This on-demand webinar was recorded in 2020. Please watch with that in mind, and enjoy it as part of the history and legacy of how Emblaze came to be what it is today!

applying behavioral science to b2b market changes

Join Rory Sutherland, one of the world’s foremost experts on B2B buying behavior, as he helps launch B2B DecisionLabs—a groundbreaking new research firm dedicated to studying how business buyers frame value and make choices.

Unlike traditional survey- or opinion-based analyst firms that provide backward-looking observations of so-called “best practices,” B2B DecisionLabs tests customer interactions in real time using three different techniques: behavioral research, brain studies, and field tests. Companies can use B2B DecisionLabs’ research to improve performance at every stage of the revenue chain.

In this webinar replay, Mr. Sutherland, Vice Chairman and head of Ogilvy’s Behavioral Science Institute and founder of Nudgestock; Dr. Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist and Chief Science Officer at B2B DecisionLabs; and Tim Riesterer, B2B DecisionLabs’ Chief Visionary, discuss the science behind B2B buying decisions and what it means for sales and marketing today (and in the future).

In this thought-provoking forum, they discuss:

  • Is virtual selling a forever change or a passing fad?
  • How are companies using this moment to improve marketing and sales productivity?
  • Does any of this change the power relationship between sellers and customers?
  • Will virtual selling speed up or slow down the consensus-building process?
  • How should marketing campaigns and content adapt to these changes?


Digital sales transformation , Memorable messaging and marketing


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