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to help you and your reps handle any and all selling situations. Overcome brush off's, get past gatekeepers, build instant rapport and close more sales using these excellent phone scripts. Brian Tracy calls this the "Best book on inside sales" available today.

Do you have a team of sales reps who are struggling with call reluctance?

We offer AA-ISP award winning training and scripting solutions that will solve this today.

Winner of the 2017 & 2018 “Service Provider of the Year Award for Inside Sales Training & Script Development,” Mr. Inside Sales—Mike Brooks—is the authority on everything inside sales. (Also the 9-year in a row winner of the “Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals)

We offer a variety of training options to help your team immediately overcome call reluctance, make real connections with decision makers, and deliver more compelling and engaging presentations. Our training will get your team excited about selling again!

Our inside sales training solutions include:

LIVE ONLINE TRAINING: A 7-Week, live, online training course delivered by Mike Brooks himself. Your team will finally learn how to handle the resistance and blow-offs they face every day, and they will be given the confidence and the skills to make more calls, qualify more buyers and close more sales. Affordable and immediately effective! (Visit Mike’s website to view the upcoming schedule.)

ONSITE CUSTOMIZED TRAINING: Bring our award-winning and proven training into your company for an unforgettable training experience! We take the time to fully understand your sales cycle, identify the problems you’re having, and then interview your top producers and customize a powerful sales approach that achieves as much as a 33% lift in sales—within 30 days!

SCRIPT PLAYBOOKS: Mike is the master scriptwriter, and of his three best selling books on phone messaging and scripting, The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts is the only book on phone scripts endorsed by Bob Perkins, President of the AA-ISP!

Mike gets all your team members on the same page, delivering a highly effective and non-salesy message that helps your team deliver a best practice approach that instantly makes everyone more effective, more confident, and more successful.

Bottom line: “Sales Solve Everything,” and if your team isn’t excited about picking up the phone (instead of emailing…), then they just don’t know how to do it right. But our proven training will change that.

We have the solutions you’ve been looking for, so visit our website today or schedule a call with Mike himself. The moment you do, that’s the moment your sales team—and your company—gets better and makes a lot more sales and money.

**Download our PDF and get a free sample of Mike's best selling book: Power Phone Scripts. You and your team will learn the right messaging for how to get past gatekeepers, overcome brush offs like, "Just email me something," and lots more!



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Year Founded: 2000
# of Employees: 1 - 25
Regions Served: International

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