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AA-ISP Leadership Summit 2018 April 3rd, 2018

All Sessions:
WORKSHOP: Millennials: How to Move from Pulling Your Hair Out to Increased Profitability - Amanda Hammett Details Download
Do you find yourself frustrated and want to pull your hair out when thinking about your millennial employees? Or does it seems like they leave before they become profitable to your team which leaves you to start the process all over again? If you find yourself shaking your head in agreement, you are not alone.

Join, the Millennial Translator®, Amanda Hammett as she breaks down her philosophy: if you don’t understand millennials, you can’t keep them.

Each participant will walk away not only with a greater understanding of the generation that will soon be leading corporate America but also with practical and actionable items that are specific to their team and can be easily implemented.

Part 1: Millennial Myth vs. Millennial Reality

We will bust prevailing millennial myths and replace them with facts about this often misunderstood generation. Topics will include: generational parameters, and the psychology around three of the biggest complaints about millennials in the workforce.

Part 2: What You Don’t Know is Tanking Your Bottom Line

Participants will be provided with a formula that will reveal a major area of missing profits from your bottom line (HINT: You probably have no idea this is missing from your P&L!).

Part 3: We Know the Problem….Now Let’s Fix It

After identifying your leaky profitability pipeline (i.e millennial retention and engagement), we will turn our attention to practical action items to not only stem the loss of millennial employees but also to leverage them for higher profitability.
WORKSHOP: Great Leaders...Great Teams...Great Performers - Mike Pierce - "Antarctic Mike" Details Download
The goal for any team is to work together to produce a world-class result. Of course, the million-dollar question is “How do we achieve this?”

Sales Reps respond and perform better when led by great leaders, not managers. Today’s digital sales organizations must be empowered, supported, recognized and led, not managed. This workshop will dig deep into five key areas every leader needs to create and sustain in order to build an environment and culture of success and achievement.

That brings us to the question "What is the difference between leading and managing?"

The Fundamental Difference Between Leading And Managing: Influence Versus Direction. Leaders influence. Managers direct. But leaders have a bias to influencing by inspiring and enabling through advice and counsel while managers have a bias to command and control.

Participants of this workshop will learn best practices and new ways to lead through active participation and small group activities.
Leaders will walk away with a new perspective on leadership, and specific actions they can implement to help build a culture of Great Teams and Great Performers!
The Formula for Winning Sales Conversations from Discovery to Close - Amit Bendov Details Download
The key to winning more deals lies in navigating sales conversations better.

But every type of conversation has its own "formula" for success.

A great discovery call looks different than a great presentation or negotiation.

We've surfaced the formula of success for each of these calls by analyzing over 1M call recordings with AI.

Join Amit Bendov, CEO of Gong.io, as he walks you through how to win at every stage.

You'll learn the exact playbook for bringing new opportunities from first call to close.

You'll also come away knowing how to avoid the pitfalls at each stage that are waiting to trip up your deal.
What the Meme? A Serious Talk About Stupidity - John Healy Details Download
Factor 8 Leaders Lauren Bailey and John Healy are throwing down the gauntlet. Our industry has reported the lack of employee development as a challenge at the Rep, Manager, and Leader levels for over five straight years.

If left unsolved it threatens the success and paychecks of every leader in the room. They will equip us to attack the problem head-on together with new data, tips from their personal careers developing teams at CDW and SAP, share low & no-cost ideas, and strategies we can all steal from their work today as an award-winning vendor of Inside Sales development.

They’ve promised to make us laugh, fill pages of notes, and give away the keys to their kingdom to help us work together and erase this challenge from the 2018 state of the Industry report.
5 Minutes with Joy: Positive Change Begins NOW! - Joy Baldridge Details Download
Nothing changes if nothing changes. The key is to change before you have to! Discover Joy Baldridge’s quick tips on how minor change leads to major impact.
Perfecting the Art and Science of Selling: Personalization at Scale - John Mayhall Details Download
Today, sales is struggling to define its role in the world. More and more we hear about the latest sales technologies that remove human interaction and personalization from the sales conversations. It's no wonder many hold a negative view of sales: 77% of buyers don’t believe sales understands their business and don’t think they can help. Sales leaders chase efficiency through automation and tool integration to scale their functions quickly. However, many sales technologies lack the ability to truly connect with the buyer and lose at the art of selling. On the other hand, sales organizations that haven't adopted any automation are less efficient and cannot scale, leading to slower time to close and often losing to their competition. Both these scenarios create a bad sales experience. And in a time when businesses are trying to focus on building lasting customer relationships and a recurring revenue model, automating a bad experience or failing to adopt some automation means less revenue potential at a massive scale.

