So, your company has invested in Digital Selling technology. Connections are pouring in. What happens next? What happens when you start talking or sending email? That was the question Tina Babbi posed recently while speaking with attendees at AAISP's Digital Sales World Conference in San Francisco. In her experience, sales people often negate the positive impact of the Digital Marketing the company has invested in. All that money, all that effort to make contact, and now it slips through your fingers - sometimes in a minute or less. Ugh! If you're a sales or marketing leader, you're probably getting mad just thinking about it. If you're a sales professional, you're probably frustrated because you're not achieving your goals - professionally or financially. How can you fix it? Below are five tips Tina shared with the audience at DSW. Most are from her profession as a Sandler trainer, but a few are also "Babbi-isms".


Digital selling techniques , Leadership and coaching


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