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Digital Sales World 2018 - Boston September 6th, 2018

All Sessions:
Scientific Results to Deliver Your Customer a Better Experience - Kyle Porter Details Download
We’ve analyzed over 400 million sales interactions to mine out the seven cold, hard facts about how to build an evolved sales organization.

Attendees will learn specific takeaways on what buyers want from their seller partners, including what mix of communications is best to connect with them and what content hits home. They'll learn the tips and strategies the fastest growing companies in the world are using to scale their organizations.
How Artificial Intelligence is Solving the Biggest Challenge in Sales - Dave Elkington Details Download
Training is important and so is hiring, but according to CSO Insights and InsideSales Labs they are not the biggest thing sales teams are struggling with--but you knew that already, right?

The biggest challenge across all of sales is BUILDING QUALIFIED PIPELINE and we see the effects of it every day, as only 53% of sales reps are hitting quota.

Sadly, the numbers show many sales leaders believe the way to solve this problem is adding more sales reps, but that solution is only making the problem worse.

What will make this problem go away…REALLY?

In this session, CEO and founder of InsideSales.com Dave Elkington describes why sales pipeline is the biggest problem in sales and what companies are doing to solve it.
Accountability and Impact - Guiding Managers to Develop, Retain, and Challenge Talent - Annie Matthews Details Download
Sales management continues to become a more and more complex profession. The balance of motivating, retaining and supporting different personalities and work habits against one common goal is never easy.

In this session, we will address the importance of accountability within sales leadership. Holding direct teams, and supporting resources, accountable to move the needle and achieve revenue goals. By opening up the discussion, we plan to have attendees share experiences - what has worked and what they have learned. Tackling everything from communication, trust, and collaboration, this session should extend far beyond using the traditional 'pep talk' to encourage sales pros to self-reflect.
Sales Enablement: How to Build a Coaching Culture - Joe Moriarty Details Download
Sales reps lose more than 80% of the information they were taught at traditional sales training within the first 90 days. Sales training, as we know it, is broken.

The solution is to move away from costly and ineffective in-person group training sessions, to one-on-one secure content and video-based training of individual reps.

In this session, we will discuss modern sales solution allowing managers to onboard reps quickly, easily, and assess reps’ skills, ramping them up faster to generate more revenue.
Moving the Middle - Your Biggest Growth Opportunity is Hidden in the Middle 70% - Brian Trautschold Details Download
As a sales leader, focusing on star players is fun. Focusing on low performers feels heroic. But we often overlook the reps in the middle. The numbers show us that coaching up your top and bottom performers has limited upside, while the true growth lever lies in your middle 70%.

This session will cover strategies and tactics you can implement today to begin driving increased revenue from the middle 70% of your sales organization, equipping reps with the insights and inspiration they need to ramp from B player status to all-star performers.
Stop Selling Your Product! Getting and Keeping the Attention of your Listeners - Justin Mongroo Details Download
Getting the attention of your listener is a crucial first step in the process of creating a relationship that turns a prospect into a customer. In this session, you will walk away with three to four ways of how to develop an introduction that makes you memorable and intrigues your listener into wanting to know more.
Salesvana - How to Make an Inclusive, Winning Sales Team - Lori Richardson Details Download
In this session, panelists will share what circumstances make for the best sales environment - one where they will want to stay and potentially grow into a leadership or senior sales role. Diversity involves interviewing more diverse candidates, inclusion is having a team where everyone feels respected and appreciated. We'll be talking about why what your company does, its location, your onboarding program, and other factors contributing to your success in building and maintaining an ROI–focused, inclusive team. 

Panelists TBA
Do Better Work - Bryan Naas Details Download
Change at work is happening at a breakneck pace. Working and training are no longer discrete events—they happen simultaneously. Sales teams must adapt to win in highly competitive environments, and they need a practical, time-tested approach to help them do it.

Bryan will share an analysis of how more than a million employees learn, practice, and perform at work; alongside interviews from sales leaders at companies like Amazon, Paypal, Hubspot, GE and LinkedIn. It’s time to reimagine team training—and do better work—together.