Join John Mayhall, Director of Sales Solutions at LinkedIn, to learn how to master the art and science of selling and achieve explosive pipeline growth and grow revenue opportunities. Sales and marketing leaders should attend this session to learn:

- Common challenges sales and marketing face and strategies to overcome them
- What personalization at scale looks like and why it matters
- Tried-and-true methodologies from LinkedIn's own playbook on how sales can perfect and balance the art and science of selling
A Point in Time—A Perseverance Philosophy That Just Works - Thomas R Leidigh Details Download
In our fast-paced Inside Sales environment, we have to overcome numerous challenges to achieve our desired results. On a daily basis, we are expected to turn around a fledgling campaign, resource our teams for hyper-growth, implement new technology or manage scarce lead source data campaigns—plus: PERFORM!

When times become frustrating and it seems impossible, savvy Inside Sales professionals don’t get overwhelmed or give up; they simply remember they are at “A Point in Time” in their journey.

In this session, Tom Leidigh will be your guide in exploring his proven perseverance philosophy, “A Point in Time,” and how to apply it to the key demands we face in our industry. Whether its growth, performance, change management, new strategy, profitability, or onboarding new hires, you can power through the day-to-day grind and achieve results.
The Digital Sales Leader: What Does Best-in-Class Look Like? - Jamie Shanks Details Download
As your team evolves from analog to digital sales, where do you as a leader and your organization-stack rank against your competition and market best-in-class? Best-in-class have top-down strategic alignment, very deliberate internal collaboration, and clear road maps for prescriptive sales plays to highly influence sales objectives. These best-in-class organizations are also driving massive digital sales pipeline! In this session, Jamie Shanks will leverage 300+ global customer engagements to share his top 10 learnings, experiences and steps to digital leadership success.
Keynote Presentation: Re-humanizing The Sales Process - Shari Levitin Details Download
One of the biggest challenges facing sales reps and sales leaders is the failure to effectively connect, share and listen to our customers. The first generation of smartphone users has experienced a decline in empathy by 40%. Attention span has decreased from 30 to eight seconds. Salespeople must create interest span to combat lower attention span. The tendency for young people to flee from meaningful conversation results in loss of rapport and connection. Young reps prefer texting over conversing and emojis over debate. This makes objection handling more difficult than ever before.

The solution? Re-humanizing the Sales Process

In this session, you will learn:

• Anything that can be told can be asked
• The ASK, LISTEN AND LINK method to sales
• Leveraging first-, second- and third-level questions will get to the heart of why people buy your product or service
• How to listen to the emotion behind the words
• Unpack three methods for linking what’s important to the customer about your offering to build urgency
What’s Next: Has CRM Hit the Wall and How Can AI Really Help Drive Sales Performance? - Suaad Sait Details Download
Most people don’t understand how AI can add value to their business, but as CSO Insights reports declining sales performance for five years running, it’s time to wonder if the current technology stack –– CRM –– has hit a plateau. AI could be the fix, but a recent Frost & Sullivan study found that only 15% of interested companies are equipped to implement AI solutions.

In this session, Suaad Sait, President of Growth at InsideSales.com, will demonstrate the differences between conventional technology and practical AI, to show how AI drives real results. This outline will also touch on the AI strategy and solutions companies of all sizes –– including the Fortune 500 –– use to drive 41% more pipeline, close 28% more deals, and increase revenue by 31%.

In this session, you’ll learn:
• Why is sales performance declining?
• What is changing from a buyer's perspective, including the complex purchasing process?
• What different technology options can increase performance levels?
• Where does AI fit into the sales process?
• When and how should sales leaders expect to see results from implementing AI solutions?
5 minutes with Joy: Listen Up! - Joy Baldridge Details Download
Listening = Integrity. Listening = Team Retention. Listening = Revenue Growth. The best leaders and SDRs listen! Period. Learn how and prosper!
Maximizing Productivity Through Automation and Predictive Analytics - Joshua Tillman Details Download
Over 90% of sales and service interactions occur over the phone. That means there is a mountain’s worth of data and, more importantly, key insights to be gained from your calls. Collecting data without analyzing or leveraging it is more than a missed opportunity—it’s a big failure to connect with today’s customers in the way they expect and demand.

