When it comes to creating lasting behavior change, most sales leaders assume that virtual sales training is just a pale imitation of the in-person classroom. But what if your virtual training program was as effective—if not more effective—than classroom training?

It’s not just wishful thinking. In this State of the Conversation Report, we explore an online training model that’s proven to:

  • Deliver 23% more pipeline than live training events and comparable annual contract value.
    Help your sales reps feel twice as confident when talking to executive decision makers, compared with live classroom training.
  • Avoid the biggest challenge your leaders have—TOOF (time out of field)—by delivering high-quality training that works within the workflow of your participants.
  • Discover an efficient approach to virtual training that actually delivers on the core promise of making salespeople better, without taking them out of the field.


Leadership and coaching , Digital sales transformation


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