Marketers know that buyers want to see specific, quantified results. But they often don’t understand the best way to position those numbers to early-stage prospects.

Meanwhile, marketing thought leaders and pundits continue to debate whether rational or emotional language is more persuasive. And until now, there’s been very little scientific evidence to support either claim in a B2B setting.

How do you present a convincing business case to prospects so they want to learn more and feel more urgency to act?

Find out in this research brief, based on new behavioral research from The Marketing Practice and Emblaze (formerly B2B DecisionLabs). You’ll learn:

  • When quantified results aren’t enough to engage your new prospects.
  • Why decision-makers aren’t purely rational, and how emotion used properly can grab their attention.
  • The biggest motivator you might be missing in your demand gen messages.


Prospecting and pipeline creation , Memorable messaging and marketing , Customer acquisition


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