Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Emblaze have partnered to bring the inside sales community research in 2021.

In the fourth installment, we examine how inside sales teams implement and use technology. The survey of C-suite-level business leaders at Fortune 500 companies shows that although most organizations understand the critical role of technology, many are not assessing the productivity improvement that these tools deliver or are not using them to create a competitive edge.

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Quick Findings: 

  1. Most organizations centralize their sales technology, and the sales operations function controls strategy, budget, implementation, and maintenance.
  2. The decision to acquire new technology is typically made at a central level for the entire organization—an approach
    that may limit agility.
  3. Productivity is the biggest consideration when assessing new technology... yet more than one-fourth of companies
    have no process for assessing the continued value of new technology over time.
  4. Inside sales teams report several common pain points.
  5. Most companies have an opportunity to leverage technology more effectively.
  6. The data most valuable to inside sales reps at the point of sale consists of insights that can boost revenue.



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