The typical buying committee now includes as many as 15 decision-makers, depending on which analyst you ask. And most of them are weighing in from remote locations.

From a neuroscience perspective, gaining consensus from these decision-makers means influencing the collective memory of the group. If you don’t control how they perceive and remember your message, there’s little chance that they’ll agree to act on it.

How do you get a dispersed group of buyers to make a unified decision?

In this report, you’ll see the results of a groundbreaking B2B brain study that measured how multiple buyers simultaneously react to a sales presentation.

Get the report and discover how to:

  • Sync multiple people’s attention to create unified memories among dispersed groups of buyers.
  • Apply the concept of priming to boost your audience’s motivation to act.
  • Choose memorable words and visuals that make it easy for people to process your insights.


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