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DigitalNow Revenue Summit 2023 April 18th, 2023

All Sessions:
Workshop: Coaching for Pipeline Creation in a Difficult Economy - Rob Perrilleon Details Download
In a difficult economy, many companies look to save costs by “shopping” or rebidding contracts. When it’s your client who is shopping around, that means risk for you. But when your competitor’s client is shopping around—that’s your opportunity. Research shows that these different scenarios require completely different strategies and messages. In this session, you'll learn hands-on, research-backed, practical strategies and skills for winning both of these moments.
Keynote: Digital-First Buyers and Sellers - Tim Riesterer Details Download
Recent analyst research confirms 65-80 percent of all B2B buyers prefer digital interactions in the buying process. How can your commercial organizations evolve their approach to deliver the digital-first experiences buyers want across the customer lifecycle?

In this keynote, you'll discover a tool you can use for assessing and prioritizing your "DigitalNow" journey based on the trajectories of over 200 companies who are making this digital enterprise transition.
Company Transformation Case Study: Leading the Charge in Modernization - ADP Digital Sales - Matt McGreevy Details Download
During this case study, we will hear from Matt McGreevy, Senior Vice President, Sales – Digital Sales at ADP, on ways their organization has optimized to meet the growing demands of today's digital selling reality. Revenue leaders of all types will learn firsthand what it looks like to transition a salesforce to digital selling and successfully manage the change process from the leadership level on down.
Company Transformation Case Study: Schneider Electric on Digital Sales Team Expansion & Tech Optimization - Nicola Park Details Download
Nicola Park will share how Schneider Electric's inside sellers have been recast from "second class citizens" of the traditional sales organization to revenue role models.

Learn how this multinational company is rebalancing field sellers to virtual sales roles for end-to-end hybrid commercial coverage across the customer journey.
Research Keynote: Driving Efficient Growth - What the Data Says - Udi Ledergor Details Download
As the economic downturn persists, sales teams are compelled to find ways to do more with less while capturing—and then protecting—every dollar. There are right and wrong ways to do this, and taking action informed by reality-based insights can make all the difference in ensuring revenue growth. In this session, you'll hear about what Gong’s data shows companies can do immediately to meet today’s challenges and create growth in an unsteady environment.
Research Keynote: How Companies Are Using Automated Customer Feedback to Find and Fix Blind Spots That Are Causing You to Lose Deals and Customers - Ken Allred Details Download
Between 50-70 percent of the time, the reason prospects and customers give for why you win or lose deals is completely different than what your salespeople say. Getting an accurate picture of what is really going on in your sales and renewal cycles can increase win rates by 60 percent. Find out the most common blind spots causing companies to lose deals based on data from over 100,000 B2B purchase decisions at hundreds of companies across fifty different industries.
Research: Digital Diligence – Content and Cadences - Frank Pinder Details Download
The share of revenue attributable to the digital sales channel is expected to increase over the next three years, as 80 percent of companies are increasing the size of their digital sales team. This means that digital sales interactions are also increasing, resulting in buyer reachability dropping to an all-time low. The uncoached masses are reaching out to your decision-makers, fouling the waters, and further alienating your buyers.

Every level of selling is discovering the power of a consistent, persistent approach to multi-channel, multi-touch messaging and content as part of the disrupted digital buying journey. Join researcher Frank Pinder as he shares results from recent real-world, controlled field trials showing some of the most effective techniques for omni-channel selling today.
Research: Gong Labs - B2B Buying Has Changed - 4 Strategies to Win in 2023 - Dan Morgese Details Download
Based on the analysis of hundreds of thousands of deals across three years, the Gong Labs team will uncover how buying behaviors have transformed and how GTM teams need to align around these transformations to win. Join this session for real-world insights and actionable takeaways for leaders and their teams.
Research: The Four Habits of Highly Seductive Sellers - Dr. Carmen Simon Details Download
Persuasion is pervasive, and typically relies on your words and pictures that you share with customers. But how do you know you’re selecting just the right ones?

Join this session to see the most recent neuroscience research on persuasive words and images. The research examines existing communication habits and reveals practical answers to relevant questions, such as:

- If you use the most current business jargon, does your message come across as smart and sophisticated or empty and insincere?
- Is it worthwhile to share original pictures in your collateral, or does the brain find comfort in the cliché?
- If you use one consistent theme across your messages, does it make your communication coherent or boring?
- What type of emotion is most effective for persuasion, and how much of it is necessary to influence others? Is there such thing as too much emotion in business content?

Leaders will find this session actionable and practical and will be able to take these insights back to their teams to implement.
Research: Critical Customer Conversations: Partnership Planning, Apologies, Retention, and Renewal - Doug Hutton Details Download
Most organizations would say that their customers are the lifeblood of their business. That's why handling critical customer conversations the right way is so important to your success. Join this session for a presentation of B2B research on the most effective messages to use during critical customer conversations, including partnership planning, apologies, retention, and renewal. A facilitated discussion will follow.
Research: New Win-Back Research Creates Distinct Growth Opportunities - Leff Bonney Details Download
Whether supply chain issues, service failures, a competitor's innovation, or a lower price pushed your lost customers to find another solution, those formerly loyal buyers represent an enticing opportunity to recoup lost revenue. Research shows that it's easier to reclaim former customers than it is to win completely new business. But it’s not an easy conversation to have.

Leaders who join this session will see the results of a new, real-world behavioral study with over 300 B2B sellers approaching more than 1,000 lost customers to find out:

- How your former customers frame value and make decisions.
- Whether the reason they left affects their decision to return.
- What type of messages are most effective for winning back lost customers.
Idea Exchange: Optimizing Inside Sales for Full-Funnel Selling - Frank Pinder Details Download
Buyers now prefer digital interactions at all stages of their deciding journey. This means that inside sellers have a distinct advantage, because of their comfort and familiarity with delivering digital experiences in the buying process. But how can sellers optimize their buyer's entire journey throughout the funnel using digital?

