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UNITE 2016 November 2nd, 2016

All Sessions:
Sales Development Strategies for Account-Based Sales - Ken Krogue Details Download
Ken Krogue, Founder, President, & Chief Evangelist at InsideSales.com, will share the latest research on what decision makers are really thinking in an Account Based Environment.

• Learn the two critical skills of mapping and profiling to progress account-based sales
• Discover the communication strategies that apply to each decision maker in an account
• Learn how to apply high-velocity and sales-acceleration playbooks in Account-Based Sales
How to Stand Out from the Competition – and Crush Your Quotas! - Michael Schultz Details Download
Having a better product or technology than your competitors isn’t enough. Sales Reps need to set themselves apart from the pack and all of the sales noise in this age of digital selling.

Michael Schultz, VP, Marketing and Business Development at ClearSlide, will share three incredibly powerful tips that his Inside Sales team uses to help gain a prospect’s attention while increasing conversion rates and closed revenue. Attendees will walk away with actionable learnings which increases rep productivity while leveraging modern tools to help crush quotas!
Five P's to Transform your Sales Team into a Modern Sales Organization - Derek Grant Details Download
For years, managers have had their opinions on what works best for sales phone calls, emails, and social touches. In this engaging session with Derek Grant, VP of Sales at SalesLoft, hear and leverage five tactics (people, personalization, persistent, productive, predictability) that will transform your sales team into a modern sales organization.
7 Habits of Highly Effective Inside Salespeople - Jorge Jeffery Details Download
If you were to observe a top-performing sales rep, you’d find they have pretty consistent behaviors and habits daily, weekly, and monthly. If only you could duplicate these behaviors and habits across your entire sales team, you’d be in good shape, but how?

Turns out there is a formulaic process that top performing sales reps and the fastest growing sales teams leverage to achieve and sustain growth. In this session, you’ll hear from Velocify’s director of research and analytics, Jorge Jeffery, who will draw on the company’s unrivaled access to billions of data points together with rigorous research methods. Jorge will reveal the top seven habits of highly effective inside salespeople, all backed by the most significant statistics from his years of sales research. Whether you’re a sales rep or a sales leader, you’ll want to take these seven important practices and apply them immediately.

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” –Brian Tracy, Author

Call Camp: Assess and Coach Live Calls - Kevin Dorsey Details Download
Attendees will join Kevin Dorsey, VP of Sales for SnackNation, to participate in assessing and coaching pre-recorded live sales calls. Both managers and sales reps will benefit from attending.
Blueprint for Building or Growing an Inside Sales Team - Dionne Mejer Details Download
In this fast-paced workshop, Dionne Mischler, Founder of Inside Sales by Design, will cover five key areas:

- Aligning Sales Team Structure to Corporate Goals - make sure you've got the right roles identified to achieve the desired outcomes.
- Why an effective Job Description is key - Inside Sales is growing at an astronomical clip. Attracting the right talent starts with a Job Description that isn't boring and actually inspires those who read it; driving them to you proactively.
- The Positive Impact of Onboarding & Training your Sales Team Appropriately - right up there with recruiting, retaining is the second hardest piece of this particular pie. Be sure to retain your people, leveraging your Onboarding & Training Program.
- The Right Coaching Cadence - yes, you must provide consistent and constructive feedback. Dionne will cover the best practices of effective 1:1s.
- Reporting - just the facts please and the ones that matter. Data is great; however, data with a purpose is even better. And the best is data that clearly provides value in the form of action. We'll review examples of reporting/dashboards for your frontline reps as well as you the Manager.

Join us for this hands on workshop where we'll review each category and associated examples so you leave with a plan to start and grow your team.

Sourcing the Best Talent - Mike Pierce - "Antarctic Mike" Details Download
This session will include practical methods used by today’s top organizations in finding and attracting top Inside Sales talent.

Antarctic Mike will outline specific items to help you hire better people including:

1. How to showcase your company's opportunity to attract more and better people
2. How to more accurately and compellingly define the job
3. How to ask better questions to insure that you hire the right person who can do the job
4. How to help them get off to a fast start and be on track to hit the desired targets.
Be Your Prospect's "Decision-Coach" - Jeffrey Lipsius Details Download
As a salesperson, few experiences are more frustrating than when your selling performance went well but, to your dismay, the prospect didn’t buy. The problem isn’t always you.

Prospects can get in their own way and their decision-making suffers. This presentation teaches salespeople the art of “decision coaching.” You’ll learn the elements of a good buying process and how salespeople can best influence it.

Topics this talk covers:
· The elements of higher quality decision-making. Common ways prospects interfere, and what salespeople can do to improve it.
· How to apply performance-coaching principles to decision-making performance.
· How to increase prospect receptivity and interest.
· Learn a new system for creating motivated prospects who will follow through and remain loyal over time.
Creating a Killer Email Strategy for Sales - Graham Curme Details Download
With an effective email strategy, sales organizations stand out from competitors, can increase their quality connect rates, and drive more revenue for the business. Most sales teams, however, don’t spend enough – or, in many cases, any – time building out an effective email strategy. This session will provide sales leaders and sales reps with the top requirements and concrete takeaways for creating an effective email campaign in a complex B2B sales world. Sales leaders will understand how they can improve their team’s prospecting success with a strategic email approach and reps will learn best practices for personalizing sales emails.
Close More & Close Faster with Sales Process Rigor - Jim Eberlin Details Download
Jim Eberlin will present the case, backed by research, on how a rigorous sales process improves closure rates and reduces sales cycle times. In this breakout session, Jim will give tips on how best to create a rigorous sales process and align the sales organization. From this, Jim will show several benefits including coaching and sales performance improvement and overall predictability in the sales organization.
Know Your Numbers: Metrics for Prospecting and Outreach Success - Jenna Cronin Details Download
Every sales organization needs a healthy flow of leads at the top of the funnel. Unfortunately, many teams struggle to generate the amount of opportunities needed. This session is for managers looking to evaluate their teams’ performance and individuals who want to take control of their own success.

