Adapt or Fail: When Reality Changes Your Strategy

June 7th, 2023

1:00pm - 2:00pm EST/EDT

Your sellers have their sales strategy set for a specific buyer.

But then something unexpected happens at that company and the buyer’s priorities change completely.

Are your sellers able to swiftly adapt their approach according to the buyer's new reality?

In our upcoming webinar with Doug Hutton, EVP of Customer Experience at Corporate Visions, and Ariel Hitron, CEO of Second Nature, you’ll learn how to help your team quickly adjust when they hit these roadblocks. You’ll see the common pitfalls overlooked by sales leaders and the cost of doing nothing about it.

Join this webcast to learn:

  • What’s slowing down your team today
  • How to equip your team to react quickly and efficiently to unplanned buyer changes 
  • If your messaging works and actually helps your sellers close deals
  • How to roll out an actionable plan that drives behavior and impacts numbers
  • Techniques that work for Zoom and other enterprises

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