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AA-ISP Inside Sales 2014 - Atlanta June 17th, 2014

General Sessions:
Manage Things; Lead People - Trish Bertuzzi Details Download
The Bridge Group Inc., in conjunction with VorsightBP, recently surveyed 2K frontline Sales Reps and Managers. What they learned shocked them. In terms of Net Promoter, Sales Reps views their roles as favorably as the general public views the Airlines and Credit Card companies (aka not well!).

Join Trish Bertuzzi as she presents the research and findings, focusing on the 4 pillars for motivating and retaining Sales Reps. Those that build on these pillars walk away a sales leader and not just a sales manager.
Top Trends of Our Evolving Profession - Bob Perkins Details Download
AA-ISP Founder and Chairman, Bob Perkins, will offer his view on the leading trends of Inside Sales as it continues to grow and evolve as a profession. Bob will encourage and inspire attendees to take their own careers to new levels.
AA-ISP Membership - Larry Reeves Details Download
Larry Reeve, Chief Executive Officer, discusses the company mission and explores the different membership opportunities at AA-ISP.
Benchmarking to Solve the 2 Critical Issues of Inside Sales: Hiring & Leads - Ken Krogue Details Download
Presenting with Gabe Larsen

Ken Krogue, Founder and President of InsideSales.com and Gabe Larsen, Head of Systems Consulting at InsideSales.com team up to share seven years of research into best practices to help inside sales professionals address the 2 burning industry issues: more quality people and more quality leads.
Persuasive Inquiry - Steve Richard (VorsightBP) Details Download
Research has revealed that the science of professional persuasion can greatly improve the ability of a seller to take a buyer through their journey. Sadly too few sellers know the predictable stages that buyers go through on their way to making decisions. The ability to recognize where a buyer is in their decision process, then ask questions and actively listen, is the difference between successful and mediocre inside sales professionals. During this talk Steve Richard will explore Persuasive Inquiry as an antidote to these challenges.
BOOM! 4 Explosive Tactics to Accelerate Sales - Michael McGuire Details Download
Working with some of the most progressive inside sales teams to hone and perfect their sales processes and rep productivity, Velocify has identified the key drivers that enable world-class inside sales performance. In this session, you’ll learn of four breakthrough tactics you can immediately deploy to unleash a high-velocity sales engine and boost revenue.
Hiring, On-Boarding, & Sales Acceleration Strategies - Chad Burmeister Details Download
In this session, Chad Burmeister, VP of Sales & Marketing at ConnectAndSell, will share lessons learned that will help in your HIRING, ON-BOARDING, & SALES ACCELERATION Strategies. Mr Burmeister, voted 5 years in a row as a Top 25 Inside Sales Professional by the AA-ISP, and Director of AA-ISP Frontline Fridays, will share exactly how he staffed a sales team of 9 Sales Professionals in < 3 weeks, he’ll share how to create an on- boarding program that works, and he’ll share tricks & tips on bringing velocity to your sales organization.
Prospecting Optimization - Mind the Gap - Mike Scher Details Download
Are your prospecting efforts driving the results you want? Don’t miss this inspiring presentation focused on prospecting optimization. Explore a critical and often unrecognized gap between marketing and sales. Understanding this space and the impact it could have on your sales in 2014 will forever change your thinking about prospecting. All attendees will receive a complimentary, customized prospecting assessment.
The Iron Man Suit for Inside Sales Pros: Trends & Tools that Give You an Edge - Kyle Porter Details Download
It's not good enough any more to just be a great human in sales. To be successful in inside sales, you must learn to partner with computers and the internet. The internet allows inside sales professionals to communicate more efficiently and research customers faster. It allows us to store activity, measure performance, and so much more. Join Kyle Porter, Founder & CEO of SalesLoft as he shares the top internet trends (and free tools) to help your reps take immediate advantage of the internet's power.
Achieving Social Sales Success in the Enterprise - Greg Gentner Details Download
Presenting with Sander Biehl

In today's sales environment, the connected buyer is self-educating, researching, and forming buying decisions before sales professionals can connect on the phone. Join rFactr’s Chief Operating Officer, Greg Gentner, as he interviews social sales expert Sander Biehl. Sander will share strategies that led to successful social sales programs at Fortune 500 companies such as T-Mobile and AT&T. Tangible steps to activate a social selling program, along with measurable ways to track return on investment, will be included in this interactive session.

Topics that will be discussed:
• The evolving sales force and selling to the "connected buyer."
• Dispelling social-selling myths and overcoming challenges to gain executive buy-in.
• Rolling out a social sales program: closing the loop between marketing and sales.
• Implementing social sales programs at top brands: best practices and lessons learned.
Staying Motivated: Strategic Road to Selling - Richard Coffey Details Download
• Do you know who your customers are?
• Do you know where your customer is in the buying process?
• Do you know what buying mode they are in?

