It’s no secret that in well-defined categories, many companies can solve the same problems with similar capabilities and pricing. The problem is most marketers and sellers (88 percent) aren’t confident that buyers understand what makes their solution unique and different.

If your prospects can’t distinguish you from your competition, you look like just one more choice among many viable options. They won’t value your capabilities, and you’ll end up in side-by-side “bake-offs,” competing on price.

How do you avoid this parity trap? How do you create competitive separation to stand out and persuade prospects to choose you?

In this report based on Emblaze (formerly B2B DecisionLabs) behavioral research, you’ll learn:

  • How positioning the exact same features in a different way completely changes your buyer’s perception of value and preference for you.
  • What popular “best practice” approach to value propositions was the least effective across every measure in the study.
  • Why the popular adage “less is more” may be the exact wrong advice, and a concept called “telling details” changes everything you may have believed.


Memorable messaging and marketing , Customer acquisition


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