Interested in developing your sales managers? With your Emblaze membership, you have access to Master Sales Leadership, an inline course where you'll learn practical, scalable strategies and skills to execute on a leadership cadence and dramatically increase your return on sales leadership (ROSL).

This e-book, produced by Emblaze parent company Corporate Visions, is a great preview of what leaders will learn in the course.

maximize your return on sales leadership

Sales managers are force multipliers—they have the highest effect in any sales organization.

Their impact cascades across the people they manage, rapidly influencing sales performance company-wide.

But what exactly should your sales managers do?

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to apply science-based leadership skills, techniques, and processes to help sales leaders amplify their impact and multiply results across their teams.

Get this e-book to help your managers:

  • Effectively coach their team members to improve performance
  • Invest time in the activities that will increase revenue
  • Switch their mindset from seller to leader


Leadership and coaching


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