Join DialSource CEO, Joshua Tillman (and his guest speaker, John Abbamondi) in exploring how he and his team has spent more than a decade utilizing data to unlock new ways to measure opportunity, develop optimal processes and drive success for teams across industries, including financial services, technology, and sports. Gain insight on calling the right targets, implementing strategies directly within your CRM, and making informed, data-driven decisions to move your organization to peak performance.
Training 3.0: Driving Profitable Terms of Trade in the Cognitive Era - Marc Jablon Details Download
Decisions are increasingly being informed and even being made by machines armed with sophisticated deep learning capabilities. In a world where large online retailers generate billions in revenue per year without a sales rep, we must ask ourselves: What does the future hold for sales professionals? The answer lies in focusing training efforts so they maximize the development of the unique human performance traits machines lack. That is a new paradigm, and it will require an innovative approach to sales training – a Training 3.0 approach. Training 3.0 deploys a radically different learning paradigm that is quick, experiential, engaging, and uses daily-drip learning with built-in retention characteristics. Training 3.0 incorporates performance metrics that ensure a true and enduring ROI. High in social and entertainment value, the content is binge-worthy and is as ubiquitous on reps’ phones as their favorite apps. Coupled with a focus on negotiation/value capture, Training 3.0 will transform your company’s long-term growth rate, profitability, and employee performance. Join us for this session and you will learn how to leverage Training 3.0 so you can maximize growth, profitability, and customer relationships.
Moving the Needle for More Women Sales Leaders - Joël Le Bon, Ph.D. Details Download
Joel LeBon, PhD, University Houston, and Lori Richardson, CEO, Score More Sales will share initial findings from the recent survey on sales careers.
5 minutes with Joy: The Secret to Providing Feedback Sooner vs. Later! - Joy Baldridge Details Download
Have you ever delayed giving feedback? The critical time is now to address issues head on! Joy will share her top three ways to get the best performance out of your team by delivering effective feedback.
Welcome to the Sales Experience Economy - Sean Murray Details Download
Buyers are inundated with phone calls, emails, and other sales touchpoints. They’re yearning for their sellers to rise above the noise and deliver them a better sales experience. Delivering that experience, however, is not easy for sellers. But it can be done. The best companies in the world are proving it. In this session, we’ll uncover why sales experience rules and how to deliver the best one with consistency and excellence.

Who should attend: Company leaders and sales heroes. Anyone who wants to win in business and make a meaningful impact on the world.
Borders, Toys "R" Us, Blockbuster. Are you Next? - Mario Martinez Jr. Details Download
It’s said that management involves dealing with complexity, and leadership involves helping others deal with change.
Particularly in today's digitally connected, socially engaged, mobile-attached and video-hungry world, where your customers and your competitors can demand change from anywhere and at any time, the old adage is truer than ever.

Change or die, and to do this you’re going to need some good direction. More often than not businesses and the leaders of those organizations fail to adapt quick enough or even at all. In fact, only 71 companies remain today from the original 1955 Fortune 500 list.

In this presentation, you will be taken on a journey to understand how buyers have demanded change yet, leaders did not respond. We will learn how sales leaders must transform their organizations to engage with their modern buyer the way they want you to engage with them. It’s no longer just about leveraging the phone or how many times you send an email. To win at sales, you need more than an outbound or an inbound strategy, you need The Omni-Channel experience.

Key takeaways for participants:
● The lack of “evolvement” giant brands of the past-faced
● How today’s modern buyer has changed the game
● What is the Omni-Channel?
● How you must adapt to change or else.
Transforming your Inside Sales team – one year later - Dionne Mejer Details Download
Join us as we hear tales from our peers one-year later after talking about the Basic Building Blocks and creating a go-forward plan for our team. Come hear and share what worked (and well, what didn’t) as we learn from all and every experience. We’ll also dive into two new areas: both Leadership and Reps’ creating their own 30/60/90-day plans.