During this session, you'll hear different perspectives from leaders whose organizations are on the digital optimization journey.

This Idea Exchange is proudly sponsored by Conquer.
Company Transformation Case Study: Retaining & Developing Talent - Modernizing Medicine - Robert Beattie Details Download
Developing talent is critical to your ability to grow revenue. Learn from Robert Beattie, Head of Sales Acceleration, how Modernizing Medicine is retaining top talent with a focus on developing and retaining leaders in their organization.
Company Transformation Case Study: Optimizing Your Tech Stack for Digital Sales - IBM - David Ketchell Details Download
Digital sales leaders face an overwhelming number of options when choosing technology to run their sales engagements.

This may have you wondering, how do I even begin evaluating tools to accelerate deals and enable sellers to use those tools effectively without slowing them down?

In this session with David Ketchell, Digital Sales Transformation at IBM, you’ll get practical advice on how to:

- Provide guidance and structure to your sales engagement strategy.
- Choose and deploy the right sales tech effectively.
- Give sellers the training they need without slowing them down.
Company Transformation Case Study: Building & Growing a Customer Success Function - SAP - Anthony Pante Details Download
Tony Pante leads the team at SAP who provides amazing customer experiences at scale by driving customer business value. In this session, leaders will hear from Tony about SAP's approach to customer success: the ins, the outs, the challenges, and the lessons learned.
Research: Leadership Levers - Aligning Your Coaching to the Composition of Your Team - Leff Bonney Details Download
Join us for a presentation of research, where Dr. Leff Bonney will reveal potential strategies that leaders can use to better align with the current performance of the sales team they are leading. A discussion will follow.

Typical leadership advice says to "do the things top-performing leaders do and your team will jump to elite status." But in reality, team performance isn't just an output of leadership behaviors; it is also an input. You must also consider your team's past performance when thinking through different leadership and coaching tactics to apply.

Dr. Leff Bonney analyzed almost 1,000 sales teams to identify high-performing managers who are tasked with leading teams at different points of the performance curve. The results of this research are fascinating and show that following the axiom to “just do what managers of our top teams do” spells disaster for most sales leaders.
Research: Situational Growth Plays - Planning Enablement Based on Use Cases - Tim Riesterer Details Download
Join Tim Riesterer for a presentation of B2B research on situational growth plays and enablement, followed by a facilitated discussion. Learn about science-backed approaches that are unique and most effective for new customer acquisition, lost customer win-backs, existing customer retention and expansion, as well as new and existing customer margin increases. Targeted growth plays help you optimize your story and skills for greater impact.
Research: Compensation Benchmarking 2023 - Nicci Nesmith Hammerel Details Download
Inside/digital seller compensation is perennially a hot topic among revenue leaders. In partnership with Florida State University Sales Institute, AA-ISP conducted a 2023 compensation benchmarking survey of revenue leaders (76 percent of whom were sales leaders). Join this session to see the unveiling of results from our compensation survey with FSU, followed by a facilitated discussion.

Find out what respondents shared about their:

- Compensation amounts and mixes
- Quotas and metrics
- Who's getting hired, what they're doing, and where they're located
- Thoughts and opinions on the state of compensation
Research: The Unconsidered Needs of Shifting from Field to Virtual - Sylvain Tremblay Details Download
Get a look at the results of a recent survey of over 600 sales professionals and technology buyers in mid-market and enterprise companies regarding sales technology, priorities across revenue teams, the importance of emotional insights, and the gaps in current CI offerings. 

You'll hear the challenges of selling over video (virtual) vs. field (hybrid) and the requirement to enable all types of sellers. We will discuss the realities facing revenue organizations shifting from field to hybrid to 100% virtual, as well as the unconsidered realities facing each party: the sellers as well as their buyers.
Research: Gong Labs - Unlocking GTM Productivity - Dan Morgese Details Download
During uncertain times, sales reps need to execute with urgency and efficiency. Join this session to learn from the Gong Labs team how fundamental sales practices can have a large impact when it comes to closing more business in a shorter amount of time.

Research: Evolving Your Customer Relationship: Documenting Results, Business Reviews, and Upsell/Cross-Sell - Doug Hutton Details Download
Research shows that using a provocative message or challenging your customer during a renewal or upsell situation is the exact wrong approach—one that could drive a good customer straight into the arms of your competition. In fact, using the same provocative messages with customers as you use to get new buyers makes your customers 10-16 percent more likely to shop around.

Join this session for a presentation of B2B research on evolving your customer relationship across several types of critical conversations. A facilitated discussion will follow.
Company Transformation Case Study: Driving B2B Growth: Lessons from Sumo Logic's Fearless Transformation - Rachel Nusbaum Details Download
Join Rachel Nusbaum, Vice President for North America Commercial Sales at Sumo Logic, for an inspiring case study on overcoming fear and maintaining focus in B2B sales. Discover the transformational journey that is leading to Sumo Logic's exponential growth from $200M to over $1B, and gain insights into the human element of sales and future applications of AI.
Company Transformation Case Study: Customer Retention & Expansion - Shauna Osborne Details Download
Retention and growth is the primary purpose of Customer Success. During this session, Shauna will share key principles to help realize an improved customer experience, resulting in higher customer retention and expanded opportunities within the account.
Technology Showcase: Q for Sales - Move from Reality to Understanding - Sylvain Tremblay Details Download
Learn about Q for Sales by Uniphore, which helps sellers perform at their best through providing contextual insights on real-time and post-call buyer sentiment, engagement, and EQ-based conversation intelligence.

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