Segmentation is a typical practice among B2B companies.

The idea is that if you categorize your target buyers into smaller, more manageable groups of people based on shared characteristics, you can optimize your marketing and sales efforts to be more efficient and lucrative.

But a new behavioral study reveals that the most common segmentation methods aren’t the best predictors of buying behaviors.

Dr. Leff Bonney, behavioral scientist and Research Director at Emblaze (formerly B2B DecisionLabs), led this research study to learn what segmentation criteria are most effective for predicting buying behaviors and, ultimately, opportunity wins and losses.

Get this research brief to learn:

  • What factors make segmentation successful for B2B revenue teams.
  • How buyer personas and industry vertical segmentation might be sabotaging your sales.
  • Which variables most effectively predict your buyer’s behaviors—and your ability to close deals.


Prospecting and pipeline creation , Memorable messaging and marketing


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