How many attempts does it take to motivate your prospect to take a meeting?

Some sales leaders think that just a few touches will suffice. They believe that if someone’s not interested immediately, there’s no reason to waste their sellers’ effort.

Industry sources, however, suggest at least six. They say it’s too easy for prospects to lose interest if sellers give up too fast.

So, how many attempts are enough? What kind of content should you include in your cadence? And does the timing and order in which you send content affect how your prospects respond?

Find out how to build a cadence that wins more opportunities in this new report from Emblaze (formerly B2B DecisionLabs). Based on the results of a recent real-world field trial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recapture nearly 80 percent of opportunities your sellers might be missing.
  • Create the right kind of content to stimulate your buyers’ interest.
  • Get exponentially more opportunities by changing the timing and order of the content you send.


Digital selling techniques , Prospecting and pipeline creation , Memorable messaging and marketing


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