Companies often develop marketing and sales messages based on segmentation tactics that categorize buyers based on industry and role.

These segments are then recorded using two of the most popular and pervasive “best practices” in B2B: buyer personas and industry verticals.

Typical buyer personas are designed to shape messaging based on decision maker and stakeholder roles and responsibilities. Vertical segmentation, meanwhile, requires you to build content targeted at your buyer’s industry.

That’s a lot of extra work for marketing and high expectations for sales. Is it worth the effort? Are buyer personas and industry verticals really the best approaches for categorizing your prospects?

Check out this webinar with Dr. Leff Bonney, behavioral scientist and Research Director at Emblaze (formerly B2B DecisionLabs), and Leslie Talbot, SVP of Marketing at Corporate Visions. Based on the results of a new real-world behavioral study, you’ll see:

  • Data collected from 5,300 different sales opportunities across 15 different industries.
  • How buyer personas and industry vertical segmentation might be sabotaging your sales.
  • Which variables are better for accurately predicting buying behaviors and, ultimately, opportunity wins and losses.


Prospecting and pipeline creation , Memorable messaging and marketing , Customer acquisition


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