1. Tales from the floor and last year’s attendees – one year later
2. Sales Leadership Revisited – we all know what we should be doing, however, sometimes Managing gets in the way of Leading. Let’s talk about the Top 5 Leadership Characteristics and how to go about making sure we give ourselves time for what’s most important
3. Why your reps should do a 30/60/90-day plan – we want our reps to be accountable, to take ownership, to think like the General Manager of their own business. Let’s talk about this controversial topic, why it makes sense, and how you can implement it with your team.
4. Takeaways – we’ll have time for everybody to craft a high-level plan to take advantage of Leadership Summit and your time back in the office.
Sales Conversations: Managing Consistency and Accountability to Scale Your Organization - Steve Richard Details Download
As your team grows past 20 reps, it becomes harder and harder to know what’s happening on your sales calls.

You might feel pain like:

1. The gap between your top reps and average reps growing
2. Onboarding taking longer than it needs to
3. Sales training programs being lost to the forgetting curve as reps go back to their old habits

It doesn’t have to be this way. In this session, you will learn exactly how you can keep your team on track having the right conversations with buyers. You will see what you can do to create a sales coaching culture that your reps love and managers need. Finally, you will discover how to change rep behavior to maximize conversions, increase win rates, and close more business.

Imagine cloning your top reps. It’s possible.
How Leaders Can Help Reps Cross the Drawbridge to Leadership - Morgan J Ingram Details Download
In the Middle Ages, in order to enter a castle, you had to cross the drawbridge. Today, SDRs/sales reps are waiting outside the drawbridge without the proper expectations and guidance to reach the castle of leadership.

This break out will go over what you need to do as a leader to help your reps become the next future leaders in your organization.
The Making of a Digital Seller Workshop - Amar Sheth Details Download
Buyers have access to new technology, which is changing their buying habits. Sales professionals need to adapt and become a digital seller or they will be left behind. In this session, we will discuss the most important steps to becoming a digital seller: getting organized, enabling seamless collaboration, building on the work of others, strengthening customer relationships, and optimizing sales performance using Office 365. Bring your laptop for hands-on learning!

(You received a 1-year Office 365 subscription at check-in, come learn how to put it to use to improve your sales!)
Super-Hero Prospecting: Going from Unimpressive to Engaging - JB Bush Details Download
Inside sales has become the dominant B2B sales model, but it’s a noisy world. One in which it’s become harder and harder to engage with buyers. They are barraged with requests. They don’t have the time to meet with every vendor. They don’t think they need your solutions. And in some cases, they don’t recognize they have a need. Yet, the number one success criteria for any sales rep is engaging potential buyers in a conversation.

Today’s B2B sales professionals want to establish themselves as collaborative business advisors with insights instead of being considered order takers. However, a new study indicates that too many sales reps are coming up short—unable to connect with decision makers, failing to demonstrate business acumen, and lacking credible communication skills. A recent survey shows reps are ‘consistently effective’ in engaging executives only 34% of the time. Is that good enough to meet your revenue goals?

In this session, we will discuss the highlights from the research study: Sales from the Buyer’s Perspective. This study examines B2B sales transactions from a rare perspective—the buyer’s viewpoint. Discover what your buyer thinks of you and leverage that insight to improve your effectiveness when engaging prospects.

You will walk away with:
• Insight into the buyer experience and how that impacts your interactions
• How to leverage the Sphere of Influence to establish credibility and add value
• How to apply the Sphere of Engagement for multiple, consistent touch points and gain familiarity with your target prospects
• Three customer-specific triggers to increase the effectiveness of your outreach
How to Increase Productivity (in Some Cases by Double or More). More Opportunities. More Closes. More Revenue. - Dr. Scott Baird Details Download
This presentation will transform your sales leadership.

