The abundance of digital content and changing buyer preferences are pushing the role of marketing much further down the funnel.

It’s no longer enough to influence awareness or interest with your messages and content—Marketing is now directly influencing buying decisions.

How do you influence your buyers’ decisions?

Our research shows that the primary factor that drives decisions is memory. Your buyer sees and interacts with your marketing in one moment, but they decide to purchase later on.

If you hope to guide buying decisions in your favor, your messages, your content, your stories, and the visuals you create must all be memorable enough to stick in people’s minds. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this report.

Based on Emblaze (formerly B2B DecisionLabs) brain study research, you’ll discover science-backed strategies to:

  • Repeat Responsibly ­– Use the right balance of repetition to make your message more memorable.
  • Invest in Aesthetics – Create remarkable visuals to make your content more memorable and enjoyable.
  • Harness Complexity – Communicate complex ideas effectively, without simplifying them.

Your marketing materials can, in fact, influence decisions directly. Get this report and find out how.


Memorable messaging and marketing


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