At first blush, Voice of the Customer messaging—positioning your solutions in relation to your customer’s stated needs—doesn’t seem like a bad approach. But when you think about what actually compels buyers to leave the status quo, that traditional approach doesn’t look so hot. In fact, it could be fueling the perception that you’re a commodity provider.

To create differentiation, marketers and sales professionals need a different messaging approach—one based not on the problems your prospects say they have, but on the ones they don’t. In other words, their “Unconsidered Needs”—the challenges or missed opportunities they don’t yet know about.

This approach sounds good enough in theory, but how does it actually work in practice? To find out, check out the following research brief, which highlights an experiment done by Corporate Visions and a social psychologist to measure its impact against more traditional messaging approaches.


Memorable messaging and marketing , Customer acquisition


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