In this session, you will learn to:

1. Lead with greater confidence, speed, and persistence.
2. Outperform competitors.
3. Create a lively sales culture.
4. Implement the magic of method.
5. Master at least one skill that you can teach and immediately increase team results.
Why Frontline Managers Struggle with Coaching and How to Fix It - Bob Marsh Details Download
Frontline managers are typically successful former sellers looking to progress their career, but struggle in their transition to managing others. The best performing managers don't just hit their sales number, they make average salespeople great, and make great salespeople exceptional. This session is designed for frontline managers who want to learn the fundamentals of modern sales management, and sales directors and VP's who know their frontline managers struggle with coaching and are seeking ways to fix it.
The Evolution of the Buyer’s Journey: Tactics for Today’s Modern Sales Leader - David Kerr Details Download
With 67% of the buyer’s journey happening digitally, it’s critical for businesses to understand the impact and evolve with the digital transformation. In this interactive session, Octiv CEO David Kerr will discuss the seller’s burden and tactics to revolutionize your organization’s workflows to accelerate deal velocity. A career entrepreneur with expertise in building and growing businesses, Kerr brings more than 20 years of experience in executive management, business development, sales, and marketing and will share actionable takeaways in this session for today’s modern sales leader to improve sales productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce time spent on non-selling activities.
Talking WITH: What Buyer Personas Can Teach Sales about Meaningful Conversations - Christian Blood, PhD Details Download
This presentation will address practical tips for doing something that seems like it should be easy, yet turns out to be quite difficult: carrying on a meaningful conversation with buyers.
Marketers have been using Adele Revella's Buyer Personas for nearly two decades. More recently, sales teams have started to profit from them too. And this presentation will introduce and explain Buyer Personas to those who are not yet familiar with them.

Then, I will discuss how to use Buyer Personas as a means toward a new end, communicating more effectively with customers and colleagues. As open-ended questions are the heart of the Buyer Persona process, we will probe best practices for leading effective, productive conversations that solicit authentic, unexpected, and actionable insights.

The Buyer Personas framework is, in turn, useful for all manner of situations in which we must converse meaningfully to build rapport and gain trust--with prospects, customers, interviewees, and even peers.

This presentation is intended for sales people who aren't familiar with Buyer Personas but are interested in learning more about them, and are moreover eager to discover quick strategies making the most out of time with customers, or anyone else.
The Only Sustainable Advantage in Modern Sales - Laurie Page Details Download
Getting to engagement is the hardest job in sales right now. You have a great brand and a solution that solves buyer problems, but you also have competition.

Some of your competitors are successfully selling inferior solutions.
And here's the worst part: some of your prospects are buying them.

In this session, you will learn how to turn your team into selling "super heroes" who give you a long-term competitive advantage that can’t be beat. Join this breakout and walk away with tips and techniques on how to think bigger picture and better communicate with your buyers.
Why Sales Coaches Fail - Hilmon Sorey Details Download
Coaching sales teams effectively is the competitive edge to consistent performance, retaining top talent, and cultivating future leaders. Step up your game by learning what NOT to do from a guy who’s seen it all at the hottest companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.
THE SALES MANAGER: Seven Crucial Skills Every Inside Sales Leader Needs Now - Mike Brooks Details Download
If you are an inside sales manager, then we don’t have to tell you how busy you are. Between meetings, metrics reporting, setting and achieving quotas, training and motivating a team of sales reps, hiring etc., you’ve got a lot on your plate!

Unfortunately, many sales managers have never been properly prepared for all the responsibilities they face. And that’s why we’ve put this session together. Join us for the training you need (and may have never received), and you’ll learn the Seven Crucial Skills that will instantly make you more successful at driving revenues and making your numbers.

Don’t leave the Summit without the Leaderships skills you really need!

What you’ll take away from this value-packed session:

• Measuring the Right Metrics: (The metrics that actually drive sales)
• Why Best Practice Scripts Matter
• Phone Recordings – Your Number One Tool for Change
• The 10-Minute Sales Meeting – Best Practice for Best Results
• PDPs (Personal Development Plans) – The Tool for Mentoring and Measuring Progress
• The Three Hiring Questions You MUST Be Asking
• Motivating Yourself – How to Stay Pumped Each and Every Day
Does HIRE Feel Like a Four-Letter Word? - Karen Kennedy Details Download
Come bust some myths and learn how to avoid common pitfalls that have smart leaders making dumb hiring decisions. Karen will reveal the simple secrets from her 5-step interview process that gives you great fact-based information AND entices the candidate to fall in love with your organization. Hire the best, release the rest!
Managing Expectations While Growing Inside Sales - Chris Anderson Details Download
As your Inside Sales teams expand across your organizations, varying levels of expectations and resistance are often experienced. The term Inside Sales can mean different things to people within the same organization. Often times, inside sellers are viewed in secondary importance to their field selling counterparts. Gaining alignment across the organization on the strategic goals and operational mission of the Inside Sales teams can be difficult, especially within growing organizations. How to properly set expectations, communicate across the organization, and collaborate with counterparts (field sales, sales engineers, marketing, professional services, and executives) becomes as critical as the tactical execution of inside sales reps and teams.

