Prominent researchers in neuroscience, economics, and business administration agree on this premise: One of the most important factors for business success is getting others’ attention.

Attention paves the way to memory and decision making. But how do you get attention when you’re not in the same room with your buyers?

Prior Emblaze research demonstrated that the virtual medium is not just viable—it’s preferable compared with hybrid and face to face modalities.

In this webinar with Dr. Carmen Simon, Chief Science Officer of Emblaze, you’ll see results from three new research studies based on the neuroscience of attention in virtual settings.

In this session, you’ll get practical answers to questions like:

  • Which Zoom background keeps your audience more focused?
  • Does a picture always lead to more attention and memory?
  • Are extra details detrimental or desirable for sustaining attention during virtual meetings?


Digital selling techniques , Customer acquisition


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