Knowing who influences the buying decision in an account may seem obvious and simple; however this is a step often misunderstood.
Breakout Sessions:
The ROI of Trust in Social Selling - Barbara Giamanco Details Download
In RAIN Group’s report, What Sales Winners Do Differently, 42 factors separated the winners from the distant second place finishers. Among the factors that buyers identified as being most important to them in making a buying decision are; educating with new ideas and perspectives, collaborated with me, listened to me, understood my needs and connected with me personally.

Today’s social seller is relationship oriented and committed to serving the customer. People still buy from people and they need to trust you. Social Selling is as much an attitude as it is about the technology. To build trust and credibility in advance of sales opportunities, social sellers understand that in this world, a pay-it-forward, give-first-before-expecting-an-immediate-return attitude is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Use intelligence and the social web to actively listen, learn, and add value and relevance; thereby creating credible, trusting relationships that lead to sales opportunities.

In this engaging and informative session, you’ll learn how social insights build trust in the following ways:

• Credibility and Social Influence – Today’s B2B buyers demand value based, relevant messages before they’re willing to trust and engage with sellers. (92% of executives do not respond to generic email blasts and cold calls.) Social insights reveal pain points and opportunities that help sellers demonstrate understanding, deliver value and build credibility.

• Demonstrate Reliability – by alerting you to key events affecting your prospects and customers, so you can show up at the right time, and engage in the right conversation.

• Connect, Listen, Care – by exposing common connections and helping you get to know the person behind the contact data – sellers who are informed by real-time social insights can “stop selling and start helping.”
Inner Game of Prospecting: How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance - Connie Kadansky Details Download
In this highly interactive session: Attendees will learn:

1. How they personally respond to opportunity
2. How Sales Call Reluctance shows up on their sales calls
3. How to nip Sales Call Reluctance in the bud
4. Sales Call Reluctance is nothing to be embarrassed about, living with it needless is
5. Identifying the mindset of happy high achievers
A x P = R - Brady Holcomb Details Download
Would you be able to positively impact your Rep, Team and/or Organization’s Quota Obtainment by TEN PERCENTAGE points in less than only five hours? I would say the answer is “YES”, but before taking this as a Mathematical Truth lets process this statement together and examine the Concept “Activity x Proficiency = Revenue”. Is there any real Proof this can actually be accomplished or is it just Rules of Logic or an Idea?
Myths About Metrics - Bob Perkins Details Download
Bob Perkins, Founder and Chairman of AA-ISP will lead an interactive discussion on metrics. He will share his many years experience on how metrics have evolved, some common misconceptions, and some key points about knowing what to measure and why. There will be ample time for the audience to ask questions and to share their own thoughts on this sometimes controversial topic.
Panel: Women & Inside Sales - Trish Bertuzzi Details Download
Designed specifically for ladies, this fast paced, interactive session will examine some of the challenges and issues associated with advancing your career and getting along in a traditionally male dominated environment. Hear from our panelists that have not only overcome these challenges but have thrived. Bring your questions for the open Q&A portion.

Host: Trish Bertuzzi, Founder & Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group

• Barbara Giamanco, President & Social Sales Strategist, Social Centered Selling
• Mary Ford, Vice President, Segment Marketing, Cbeyond
• Karla Blalock, COO, PointClear
Inside Sales Accreditation - Bob Perkins Details Download
2014 is the year of training and development! Founder & Chairman, Bob Perkins will discuss the importance of obtaining our profession’s only Inside Sales Representative or Leadership Accreditation. Attendees will take a close up look at the variety of topics, exercises and real life experiences that make up the Certified Inside Sales Professional & Manager Certification Programs.
Panel: Tools, Trends, and Technologies - Larry Reeves Details Download
Join this fast paced, interactive discussion as we explore some of the key factors impacting our sales environment. Hear from three thought leaders in the technology field as they share their insight on what you need to do in order to be successful today and tomorrow. Also bring your toughest questions and see what ideas these experts can provide for you.

Host: Larry Reeves, CEO, AA-ISP

• Ken Krogue, Co-Founder & President, InsideSales.com
• Kyle Porter, CEO, SalesLoft
• Michael McGuire, SVP Sales, Velocify
Panel: Training & Development for Today's Inside Sales Teams - Larry Reeves Details Download
In this session you’ll hear proven methodologies and best practices for training and developing your team. Hear what works and what doesn’t work, learn unique ways to set your organization apart and attract and develop top Inside Sales talent.

Host: Larry Reeves, CEO, AA-ISP

• Laurie Page, Managing Partner, The Bridge Group
• Chad Burmeister, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ConnectAndSell
• Steve Richard, Founder, VorsightBP

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