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Digital Sales World 2019 London May 14th, 2019

All Sessions:
Modern Sales Engagement: Blending Art and Science - Sean Murray Details Download
Modern sales leaders and the people who enable them will learn what works and what does not in multi-touch, multi-channel sales engagement. Drawn from hundreds of millions of interactions, we will answer questions like:

• How many touches over what time frame?
• How many words should be in your subject line?
• Should you use bullets?
The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message - Daniel Disney Details Download
Imagine generating a £1,000,000 sale from a single LinkedIn message....

In this session, Daniel Disney, one of the world's leading Social-Selling experts, will be sharing his story of how he turned a single LinkedIn message into one of the biggest sales of his career. This session will not just tell you how Daniel did it, but he will show you how you can do the same with a host of proven sales LinkedIn messages. Done right, Social Selling is a huge asset for anyone working in sales and this is the ultimate case study of how you and your sales team can leverage LinkedIn messaging to its full potential.
Implementing and Growing an Inside Team which Supplements a Traditional Field Model - Fiona Gavigan Details Download
Are you looking to implement or improve on a current teamed selling model? If so, this session is for you. Fiona Gavigan, Head of Inside Sales for Merrill Corporation in London, will be sharing her story of building a high-performing, results-oriented Inside Sales group which supports field sales. Learn best practices which will help with the following:

- Drive incremental revenue growth
- Define roles and responsibilities for both the inside BDR’s and the field Sales Executives.
- Hear ideas for developing outstanding teamwork between the inside and the field
- Learn tips on developing a career path for BDR’s
- Tips on metrics and goals

There will be ample time for questions along with sharing your own ideas around a successful team model!
Idea Exchange: Best Practices to Build Relationships & Stand Out to Your Prospect or Customer - Hope O Baker Details Download
We all face the same challenge, standing out to our prospects and customers. During this session, we will share tips and processes you can implement in your sales process that will help you stand out among your competitors. Expect real-life examples including email templates, all openings and much more!
Keynote Presentation: Impact of Digital on 21st Century Selling - Alexander Low Details Download
Digital Selling, Modern Selling & even Social Selling - which is the right one? Is there even a right one? Isn't it just selling?

Alex Low will share his insights on how digital is impacting all aspects of sales, irrespective of what type of sales role or industry you are in. He will share stories of how one article on LinkedIn generated £50,000 worth of business. How they have saved one of their client's close to £300,000 in sales recruitment fees by leveraging social. He will give examples of tactics you can implement immediately. Which technology platforms he recommend to support digital in sales. How to calculate the Return on Opportunity digital can being when used effectively.

These are just some of the ideas he will bring to life during his keynote.

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