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Inside Sales 2017 - San Francisco June 8th, 2017

All Sessions:
Sales Has Never Been More Valuable – Here’s How to Seize the Moment - Sean Sheppard Details Download
A recent Harvard Business Review article pointed out that “more than 50% of US college graduates, regardless of their majors, are likely to work in sales at some point.” If you are brand new to sales or even an experienced professional, your role has never been more important to both start-ups and enterprise size companies looking to grow revenues. To prepare for a rewarding career, individuals must understand how to develop business and marketing acumen, leverage today’s digital technologies, while continually developing both professionally and personally.

Sean will share a vision for our profession’s future along with some best practices for a wonderful career in sales where you will set yourself apart, and raise the bar for the industry.
A Radical Conversation About Sales Development - Chris Beall Details Download
Join reformed Sales Development skeptic, Chris Beall to explore a radical approach that turns standard job descriptions, hiring criteria and assessments, onboarding, training, coaching, and measurements on their heads to use conversations to drive pipeline growth every day.
Idea Exchange: Senior Leadership - Bridging the Gap from VP to Frontline Managers - Sally Duby Details Download
During this high-energy session, frontline SDR/Sales Managers and Directors will learn how to up their game and better manage up to executive expectations. Learn from this idea exchange as senior Sales, Marketing and Operations leaders share their goals, challenges, expectations and fresh ideas.
The 5 Critical Changes Needed to Make Your Sales Development Strategy “Millennial-Ready” - Jim Kano Details Download
Much has been written about the fact that in just four years’ time, millennial workers (ages 18-34) will make up more than 50% of the entire U.S. workforce. Sales leaders should take steps now to evolve their onboarding and enablement programs in ways that satisfy the needs of this demographic while supporting the creation of a high-velocity, high-performance team.

In this session, you'll learn:

• The specific training and enablement preferences of millennial sales professionals
• How to build an enablement strategy that supports and motivates millennials with knowledge and skills development
• Ways to future-proof your sales technology stack with millennial-friendly applications
• The role of capabilities data, measured over time, in creating a successful coaching culture
Real Social Selling Tips, Tricks, and Hacks You Can Use to Win More Business - Kurt Shaver Details Download
Looking for some proven take-home knowledge to quickly boost your sales? Come hear real-world stories of how salespeople like you used little-known social techniques to win business.

You'll learn:
• How a 5-minute LinkedIn Profile tweak resulted in a six-figure contract
• How a story about frozen water pipes led to a hot sales pipeline
• How social listening opened the door to winning a major account
A Digital and Social Transformation of Sales - Koka Sexton Details Download
As social selling matures, sales reps now have the ability to become curators of relevant information for their clients and prospects alike. 

In this session, Koka will explain how sharing relevant content and listening on social networks for buying signals can turn sellers into a resource buyers. Attendees will learn concepts that will help lead to deeper relationships and ultimately growth in your sales pipeline.
Make Hiring Your Competitive Advantage - Carolyn Betts Fleming Details Download
What are you doing at your company to be competitive in today's job market? In this session, Carolyn will be sharing actionable insights that will have you hiring top talent in no time.

During this session, we will cover:

• How to position your company in a competitive market
• Ways to get industry insights on average time to hire, and how to manage volume hiring
• How to streamline your interview process
• How to get top talent knocking on your door, and accepting your offers
Why All Sales Conversations and Product Demos Aren’t Equal - Kirk Lockhart Details Download
As a sales leader, do you ever wonder why some of your rep’s conversations go well and others don’t? When hearing a rep doing virtual demos do they all sound the same? Why is it that some prospects tune in to your teams demos while others could care less? The science of emotional intelligence might just hold the key to the answer!

When a sales rep reaches out to each prospect or current client, how do they determine the following?

1. What is the best strategy for building rapport in those first critical minutes of a conversation?
2. What are the most emotionally engaging prospecting messages?
3. Which emotional drivers should I focus on and what micro-commitments should I ask for throughout the sales process?
4. What do I naturally do that I must not do when dealing with this person?

