Emblaze Atlanta Chapter: Messaging matters! How to deliver the right message at the right time along the buyer's journey

February 22nd, 2024

5:30pm - 7:30pm EST/EDT

OxBlue Headquarters - 1777 Ellsworth Industrial Park, Atlanta, GA 30318 (View Map)

Buyers are making different decisions as they move from being your prospect into the lifecycle of being your customer. Yet sellers and marketers often don’t account for the differences in those decisions as they message to buyers across this journey.

Join the Emblaze Atlanta Chapter, in partnership with the Revenue Enablement Society (RES) Atlanta Chapter, for an interactive session that will showcase the science-backed approach you should take to prepare for engagements with buyers as you move them along the path from prospect to long-term customer.

You will take away repeatable, pragmatic frameworks you can use to create more impactful messaging specifically designed for the different phases of the Customer Deciding Journey.


Paul George, Facilitating Consultant, Corporate Visions

Attendees will enjoy food and beverages courtesy of our fantastic sponsor, OxBlue. 

Chapter events provide an opportunity to expand your professional circle and meet in person to discuss ideas and/or challenges that inevitably come up in your career. Local chapters throughout the world are just one way that Emblaze brings together the digital-first sales community for learning, networking, and sharing valuable resources to ignite revenue growth potential. If you're not yet an Emblaze member, we encourage you to join us! Learn more about Emblaze and how you can get involved beyond this meeting.

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