Companies are finally starting to realize that customer service creates unique opportunities to make their products and services better, their customers, happier, and their bottom lines healthier. This e-book features multiple authors looking at how the call center in particular can help drive a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to business. Experts from the call center world share strategies and mindset shifts that must take place within companies if they are to be vital and nimble in the 21st century.
Read these articles and envision customer service in the future as more proactive and humane. See its role in the corporate world as consultative and strategic, rather than reactive and peripheral. It's an exciting prospect and one that companies must increasingly embrace as customers demand more and more information about the products and services that they consume. Customer service will be a vital strand in the DNA of every successful company, not just a business function or an afterthought. This e-book shows how that is happening already in some places, and how it can be made to happen everywhere as we go forward.

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