In this session, we will explore the ways to elevate the status and importance of your inside sellers. Aspects such as vision, strategy, cadence, key-person involvement, and handling resistance will be discussed. Imagine a sales team where inside sellers command the same level of respect as outside sellers…and how you can remove the roadblocks to success!
What Can You Learn by Studying 25 Million Sales Leads? - David Hood Details Download
Telfer School of Management researched over 25,000,000 real-life sales leads. At the same time, they surveyed sales development professionals to seek their perspective on their sales engagement efforts. What happens when you cross-reference what a profession believes to be true and best-practice with what research says is actually true and best-practice?

Learn what mistakes we are making, and what you can do differently to engage more, qualify more, and sell more. This session is ideal for anybody in sales leadership looking to adopt best practices and dramatically improve their sales cadence, engagement, pipeline, and revenues.
Creating an Inclusive Culture for Sustainability & Predictability - Joe Bush Details Download
This session will focus on: Inclusive Culture, Mitigating Risk, and Increasing Productivity & Engagement.

Join this breakout to learn how to build and sustain an Inside Sales organization as we go into depth on topics such as:

• Addressing the gender gap
• Exempt vs Non-Exempt
• Creating a state-of-the-art work environment
It's About Time — and Money! - Chris Beall Details Download
Get your sales team to master time, and they can master sales.

But making the most of their precious selling time is impossible if you and they don't know the time cost and information impact of the core Inside Sales activities that compete for their time: phone, email, social outreach, and online research.

In this session, Inside Sales managers will get a timely breakdown of:
• Whose time matters most: the sales reps' or their prospects’?
• Time illusions, and how they trick your reps into spinning their wheels when they could be making deals
• How to get your team to organize and sequence their selling day to break free of their time traps and make the most of their most powerful asset — selling time
Aspiring Leaders and Leadership Development: Programs for Promotion - Liz Johnson Details Download
This session will focus on how to build leadership development programs from individual contributors through senior leaders. Individual contributors will learn how to create their leadership career path and hold valuable, effective career conversations with senior leadership. You’ll learn why leadership development is important personally, professionally and imperative to your organization’s growth and success. Individual contributors interested in leadership and current leaders who want to develop future leaders are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Ask and They Shall Tell: How Your Customers Can Drive the Prospecting Process - Scott Littrell Details Download
Prospecting isn’t easy; it takes skill, patience and dedication. But even these commendable attributes aren’t enough to take you to the finish line of a closed-won deal. Instead, today’s leading sales pros know that the good ol’ ability to listen – really listen – is what’s needed to drive the sales process end-to-end. Ultimately, it comes down to this: if you’re able to unearth the pain points of your prospects, you’re in the running to addressing them and providing value. And with that, you’re that much closer to turning your prospect into your customer.

In this informative session, join Scott Littrell, Director New Business Sales at ZoomInfo, as he takes you through:

• Key customer pain points and must-know considerations to help accelerate your prospecting process
• The ins and outs of ZoomInfo’s internal prospecting process
• Deploying, monitoring and maintaining your prospecting process
Outbound Sales and Inbound Marketing with GDPR: What You Need to Know and How to Prepare in 2018 - Daniel Barber Details Download
Join us for an informative session that will discuss why you need to understand GDPR in 2018 and what you can do to prepare your sales and marketing teams.

What we'll cover in the session:

1) What to do with your current database
2) How to prepare for outbound in 2018
3) Interactive case studies: Inbound and Outbound
Digital Content is the New Currency Fueling Sales Enablement at Microsoft - Phil Terrill Details Download
Sales Enablement is the heart of empowering sellers to be great and love what they do. Microsoft’s Inside Sales team is building a digital Sales Enablement experience, created for sellers, by sellers. Grab a seat and dive deeper into the Microsoft Inside Sales journey and see how the Digital Enablement Experience has come to life at Microsoft!
Transform Your Inside Sales Team into Skilled Negotiators - Marc Jablon Details Download
One of the biggest challenges Inside Sales managers face is how to maximize profit. Negotiation is one of the most often-overlooked profit levers, and small improvements make a big difference. What would happen to the profitability of your company if each member of your sales team negotiated a little better?

