AA-ISP is now Emblaze

Since 2009, revenue professionals like you have come to this community to consult with experts, collaborate with peers, and discover new ways to deliver the digital experiences buyers prefer.

That’s why you’re among the first to hear some important news: Emblaze is changing its name to Emblaze—to better reflect the personal and professional growth you’ll achieve as you continue to enhance your ability to reach your company’s goals.

But this is more than a name change. It’s an investment in the future of this community.

You’ve come to rely on this community as your hub for real-world revenue growth acumen and technological innovation. But in a world where the vast majority of buying and selling now happens digitally (versus simply “inside”), it’s time to augment surveys and best practices with the tested and proven growth strategies your commercial teams need to supercharge revenue performance.

“Insights that ignite” isn’t just a tagline. It’s the kind of experience you can—and should—expect as a key member of this truly global community.

Many of you have already embraced the unique, science-backed research available through the B2B DecisionLabs brand. Going forward, Emblaze and B2B DecisionLabs will coexist under the Emblaze brand as Emblaze Growth Exchange, which incorporates the Emblaze member benefits you currently enjoy; and Emblaze Team Membership, which supplements those benefits with tools, frameworks, and advisory services based on science.

In the coming months, you'll see the new brand appearing on this website, along with a streamlined resource center showcasing the ongoing research available to you. You'll also have the option to select the tier of services most valuable to your organization.

What’s not changing is that you, as a member, can continue to benefit from the power and wisdom of community—and from content designed to ignite new possibilities for you as well as your company’s future. We’re dedicated to the mission of bringing together peers to discuss the most important and often most overlooked sales challenges in the industry. You can count on us for global leadership conversations; for smaller, more focused group discussions with peers and experts; and everything in between.

Emblaze is the one place to go for all the unique insights, strategies, and insider intelligence you need to advance your leadership and supercharge revenue performance.

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