Communicating complexity is frequent and unavoidable.

The credibility of most B2B companies stems from offering a suite of comprehensive, complex solutions. And with the growth of the global economy, sellers often need to articulate the value of those complex solutions to buyers from different cultures.

What can you do to ensure these buyers remember your message? Should you simplify complexity for a culturally diverse audience? Or do certain cultures appreciate extra details?

Dr. Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist and Chief Science Officer at Emblaze (formerly B2B DecisionLabs), led this research study to learn how buyers from different cultures process complex information in a virtual setting.

Get this Inside the Buyer’s Brain report to learn the answers to these questions:

  • Should you simplify complex information for a culturally diverse audience?
  • Do buyers from different cultures process information differently?
  • How can you manage complexity to make your sales presentations more memorable?


Leadership and coaching , Customer acquisition


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