If your sellers want to persuade people to buy your products, services, or ideas, they must first appear credible. Credibility promotes positive buying behaviors and favorable attitudes.

But this is a challenge—especially in virtual environments, where distractions and multitasking can weaken the perception of credibility. In virtual meetings, your prospects and customers need extra reassurance that your message and your messengers are believable.

How can you help your sellers establish credibility quickly and effectively in a virtual setting?

Find out in this webinar with Dr. Carmen Simon, Chief Science Officer at Emblaze (formerly B2B DecisionLabs). You’ll get practical, neuroscience-based guidelines for achieving and sustaining credibility in a virtual meeting.

Tune in to learn:

  • What science reveals about credibility and persuasion.
  • How the number of sellers who deliver your message (and their skills) influence your buyer’s brain.
  • How something as short lived as speaker introductions can impact an entire sales pitch.
  • Why establishing credibility means removing an age-old approach and adopting techniques for the modern buyer’s brain.


Digital selling techniques , Customer acquisition


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