“Speed to lead.”

It’s a well-known expression in sales that’s often taken as fact.

The logic is that the first vendor to reach a prospect is more likely to win the deal. When a lead shows interest in your solution, their buying intent is on the upswing. A fast response might keep this interest rising, while a slow response can cause their interest to wane.

But is that true?

You might be able to reach a prospect first, but does a faster response time actually improve your win rates? Does a day really make a difference?

In this report, you’ll see the results from a year-long field trial that tracked new inbound opportunities—from created to closed won. You’ll discover answers to questions like:

  • Does a day make a difference in your win rates?
  • Can your response time affect deal size?
  • How can you use automation to your advantage?


Digital selling techniques , Prospecting and pipeline creation , Customer acquisition


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