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Digital Sales World 2017 - Dublin November 14th, 2017

All Sessions:
The Future of Selling – Bleak or Bright? - Liam Halpin Details Download
As buyers rely more on their networks, taking advantage of ever more accessible information, and leveraging new technologies when purchasing, it’s easy to think that selling is doomed. Not so! Buyers are, in fact, very responsive to commercial teams that cater to these new buying behaviors.

This session will explore changes in sales automation, personalization and the connected sales & marketing technologies that winning Sales and Marketing teams are putting to work.
Coaching & Hiring: The Secret Sauce to Millennial Success - John Richardson Details Download
Millennials are a generation that have been given easy and instant access to information, feedback and rewards their entire lives; so how do we as sales leaders hire the right people and meet their needs? Hiring the best person for the job is vital to delivering success, with coaching and instant feedback being needed to achieve this.

In this session, sales managers and leaders will discover how the right techniques and technologies can be used to attract, retain and bring out the best in millennials who are motivated and ready to hit their sales targets.
Why Data Science and AI is Your Next Big Lever to Pull for Growth - Martin Moran Details Download
In a world where over 40% of reps missed quota last year, there is clearly room to optimize selling activities. Join Martin Moran in a session aimed at executives and sales leaders who are looking for the competitive edge in today’s digital world as he gives the latest insight into how AI is helping sales teams to overcome the obstacles presented in today’s digital economy.

You’ll learn how to build a consistent, scalable platform for growing your business, how to leverage data and best practice covering people, processes and systems, and why the traditional levers for sales growth are becoming less effective.
KEYNOTE: The Digital Transformation of Sales - Debbie Dunnam Details Download
During this keynote presentation, Debbie Dunnam, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft's Inside Sales organization, will provide insight into the forces driving digital experiences, and the paradoxes that sales organizations are faced with in meeting changing customer expectations. Learn how Microsoft is leveraging AI to engage customers contextually, harnessing the power of networks to drive innovation, and partnering with customers throughout their digital transformation journey.
The Future of AI in Sales - Ricky Thakrar Details Download
There's a buzz around artificial intelligence and many folks are wondering if they'll eventually lose their jobs to AI. In the future, will sales teams survive with or without AI and what impact will it have on future sales generations? During this session, we'll take a look at where AI is headed and answer the question, "Can AI replace a salesperson?"
Workshop: Transforming your Inside Sales Team - Part 1 - Dionne Mejer Details Download
Whether you’re starting a team from scratch, trying to advance your Inside Sales team, re-positioning your team from one function to another, you'll want to join this session. In Part I, we'll talk about the Basic Building Blocks that MUST be in place, regardless if you're building or transforming your team, to be successful. Then we'll end with some Workshop Time where we'll brainstorm the former two parts, dive into self-assessments, talk thru your internal environment, and come up with goals and next steps to get your team producing.

Part I:

Basic Building Blocks – we'll talk about: Your Team's Goals, Mission & Vision, Effective Onboarding and Training, Sales Manager 101, Coaching and Motivating your Reps, Reporting and Dashboard Do's and Don’t's

Workshop Time – Let’s take what we’ve talked about and apply it to your organization and team. Leveraging an Annual Planning document, what we’ve learned so far, and your peer group, come up with solutions or a starting point to tackling your most pressing priorities.

NOTE: Part II directly follows at 2:15pm
Attracting, Onboarding & Retaining the Right Inside Sales Talent for your Business - Richard Lane Details Download
The well-worn phrase “people are your most valuable asset” rings true when it comes to Inside Sales. As the front line of your business, it is important you not only hire the right people, but train and coach them effectively for ongoing star-quality performance. Achieve great results and create a loyal workforce that will aspire to progress with your business as they grow and develop their career. Your future Sales Professional talent pipeline.

This practical workshop will focus on four key talent fundamentals - Attracting, Onboarding, Developing, and Retaining - and will include the successful recruiting Talent-at-a-Higher-Level process.

During the session, you will work through an Assessment & Selection matrix to create a unique talent-identification blueprint for you and your business. In the second half of the workshop, you will gain insight into the experiences of how a strong coaching culture can be successfully embedded into your organisation for sustained performance. Our Presenters will also share their thoughts of how the workplace is changing, demystifying some of the Millennial stereotypes that are bandied around so frequently.

Join us for this interactive, engaging and fun session. Dedicate time to think about, and improve the end-to-end structure and development of your Insides Sales division. All attendees will leave with insight, tools and new ideas that will help them to attract, onboard and retain staff more effectively.

Who should attend? Anyone looking to build, develop or grow an Inside Sales team!
Exploring the Impact of GDPR on our Industry - Rebecca Radloff Details Download
In a discussion between our expert panel, hear about first-hand GDPR experiences, insights into the market reaction to GDPR, learn about GDPR as a sales accelerator, and what challenges GDPR poses for the digital selling industry now and in the future.
Workshop: Transforming your Inside Sales Team - Part 2 - Dionne Mejer Details Download
During Part II, we’ll talk about the Leadership Fundamentals that matter ending with some Workshop Time where we'll brainstorm the former two parts, dive into self-assessments, talk thru your internal environment, and come up with goals and next steps to get your team producing.

Part II:

Leadership Fundamentals – We lead people and manage projects. Sometimes as leaders, those lines get blurred. During this time, we’ll talk about the top 5 Leadership Fundamentals that matter and give some tips, tools, and tactics to help you stay focused.

Workshop Time – Let’s take what we’ve talked about and apply it to your organization and team. Leveraging an Annual Planning document, what we’ve learned so far, and your peer group, come up with solutions or a starting point to tackling your most pressing priorities.

Join us for Part I and II, learn from your peers, and leave with an actual plan you can take back to your office and team and implement.
Walk the Talk: The Power of Getting Sales Management Basics Right - Anthony Parker Details Download
Just like top athletes, sales reps may have the hunger and drive to perform at their best, but many would not be where they are today without a coach to develop them. Great coach's need to have the right foundations in place - to analyse data, observe field work and create a continuous feedback loop to help hone the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed in the field to engage customers and close deals. Sales leaders need to recognise they have a responsibility to arm frontline sales managers with the right tools to be effective and get the basics right. Join this talk to find out how.
A Framework for Building a Rock-Star Sales Team - Steve Richard Details Download
There is so much to think about when building and optimizing a sales team that is aligned 100% with marketing.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a framework for organizing all that ‘can be’ done to prioritize what ‘should be’ done?

Steve Richard will share a 5-step framework as well as tools, templates, and methods that top sales leaders use to drive revenue.

This will be the most concrete session you will ever attend with actions you can implement as soon as you get back to the office.
Putting The Personal Back into Digital - Bob Perkins Details Download
We’ve all heard of, and are maybe already deploying, AI (Artificial Intelligence). The Digital Sales transformation underway will continue to adapt to new technologies, systems and AI. But this rapid evolution of sales is coming to us at a cost. Our fast-paced, always-connected and -cadenced process is putting the personal side of selling at risk.

Our Chairman and Founder, Bob Perkins, will share his opening comments around a vision for putting the person back into the process for 2018 and beyond.
SPECIAL GUEST: What they Don't Teach You in Sales School - Gerry Duffy Details Download
In this 30-minute closing session, Gerry Duffy will share his philosophy of how to achieve your true potential as a sales leader/professional plus give you three highly effective goal setting strategies to help you get there.

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