The truth is prospecting is a numbers game. When teams are both efficient and effective, they can secure more meetings and drive momentum in the funnel. Join Jenna Cronin, Director of Solutions and Delivery at Funnel Clarity, to learn the metrics that matter and leave with a clear process to improve performance.
More Sales With More Innovative Social Media Techniques - Patrick O'Malley Details Download
In this session, Pat will show you how to make more sales using some of his innovative social media techniques. Some of the takeaways will include:

• Two of the best new referral techniques that no one is using yet
• How make cold calls warmer
• How to use YouTube to capture and promote testimonials
• How to use Google alerts to get emails when “trigger events” are happening on LinkedIn, like when a person gets promoted to a job that makes them a new prospect
• Other innovative social media techniques

Come join us and learn some useful, money-making techniques in social media.

And it will be funny.
TopOPPS Tools & Tech Lab - Details Download
Stop babysitting and supercharge your sales reps with TopOPPS Predictive Analytics! Learn how TopOPPS saves sales reps time and increases CRM data to opportunities by 400%. See how TopOPPS visualizes the pipeline and guides winning behaviors that will double your win rates! Enable your sales team with a strong sales process that aligns your reps and provides insights to rep performance for better coaching.

Please join the TopOPPS Demo Room and treat yourself to some ice cream sundaes and fancy coffee. But stay for the best part - they'll be giving away 4 Apple Watches throughout the hour (must be present to win)!
Velocify Tools & Tech Lab - Details Download
Building Your Sales Dream Team with Velocify

The phrase “dream team” is often used to define a group of high-achieving individuals that band together to achieve a common goal. In the Velocify Tech Lab, they'll demonstrate how Velocify can UNITE your sales team, transforming them into a “dream team,” by ensuring every rep is following a proven best-practice sales process.

Come by at 2:30, 2:45, and 3:00 for a chance to WIN an Alexa-enabled Amazon Tap after each presentation (you must be present to win).
ZoomInfo Tools & Tech Lab - Details Download
Don’t roll the dice with your sales goals!

Come to our rolling presentation in the Reno room on Thursday November 3rd, any time from 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm, to learn why organizations like Brainshark, Concur, and Knowledge Tree use ZoomInfo to exceed quotas and hit the jackpot. Every. Single. Quarter. Attendees will enter a chance to win a Fitbit Blaze!
Technology Adoption: Getting your team to use those apps! - Shannon J. Gregg Details Download
So, you’ve made that big technology investment and can’t wait to see the results it promised! But…how do you get your team excited to use it, and use it the way it’s intended? Join us to share and learn tips and techniques to increase selling efficiency and effectiveness via process and technology. Shannon Gregg leads this highly interactive 45-minute session to help you get the most out of your tech spend.
Startups: What to do first when you're the first one in - Seth List Details Download
Joining a startup, especially as one of the first sales hires (if not the first) is incredibly exciting.

You've spent hours with inspiring, visionary founders in the interview process, you've met half (or more) of the existing team, and you've walked away with warm fuzzies. You've seen the product and asked a ton of questions, and you eagerly take the job feeling like you're getting in while the getting is better than good. It's great!

You ride the wave of excitement for a few weeks between signing the offer and your first day on the job. Then you show up. And the full weight of the realization hits you: just how little you have to work with. No process, no tools, maybe a CRM full of garbage or (worse yet) a CRM full of nothing at all.

You've got no data, no process, no marketing support, no guidance. In addition, you've got some BHAG in front of you and a whole lot riding on your shoulders.

In this session, Seth List, Director of Sales at Student Loan Genius, will share personal experiences being the first one in, and facilitate an open Q&A to talk through some of the issues you may be facing as an early-sales hire in a budding startup.
How to Breakthrough the Most Common Barriers to Hitting Quota - Ralph Barsi Details Download
What we say we'll do and what we actually do can't be different. This session will give you action items to execute on, so you and your inside sales team can consistently hit quota.
Not Selling Single Manufacturer or Solution? - Vincent Gatti Details Download
Is your organization a Multi-line, Multi-solution B2B Selling Direct and through the Channel? Join us to share best practices around the challenges faced when selling multi-solution with full cycle account managers. This 45-minute roundtable discussion lead by Vince Gatti will provide the opportunity for an open-ended discussion with your peers.
Sales & Marketing Align: Developing Better Leads - Eric Quanstrom Details Download
As Inside Sales professionals know, lead quality is just as important as lead quantity. But how does this translate back to marketing?

If there was a magic wand to wave to get marketers on the same page with sales, what spell would be cast?

In this panel, we will attack key strategies to collaboratively develop better leads.

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