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Reps know what to say, but not necessarily how to say it. TalkMeUp’s communication effectiveness training and reinforcement platform allows you to learn, practice, and receive instant feedback on key communication skills-in their natural workflow.

TalkMeUp is a patented, proven video practice and coaching platform focused on communication effectiveness that helps companies increase sales, while saving leaders and trainers time, money and aggravation. TalkMeUp leverages AI to provide comprehensive analyses of communication style and skill. It enables business professionals to master communication effectiveness as they communicate in a variety of situations.

Reps can use TalkMeUp to analyze Audience Engagement while they sell, or to practice their pitch in preparation for customer interactions. TalkMeUp also provides the content needed to learn about and master their ability to speak in a confident, concise, and compelling way.

The TalkMeUp platform saves countless hours that managers, trainers, and coaches spend reviewing and scoring practice videos and delivering feedback. It also enables immediate, detailed, accurate, consistent user-specific feedback and eliminates time constraints and potential biases that a live coach may introduce into the reviewing, scoring, and coaching processes.

Winner of three gold Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology awards in 2022, TalkMeUp received recognition for Best Advance in Sales Enablement & Performance Tools (Sales Enablement Technology), Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology (Learning and Development Technology), and Best Advance in AI for Business Impact (Future of Work).

TalkMeUp’s mission is to empower every person and every organization all over the world to communicate their message effectively.



Company Facts:

Year Founded: 2018
# of Employees: 1 - 25
Regions Served: International

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