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Inside Sales 2017 - Dallas February 15th, 2017

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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Creating the A-Team - An Existential Opportunity - Dr. Howard Dover Details Download
In today’s world, the intersection of sales and marketing is in a constant state of digital disruption. To adapt, strategic leaders use technology to automate the customer journey and augment the remaining human interactions. This automation and augmentation of the customer/sales interaction creates an existential opportunity for Inside Sales Professionals, from frontline representatives to executive leadership. This presentation will identify the digital disruption, describe the trends that are emerging, and discuss how to best develop a strategy to efficiently generate revenue moving forward.
How Bad Math is Killing Account Based Sales Development: Be a Titan or Be The Titanic - Chris Beall Details Download
Sales Development has become a standard, but are we getting the math right when applying it to Account Based Everything? Chris Beall doesn’t think so.

Whether you are an SDR, frontline manager, VP Sales, CEO or Founder, you need to know the real math before committing your career or your company to Account Based Everything. Analysis of more than two million sales conversations exposes the truth: that a weird mix of old-school and feel-good notions have us managing territories, talent and tasks in a way that makes failure more likely than success. Fortunately, the math also offers surprisingly straightforward easy-to-apply solutions to avoid disaster and find smooth sailing for Account Based Sales Development.
Is Cold Calling Dead, or Are You Just Not Doing It Right? - Tom Snyder Details Download
It has become quite fashionable to declare that “cold calling is dead”. In 2017, it’s been repeated so often that many sales professionals insist it is a proven fact. Recent research says the opposite: while traditional “dialing for dollars” has become more difficult in recent years, it was never a particularly successful way to fill the top of a sales funnel.

Join Tom Snyder of Funnel Clarity as he shares the science behind prospecting and some recent developments that make the process of filling your funnel rewarding, methodical and even fun.
10 Steps to Transform Your Career - Bev Wright Details Download
Are you ready to think differently about your career, and be open to execute actions that can help you thrive in your profession? If the answer is "yes", join Bev Wright as she shares 10 steps that can make a difference in designing a career that makes a contribution to your company or organization and rewards you for the value your provide.

Choose to reinvigorate your career or simply build the career you desire more intentionally. Bring an open mind (and your questions!), and be ready to make a commitment to your own success as you define it.
How to Build an Effective Sales Technology Stack in 2017 - Scott Littrell Details Download
Sales leaders constantly look for tools that empower reps to match the level of sophistication contemporary buyers possess. These investments are meant to maximize sales productivity and performance at every stage of the funnel. Additionally, they must consider internal stakeholders in marketing, customer success, and finance when deploying new technology. This presentation focuses on designing a technology stack that maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales efforts.

Join Scott Littrell, Director New Business Sales at ZoomInfo, as he takes you through:

• Considerations for selection of a tech stack
• Alignment with your short- and long-term sales and company objectives
• Alignment with your current technology landscape
• Deploying, Monitoring and Maintaining your sales technology stack
Flawless Follow Up... Forever! - Steve Rosenbaum Details Download
Learn the #1 reason businesses and salespeople fail to convert, plus the simple solution they can easily implement to prevent lost opportunity forever.

This session is ideal for anybody in sales that wants a fast and easy solution to perfect their follow up and close more sales. Learn exactly what to say, when to say it and how to spot your hottest prospects!
Navigating LinkedIn - Mike O'Neil Details Download
2017 ushers in big changes for LinkedIn and its army of nearly ½ billion business users. Microsoft, LinkedIn.com, Sales Navigator, Mobile - all will play a much different role in 2017 than in the past. Revenue producers are among the most affected and those with the most to gain.

Change is being driven in the form of a “carrot”, as the Sales Navigator platform gains long awaited features, and a “stick”, as the traditional LinkedIn.com platform slims down to act more like Facebook.

Learn a new, integrated strategy for incorporating BOTH platforms in your LinkedIn routine for 2017, building on what you already know about LinkedIn and CRM systems and taking it to new heights.

