How many attempts do you need to motivate your prospects to take a meeting?

Some sales leaders are convinced that just a few will suffice. They believe that if someone’s not interested in meeting immediately, there’s no reason to waste time or effort.

But that thinking goes against popular industry data. Some sources state that you need at least six touches to win the opportunity.

So how many attempts is enough? What kind of content should you include in your cadences? And does the timing and order in which you send content affect your prospects’ response?

Frank Pinder, EVP Digital Transformation Services at Corporate Visions and Emblaze (formerly B2B DecisionLabs), led this field trial study to learn the answers to these questions.

Get this research brief to find out:

  • How including more touches affects your prospects’ engagement and interest.
  • Which content types stimulate the most opportunities.
  • Why the timing, order, and length of content you include can significantly affect your results.


Digital selling techniques , Prospecting and pipeline creation , Customer acquisition


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