Emblaze Conference Presentation Slides

Most presentation materials for Emblaze conferences, including our frontline, leadership, and executive level events, are available for download approximately a week following the event.


AA-ISP Leadership Summit 2011 May 11th, 2011

General Sessions:
Opening Presentation - Bob Perkins Details Download
Sales Trends - Gerhard Gschwandtner Details Download
Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO, of Selling Power Inc., delivered an insightful keynote as he shared personal predications on the future of sales. Along with his predictions Gerhard offered innovative advice to attendees on how to leverage these impending changes to grow their business.
The Inside Sales Revolution - Ken Krogue Details Download
Ken Krogue reflected on the history of inside sales. Ken talked about his humble beginnings as part of a small inside sales team. He discussed how through determination and hard work, they proved the inside model and became a vital contributor to the company. Now as president of InsideSales.com, Ken is more excited than ever for the future of inside sales. To show his excitement he composed an Inside Sales "fight" song and then led the crowd in a rousing sing along. Unfortunately the cameras weren't rolling or it would have been sure to be a YouTube hit.
5 Perspectives - Brett Wallace Details Download
Keep your Leads Out of the Death Zone - Gary Ambrosino Details Download
Onboarding - Trish Bertuzzi Details Download
Sales Comp for Y Gen - Steve DeMarco Details Download
The Sales Future - Tom Scontras Details Download
The Science of Sales Analytics - Nancy Martini Details Download
Breakout Sessions:
Go Green - David Sill Details Download
Stop Guessing - Parth Srinivasa Details Download
Dashboards that Drive Results - Leyna Hoffer Details Download
Playbooks For Inside Sales - Rich Berkman Details Download
Four Steps to Developing a Sales Team of Rock Stars - Steve Richard (VorsightBP) Details Download
Creating an Awesome Inside Sales Culture for Gen Y Z - Steve Richard (VorsightBP) Details Download
Maximizing Renewal Sales - Eric Maloney & Jason Harmon Details Download
Leadership Best Practices - Sean Purcell Details Download
Social Media - Patrick O'Malley Details Download
Neurobiology of Sales Training & Sales Management - Bruce Lewolt Details Download
Coaching for Peak Performance - Laurie Lynard Details Download

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