predict and guide your buyer’s journey

Almost every company uses segmentation criteria—like personas and industry verticals—to target buyers. But most struggle to make that segmentation actionable.

In fact, 89 percent of sellers say their team does not have a clear strategy for selling into each segment. Fifty-three percent say there’s no specific training for selling into each segment. And over 80 percent do not enable their sellers with segment-specific content assets.

If popular segmentation criteria don’t help sellers close deals, is there a better way?

Dr. Leff Bonney, behavioral scientist and Research Director at Emblaze, led this study with a B2B software company to find out. In this research report based on the results, you’ll discover:

  • What factors make segmentation successful for B2B revenue teams.
  • Why buyer personas and industry verticals might be sabotaging your sales.
  • How to effectively predict your buyer’s journey—and enable your sellers to close more deals.


Prospecting and pipeline creation , Memorable messaging and marketing


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