Ever get the feeling your prospecting emails are falling flat? If you're still wondering whether your emails should have bullet points or paragraphs, it's time to get with the times! Selling with video is the new gold standard - and it's easier than you think! So ditch those old-school, cold-email tactics and join us to learn how to add your own videos to prospecting messages to increase your response rates, hyper-personalize your messages without sacrificing time, and speed up your deal cycles.


Through practical tips and examples, you'll learn:

• How to easily add video to your existing cadence

• Best practices for creating personalized 1:1 prospecting videos

• What metrics you should use to track the success of your video outreach

• Why video is your secret weapon for closing more business


Terrance Kwok, Business Development Manager, Vidyard Terrance is the Sales Development Manager at Vidyard. He's obsessed with tech enabled and data driven sales. He's been told that he has poor taste in music. Check his Spotify history to confirm.

Matthew Mayer, Account Executive, Vidyard Matt is an Account Executive at Vidyard. Whether he’s watching the game, on the patio or helping his customers crush it with video, theres never a dull moment with him. Just listen to his laugh. Check out #SalesFails, a cringeworthy and hilarious video that Vidyard created to showcase those moments that every salesperson dreads from misspelling prospect's names to complete template meltdowns. 

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