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Two-thirds of buyers prefer digital interactions

Communication with buyers is increasingly digital-first, at every stage of the sales cycle. The challenge for sellers is those buyers are inundated with digital sales messages—ranging from irrelevant to outright spam. So, they’re on guard, and buyer reachability is at an all-time low.

And when sellers do manage to schedule a meeting, they struggle with the lack of control over the remote environment and the inability to manage the variables of customer attention and distractions of a distant prospect.

Business outcomes suffer when inside sales professionals don’t possess the right skills:

Prospects aren’t making it into the pipeline as sellers are unable to break through the noise and establish contact and credibility.

And when deals do make it into the pipeline, they are often stuck because customers have no reason to take action and make a decision.

Many organizations fail to seize the digital selling opportunity.

Demonstrate you have the skills to:
Engage and captivate buyers in the digital environment

What if you could...

Create connections with more buyers by building a powerful digital presence that shows how you can help with their most painful business challenges?

Personalize the messages you send buyers–in a way that instantly differentiates you from the spam and the noise?

Lead more memorable and compelling virtual sales conversations, using strategies and techniques that capture and hold attention, and create real dialogue?

Become a Certified Inside Sales Professional CISP®

When you earn the CISP, you exhibit to your prospects, colleagues, and employer that you have the critical skills and competencies required to be an effective inside sales professional.

For the CISP designation, you must demonstrate you meet the high standards set by Emblaze and its Accreditation Board.

You are assessed on your ability to:

  • Build a thriving network
  • Understand your buyers and reach them through personalized interactions
  • Leverage digital tools
  • Maximize response rates
  • Capture and control your prospect’s attention
  • Establish credibility
  • Make your conversations impactful and memorable
  • Keep your virtual audience engaged

To earn the CISP®, you must complete three components:



Complete ONE of the following instructional options:

Master Digital Selling Course


32 hours of inside sales online or instructor-led training

(e.g., college sales program or boot camp)


Multiple-choice exam

Receive an 80% score or higher on two Emblaze CISP
multiple-choice exams


Skills demonstration

Receive an 80% score or higher on two Emblaze CISP recorded video skills fluency challenges:

  1. Submit your profile for expert review.
  2. Create a personalized message.
  3. Record a solution presentation with a clear message and using techniques to capture audience attention and build memory
  4. Earn your score based on a rubric with consistent scoring criteria.
  5. Receive personal coaching from our professional facilitators on how you applied your new skills.

Emblaze certification including
Master Digital Selling Course

(includes 12-month Exchange Membership access)

$2,100.00 USD

Emblaze certification-only

(includes 12-month Exchange Membership access)

$900.00 USD

Master Digital Selling training course by Corporate Visions

With the Master Digital Selling training course, you’ll make yourself and your message more memorable in a digital-first environment.

In this training, you will complete self-paced, online modules to:

  • Reach buyers who are overwhelmed with irrelevant digital sales messages—through personalized interactions over the long term.
  • Lead effective virtual sales conversations and deliver memorable presentations that drive buying decisions in your favor.
  • Win sales conversations by establishing yourself as a trusted expert who adds value in every digital interaction.

With Master Digital Selling’s proven approach for learning and applying new competencies, you’ll be able to establish a powerful digital presence, engage in effective virtual sales conversations, and drive buying decisions in your favor.

The self-paced, online training can be completed in roughly 16 hours. Once you’ve completed your online modules, you’ll take your multiple-choice exam and record your video fluency challenge to be scored for Emblaze CISP certification.

Think Digital First

Download workbook Complete e-learning Part 1:

  • Cut Through the Noise
  • Use Digital Tools
  • Leverage Cadences
Build Credibility & Reach

Complete e-learning Part 2:

  • Use Social Media Effectively
  • Create a Winning Profile
  • Grow Your Network
Personalize Your Interactions

Complete e-learning Part 3:

  • Research Your Audience
  • Define Your Personalization Strategy
  • Craft a Compelling Message
Emblaze Exam & Fluency Challenge
  • Complete a multiple-choice exam
  • Submit your profile for expert review
  • Create a personalized message
Sharpen Your Message

Download workbook Complete e-learning Part 1:

  • Find Your 10% Message
  • Avoid Monologues
  • Amp Up Your Language
Prepare to Engage

Complete e-learning Part 2:

  • Control Focus
  • Prime Your Audience
  • Optimize Your Setup
Deliver With Impact

Complete e-learning Part 3:

  • Engage Your Audience
  • Tell a Visual Story
  • Get Your Audience Involved
Emblaze Exam & Fluency Challenge
  • Complete a multiple-choice exam
  • Record a presentation of your solution with a clear 10% message and using techniques to capture audience attention and build memory

Participants activate the timed reinforcement service, a decision-specific series of mini-boosters designed to refresh your skills on key concepts and receive their sharable eBadge showing program completion.

Course sneak peak

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