-How to achieve goals by using uncomfortable situations
-Why high-fidelity learning is destroying productivity
-How to use learning to cut your onboarding time by 50%
Making The Most of Your Millennial Workforce - Ashira Prossack Details Download
It’s time to start thinking about Millennials differently, as assets to the workplace rather than a challenge. Already accounting for nearly 50% of the workforce and set to make up 75% by 2025, they aren’t going anywhere! As workplace demographics shift, workplace practices have to shift as well. With the right mindset, you have the power to mold and shape Millennials into the leaders of tomorrow.

In this session, we’ll explore some of the biggest Millennial myths and truths and explore ways that you can make the most of the Millennial talent within your organization. Learn how to tap into their potential to help them develop and grow. You’ll leave with a plan you can implement immediately, and a new outlook on Millennials.

Key takeaways:
• The secrets to managing, motivating, and engaging Millennial talent
• The differences between ‘Young Millennials’ and ‘Mature Millennials’
• How to support Millennials at all levels of your organization, from entry level to their first management roles
• How you can transform Millennials into sales rock stars
How to Prevent Disengagement from your BDR Team: From BDRs to Managers - Michael Shoer Details Download
It's hard to dispute that the BDR role is one of the most difficult jobs in sales. Every day, BDRs make the decision to go to work, make 100+ activities, study their product, systems, profession, and industry in hopes of booking the 'right meeting' while also working to gain the education and development to continue progressing to get out of the role as fast as possible. It's a lot!

During this session, we'll discuss:
• How managers can identify disengagement early on
• A manager's role in coaching through disengagement
• How BDRs can successfully juggle high performance and development
• Ways BDRs can develop and take ownership of their career
• How the right program can simultaneously support a BDR's development and the needs of the business
The No BS, Straight-Up, Super-Amazing-Starting-From-Zero, Social-Selling Workshop - Ryan O'Hara Details Download
We’re going to pretend that everyone in this session has no following online, no brand recognition, and doesn’t have a double-digit response rate from their prospects. Ryan O’Hara and Jeremy Leveille will go into how they are able to generate over 50+ meetings a month combining social selling, individual branding, content, cold calling, and cold emailing. Whether you run a sales team, or are a prospector, bring your notebooks. Your path to world domination starts here.
Manager Coaching Academy - Steve Richard Details Download
Most Sales Managers do not have a coaching plan, are ill-prepared for coaching opportunities, have no way to observe coachable moments, and do not coach their reps in a way that encourages them to self-correct. This session will provide you with ways to define what ‘good’ looks like and how to coach your reps to success.
Drive a Bigger and Better Pipeline While Shortening Sales Cycles - Joe Cronin Details Download
In today's competitive landscape, companies are looking to have their SDR and Inside Sales teams drive more revenue and higher margins. Joe and Bart Bartlett shared how teams can better leverage their sales engagement technologies to drive a bigger and better pipeline and a shorter sales cycle. You will hear tips and techniques through specific case studies, as well as best practices and ROI examples you can implement right away.
So You’re an AA-ISP Member…. Now What? - Bob Perkins Details Download
Your conference pass includes a one-year AA-ISP Professional-level Membership and your AA-ISP team wants to be sure you are taking full advantage! During this session, we will share the resources and benefits available to you and also introduce key contacts you can reach out to following the event to stay involved.
You Didn’t Follow Up… Again - The Journey to 100% Follow-Through Across Your Sales & Service Teams - Joshua Tillman Details Download
Conversations and connections are central to sales performance. Despite all of the information out there, sales teams are still not focusing on the metrics that matter most. A recent study by Salesforce concluded that 92% of all customer interactions still happen over the phone and the average salesperson only makes two attempts. According to SiriusDecisions, it takes an average of eight calls to reach a prospect.

Is poor performance the fault of the sales rep or have we overcomplicated the sales process? Are fractured systems and complex tasks causing reps to lose sight of the most vital part of selling — the connection.

DialSource CEO, Joshua Tillman will share how eliminating fractured systems and simplifying pre- and post-call tasks can improve sales rep performance and guarantee 100% follow-through within your organization.

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