Mike O’Neil will help you navigate this new LinkedIn workspace. He’s one of the world’s leading authorities on LinkedIn and the B2B marketplace. Mike worked in technology sales for carriers, VARs and integrators before founding Integrated Alliances in 2003.
Use Video to Supercharge Your Sales Process - Katie George Details Download
For many companies, the constant chase of a more optimized sales process has led to selling with dry, generic sales strategies and uninspiring communications. But today’s prospects can smell a generic, automated approach from a mile away and they just aren’t interested. Find out how modern sales teams are piquing interest, cultivating meaningful sales conversations, and closing bigger, better deals by using unique, personalized approaches based on a prospect use case. Video can, and should, play a key role in so many different types of sales and prospecting interactions.

Join Katie George, Business Development Manager at Vidyard, as she shares how her team has changed up their prospecting game and sales process to cut through the noise of email.
The New Science of Emotionally Intelligent Selling - Bruce Lewolt Details Download
How much is guessing costing you each month?

Even though the right answers to the following questions propel a sale forward and the wrong answers kill a sale - most salespeople guess at the answers.

For this prospect:
1. What is the best rapport-building strategy?
2. Which emotional drivers should I focus on throughout the sales process?
3. How detailed should I be during the presentation?
4. What is the best way to deal with objections and the best way to close?
5. What do I naturally do (that I must not do) when dealing with this person?

In this session, you will learn how to use new research on human temperament and emotions to answer each of these questions. The result is a dramatic increase in your win rate that comes from personalizing selling to the temperament and driving motivations of each prospect.

Emotional intelligence-based selling begins with knowing yourself. To get the most out of this seminar, use the following information to take the 7MTF Emotional Profile Assessment. You will be glad you did.

Instructions for taking your free assessment and course:
1. Go to BrainX.com and click Learner Log in, which is located at the top right corner of the page.
2. You will see a login box. To register, click Sign Up at the top right of the login box.
3. Copy and paste the following code into the authentication code box. The dashes are part of the code.
Your Authentication code is ABC-96467-61762-72660
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to register.
5. Once you reach your home page, click on “Click Here to Get Started.” You will see a short introduction video followed by your assessment.
True Leadership: Inspiring People into Action - Stuart L. Manning Details Download
This session will focus on two topics: Leadership and Inspiration and how the two are connected. It will define leadership and discuss the five qualities that all great leaders possess. It will argue the point that leaders are not born but can be made. Also, the question of whether leaders motivate or inspire, will be argued.

This breakout is designed for anyone who finds themselves currently managing a group or aspires to hold a leadership position. You will walk out with a better understanding of what makes a great leader and how you can be a factor in someone else's future.
Rethink What You Know: Why Conventional Sales Tactics are Shifting to Social - Andy Kellam Details Download
Conventional sales tactics are getting in the way of building the types of productive relationships that lead to strong bookings and sustained growth. Why? The process isn't focused on the entire buying committee, doesn't expose critical business challenges of the buyer, and doesn't encourage reps to build long-term relationships. Join LinkedIn's Andy Kellam as he discusses the pitfalls of conventional sales tactics and ways that you can leverage social selling to increase pipeline, average sales price, and make quota.
SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: The Greatest Secret In Sales - Judy Hoberman Details Download
Sales is one of the most highly paid and yet one of the most disliked professions. It’s what helps you pay your bills, affords you the lifestyle you want, gives you the opportunity to work with people to find solutions to their challenges, and sadly, it’s what most people hate to do.

So WHY don’t we like to sell? Does selling make us feel…inauthentic?

Some professionals can’t even bring themselves to call selling by its proper name. They call it "business development" or even "marketing". When what they really mean is selling!

Sales is about helping people. It’s about being more empathetic. It’s about building relationships and having your clients come back again and bringing their friends. Sales professionals in every industry want to know...what is the greatest secret in sales? Everyone in business and beyond is in sales (yes, everyone).

Once you know the secret, you just may change your tune.

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