With negotiation skills, you can reverse small profit leaks and turn them into big profit gains. Complement your investment in BI tools, CRM and product training with negotiation and your reps will be prepared to create and capture maximum value with every customer (even those professional whiners who always get the lowest price). Companies who train their team in negotiation earn a return on that investment deal after deal after deal. What would a few percent increase across the board mean to your bottom line?

In this session, you will learn specific negotiation tactics your sales team can apply immediately. If you have sales reps who might be giving away a little more than necessary, attend this session! Come see how negotiation training can impact your company’s success.
The Key to Growing and Retaining Top Sales Teams - Mary Browning Details Download
Ever have that gut feeling that something’s not right with your sales team culture—but don’t have the objective data to back it up and take action? Engaged sales team members outperform satisfied staff by over 40%. Understanding and implementing an effective employee engagement strategy for your team can make all the difference in lowering sales team churn, increasing productivity, and improving quota attainment and revenue.

Join Emplify Director of Sales Development, Mary Browning, to:

- Learn proven methods and best practices for retaining team members.
- Understand what actually motivates your reps and how to foster that within your culture.
- Learn the simple, actionable process you can immediately implement across your team to fix issues and gain optimum employee engagement.
- Hear real-life examples and success stories from companies implementing these strategies for unprecedented business results.
Creating an Inside Sales Organization Aligned for Peak Performance - Jeff Seeley Details Download
This highly interactive and experiential session will bring you insights to leading an internally motivated sales organization aligned for peak performance. You will be engaged in both leadership strategies to create a self-motivated team and provide the tools needed to raise the level of your team to new performance heights.

We will learn how to create and build stronger relationships with your team, along with tools and strategies your team can use to create long lasting durable relationships with your customers.
Empower Your Inside Sales Team to Achieve Great Things - Ivan Gomez Details Download
Over the last several years, we have seen amazing progress in sales training, technology advancement, management tools and more. One area that has been voiced by the Inside Sales community at various levels is, “How do we empower the team to help them achieve great results?” This segment will address the topic of empowerment also known as Inside Sales involvement. Empowerment is the process of enabling or authorizing your team members to think, behave, take action, and control work and decision-making about their job in autonomous, independent, self-directed ways. During this breakout session, we will learn together the process of empowerment: how to go about it, what to do right now, along with some tools you can start using to empower your team members to get involved and achieve results for them and your organization.
AI or Die: What Sales Leaders Must Know About Real Artificial Intelligence - Bruce Lewolt Details Download
It’s clear that if you want your sales team to remain competitive, the effective implementation of AI is now essential. Developing an effective AI strategy is the new “must-have” skill necessary for all senior sales leaders. But, how do you choose the best path to effectively implementing AI for your sales team? This talk will provide a practical overview of the most effective uses of AI for sales – from AI bolt-on modules to existing CRMs and sales enablement tools, to fully powered AI assistants for your salespeople. We will also cover the different strategies for effectively implementing AI. Bring your team because there will be time for discussion on the important decisions all companies must make regarding AI. By the end of the talk, you will have a blueprint for effectively implementing AI in your company.

This session was designed by a team of AI experts who have implemented AI in companies of all sizes as well as for governmental agencies.
Funny: You Should Say That! - How Humor Impacts Sales - Jon Selig Details Download
Jon Selig sold tech for 12 years, which was a very well-paid internship for his career in stand-up comedy. Prospect attention spans have been colonized by pocket-sized entertainment centers and are shorter than ever. Salespeople need to quickly relate to prospects to connect and effectively engage them.

In this very abridged version of Jon's training and workshop, he will share learnings from his stand-up comedy and sales careers on why and how humor helps us relate to, connect with and engage prospects - particularly when we can make prospects laugh about their pains & challenges.

He'll discuss:
- What makes stuff funny;
- Similarities between sales and stand-up;
- Humor's impact on prospects;
- Turning their pain into gold;

We conclude with attendees collaboratively crafting a tasteful, relatable joke applicable to salespeople.

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