Research shows that the right answers to these questions propel a sale forward and the wrong answers kill a sale. Even so, many leaders and most salespeople guess at the answers. In this session, you will learn how to create an emotionally intelligent selling and marketing culture where every salesperson knows exactly how to answer these questions for each prospect.

The session is based on the most scientifically-validated understanding of human temperament, behavioral economics and emotional intelligence. The research shows that Emotionally Intelligent Managing and Selling begins with knowing your temperament and how it impacts the way you naturally interact with others. Every sales leader who attends will get a free code for themselves and their entire sales team to take the powerful 7MTF Emotional Intelligence and communication styles Assessment.
Workshop: Managing your Team to Peak Performance - Dionne Mejer Details Download
With the right infrastructure in place, coaching and reinforcement become the tools of choice for Inside Sales Leaders to get the most out of their teams. With research showing that only about 40% of sales people make their number, what would your world look like if just one more rep made their number? Let’s talk about coaching reps to maximum productivity and performance. What do those conversations look like? How do we constructively share ways a rep can improve? We’ll talk about this and much more.
Workshop: Effective Communications – How to Make Meaningful Offline Connections in an Online World - Judy Frank Details Download
The digital age has revolutionized the way we do business in countless positive ways. First among those may be the ability to connect. While it’s good to have those individuals in your online network, can you really count on them as an asset to help you substantially grow your business? Do you get anxious when it’s time to work a room at a conference or a networking event? Do you find that your relationships with new connections never advance beyond the initial meeting? Learn how to improve your offline communication skills and harness your power to build trust, influence theirs, and create meaningful connections that drive referrals and revenue!
Workshop: The Advancement of Women in Sales Leadership - Lori Richardson Details Download
More women get college degrees than men yet are poorly represented on sales teams and so many openings for great sales reps. In many industries including technology, SaaS, manufacturing, and distribution, women represent just 12.8% of VP Sales positions and above. This session is first an idea exchange of women in various stages of their sales careers, and then we have a very organized small-group/large-group workshop to offer key strategic takeaways for women in sales roles to not just stay but rise.

Leaders looking to retain more women on their team are encouraged to attend as our women in both sales and leadership roles. Come with questions, ideas, and successes to share. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Idea Exchange: Face-Off - Top Leaders & Top Reps - Ken Jisser Details Download
In this knowledge packed panel discussion and debate brought to you by the Silicon Valley Chapter, top Inside Sales leaders in the valley and their top reps will face off to unlock their unique-ability, what makes these leaders and reps truly differentiated and successful.

Is it the team chemistry? Training and development programs? Their technology stack? Or possibly their differentiated sales process?

Join us as we hear what some the valley's best are doing to build breakthrough quota exceeding teams.
How to Build a High-Velocity Sales Assembly Line to Mass-Produce Sales - Donald Scherer Details Download
In any industry, there can be only one Marketplace Gorilla. Why? Because traditional approaches to sales operations don't allow hyper-velocity growth. In this session, learn how to transform your sales methodology to increase sales 10X at a lower cost. Donald will dive into the tactics to build a high-velocity sales assembly line, taking the core concepts used in modern manufacturing and applying it to sales. Instead of a sales person that does everything from cold calling to customer success, learn how to build sales specializations, as well as how to use AI and automation tools to optimize and keep your assembly sales line in equilibrium.
You Can’t Have 2.0 Sales Reps Reporting to 1.0 Managers - Jill Rowley Details Download
If you still print your fax number on your business card, you're a 1.0 sales leader. If your #1 and #2 forecasting tools are your gut and instinct, you're a 1.0 sales leader. If you aren't leveraging data, science, process, and technology to make your sales team more efficient and effective, you will be left behind. There are plenty of blog posts and training courses for the salesperson, but where does the sales manager go to learn about Artificial Intelligence, Social Networks, Team Selling, and Sales as a Science? Attend this session to advance your journey from 1.0 to 2.0 sales leadership.

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