As offices now begin to open back up, sellers might be eager to get back in the field and talk to buyers again in person.

But face-to-face meetings—with all the stakeholders in the same physical space—are still almost impossible to pull off. So, companies are considering an alternative way to partially capture the in-person experience: hybrid meetings.

The question now is, are hybrid presentations more effective than fully virtual sales presentations? Or is the hype around hybrid more about what sellers want, rather than what buyers prefer?

Find out what neuroscience reveals about your buyer’s brain during virtual, phone, and hybrid sales presentations. Get this research report to learn:

  • How different modalities impact B2B buyers’ attention, motivations, and memories.
  • Which delivery method is most effective (and which is surprisingly the worst).
  • Research-backed design principles to make your presentation successful in any selling environment.


Digital selling techniques , Digital sales transformation


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