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72% of organizations cite pipeline generation as a critical business priority

To build and maintain a steady pipeline, sellers need to constantly identify potential customers and win the right to the all-important initial conversation.

The challenge is that prospects are inundated with contact requests and irrelevant sales messages. It’s hard enough getting their attention, let alone to secure that first conversation. When sellers do manage to get their prospect on the phone, it’s difficult to ignite interest in the potential of their solution. It’s tempting to lead with features and benefits rather than showing they understand the challenges that are shaping their prospect’s world.

Business outcomes suffer when sales development representatives don’t possess the right skills:

Potential customers don’t make it into the pipeline if sellers don’t articulate relevant, personalized messages.

Under pressure to hit quota, many sellers abandon unresponsive leads too soon—leads that could become valuable customers.

Conversely, unqualified leads are entering the pipeline, wasting time and resources.

Demonstrate you have the skills to:
Spark conversations that turn new leads into prospects

What if you could...

Win more prospecting calls through personalized messaging and a communication strategy that drives engagement?

Describe your solution in a way that ignites interest and influences your buyer’s perception of your value?

Maximize the chances of your team closing the deal by scheduling more quality meetings with qualified leads?

Become a Certified Sales Development Representative CSDR®

When you earn the CSDR, you exhibit to your prospects, colleagues, and employer that you have the critical skills and competencies required to be an effective sales development representative.

For the CSDR designation, you must demonstrate you meet the high standards set by Emblaze and its Accreditation Board.

You are assessed on your ability to:

  • Understand your prospect’s challenges
  • Research your prospect and the forces shaping their world
  • Personalize your message
  • Communicate effectively with gatekeepers to gain access
  • Conduct a winning call
  • Grab attention and build rapport fast
  • Create compelling dialogue
  • Engage prospects through active listening and communication techniques
  • Qualify your leads

To earn the CSDR®, you must complete three components:



Complete ONE of the following instructional options:

Why Engage Course


16 hours of SDR online or instructor-led training

(e.g., college sales program or boot camp)


Multiple-choice exam

Receive an 80% score or higher on the Emblaze CSDR
multiple-choice exam


Skills demonstration

Receive an 80% score or higher on the Emblaze CSDR recorded video skills fluency challenge:

  1. Research a real prospect and summarize your key takeaways.
  2. Record your prospecting call opening, questions, and value statement.
  3. Earn your score based on a rubric with consistent scoring criteria.
  4. Receive personal coaching from our professional facilitators on how you applied your new skills.

Emblaze certification
including Why Engage Course

(includes 12-month Exchange Membership access)

$1,050.00 USD

Emblaze certification-only

(includes 12-month Exchange Membership access)

$450.00 USD

The Why Engage training course by Corporate Visions

With the Why Engage training course, you’ll use science-backed techniques to learn how to captivate leads and convert them into prospects.

In this training, you will complete self-paced, online modules to:

  • Discover the processes and principles that form the foundation for every successful sales conversation.
  • Personalize your messages to drive engagement, and leverage response strategies that directly impact close rates.
  • Use powerful questions and active listening techniques to get your lead opening up about the challenges they’re facing.
  • Give opportunities momentum by collaborating with the deal team in a way that maximizes the chances of closing the sale.

With Why Engage’s proven approach for learning and applying new competencies, you’ll be able to cut through the noise, secure that critical first call, ignite your prospects’ interest, and build more pipeline.

The self-paced, online training can be completed in roughly 8 hours. Once you’ve completed your online modules, you’ll take your multiple-choice exam and record your video fluency challenge to be scored for Emblaze CSDR certification.

Hit the Ground Running

Download workbook Complete e-learning Part 1:

  • Think Like a Buyer
  • Align Your Sales Process
  • Be Problem-Minded
Create &
Seize Leads

Complete e-learning Part 2:

  • Do Your Research
  • Personalize Your Messages
  • Respond Quickly

Open Your Workbook:

Part 2

Make an Immediate Impact

Complete e-learning Part 3:

  • Make Contact
  • A Winning Prospecting Call Messages
  • Master The Opening

Open Your Workbook:

Part 3

Propel the
Deal Forward

Complete e-learning Part 4:

  • Create a Compelling Dialogue
  • Communicate to Engage
  • Qualify Your Lead

Open Your Workbook:

Part 4

Peer Check-In

Complete your peer check-in to reinforce principles for your challenge.

Emblaze CSDR Exam & Fluency Challenge
  • Complete the multiple-choice exam
  • Research a real prospect and summarize your key takeaways
  • Record your prospecting call opening, questions you plan to ask to facilitate compelling dialogue, and your value statement

Participants activate the times reinforcement services, a series of mini-boosters designed to refresh their skills on key concepts. They receive their shareable eBadge showing program completion.

Course sneak peak

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