Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday: Grab attention virtually and control what your buyers remember

September 10th, 2024

12:00pm - 1:00pm EST/EDT

Virtual presentations are effective when they are persuasive. But what does it take to be persuasive in a remote environment?

Leaders and their teams should join this members-only Training Tuesday with Dr. Carmen Simon, Chief Science Officer, Corporate Visions, to learn how to grab your prospect's attention on virtual sales calls and control what your buyers remember.

Specifically, you'll learn practical guidelines that stem from our recent neuroscience studies, including:

  • How your buyer’s brain processes information during virtual meetings
  • How (and when) buyers pays attention 
  • How buyers remember and decide to act (or not) on what you share

Join us to learn several science-backed approaches that you can apply immediately to your next sales meeting.


Training Tuesdays have a relaxed, lunch-and-learn vibe. You’re welcome to invite your whole team so you can learn together in a group, then practice your new skills together later for reinforcement. (Please ask each attendee to register individually.)

You’ll have the ability to turn on video, unmute yourself to ask questions, and fully participate in this unique training opportunity. The facilitator may use breakout rooms during the session for hands-on application of the lessons learned.


This Emblaze training session is a benefit of Emblaze Membership. If you’re not yet an active member, you’re invited to attend one session as our guest. Can't join live? No problem, register anyway to receive the on-demand link.

During the scheduled presentation, if you have any trouble connecting or accessing the session, please click here to contact Zoom Support or visit

Feel free to contact us with any questions at or call 1-800-604-7085.

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