Your former customers present an uncertain yet worthwhile opportunity.

On one hand, they chose to switch from your solution and would need to make another change to return.

On the other hand, they’ve used your solution before, and they might still have some affinity for your company. If you manage to win them back, the relationship could be stronger than ever before.

But what motivates a lost customer to come back? Is there one message that’s more effective than others? And do their reasons for leaving affect their willingness to return?

To find out, we partnered with Dr. Leff Bonney, behavioral scientist and Associate Professor of Sales and Marketing at the Florida State University Sales Institute, to test how several different sales messages performed in a real-world re-acquisition scenario.

Get this research brief to find out:

  • What’s the most effective approach to re-engage lost customers?
  • Should you treat lost customers more like new logos or existing accounts?
  • Does their reason for leaving affect their chances to return?


Customer retention


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