The turmoil amongst the COVID-19 pandemic is far greater for SMBs. Being “of service” in this environment is about helping SMBs navigate and potentially pivot their business. In a recent Accenture Survey, 62% of SMBs state they are highly likely to renew products or services they purchased. Now is the time to be there for new and existing clients desperately needing your support. Being “of service” matters – today more than ever.

Join this webinar conversation with Jacqueline Morgan to share, borrow and implement ideas big and small to help SMBs see the path to survival and  possible market opportunities.



  • Tip 1: Understand SMB behavior trends and how to navigate during this pandemic
  • Tip 2: Why service is the new sales
  • Tip 3: See and share examples of COVID-19 programs for SMBs



Jacqueline Morgan, Accenture

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Digital selling techniques , Leadership and coaching


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