you look like just one more choice among many viable options. They won’t value your capabilities, and you’ll end up in side-by-side “bake-offs,” competing on price.

How do you avoid this parity trap? How do you create competitive separation to stand out and persuade prospects to choose you?

In this session based on exclusive B2B DecisionLabs behavioral research, you’ll learn:
- How positioning the exact same features in a different way completely changes your buyer’s perception of value and preference for you.
- What popular “best practice” approach to value propositions was the least effective across every measure in the study.
- Why the popular adage “less is more” may be the exact wrong advice, and a concept called “telling details” changes everything you may have believed.
Breakout: Engagement and Intelligence: The Key to Unlocking Predictable, Efficient Growth - Alex Kremer Details Download
Modern business buyers have endless options. To stand out in a crowded space, your sales team needs to know what actually works and stop wasting time on opportunities that will never close. But how?

B2B sales have become so complex that it’s impossible for one rep to monitor, much less know, all the variables to win a deal. The answer always comes back to technology.
Keynote: Transforming the Revenue Org - Sales Performance In the Digital Era - Jeff Santelices Details Download
Are you ready to build a data-driven sales team that maximizes the performance of each individual seller?

Gartner expects 80% of B2B sales interactions between buyers and sellers to occur in digital channels by 2025. It’s no secret that our sellers are now increasingly digitally savvy, if not digital natives. Technology now permeates every aspect of sales - data collection, customer interactions, training, operations, and team management.

Revenue leaders who want to build a high-performance organization for this digital future need a digital-first sales performance strategy. Listen to Jeff Santelices, Chief Revenue Officer of Mindtickle, as he walks you through how the leading revenue organizations leverage a sales readiness framework to transform performance measurement and improvement.

In this session, Jeff will walk you through:
● How top revenue organizations reduce reliance on less than 20% of their reps to drive most of revenue
● How to implement Ideal Rep Profiles (IRP) to set performance benchmarks for sales teams
● Why training needs to keep up with the times and adapt informal, gamified methods and AI to drive practice and reinforcement
● The leading indicators of revenue performance top CROs uses daily - knowledge, skills, and behaviors
● Why heads of sales need to hold frontline managers accountable to coaching and skill improvements as their training teams

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